"Let him go Royce," Amy said. She was doing her best to keep from shaking. She stood near the back of a huge warehouse. A man called James Royce was standing across the room from her, holding a knife to Murdock's throat. Amy didn't have to turn to know that Royce's minions were behind her, waiting for orders.

The team had been planning their attack on Royce and his men for over a week. She and Murdock were just supposed to be scouts until the others got there. But, they had accidentally knocked over a box. They'd tried to run but Royce caught up to Murdock and despite his protests, Amy couldn't leave him. There was no way she could overpower these guys and there was no way for Murdock to get himself free. All she could do was stall and hope that the guys got there soon.

She clenched and unclenched her hands, holding Royce's gaze. She tried not to look Murdock in the eyes. She didn't know if she could hang on to her last ounce of strength if she did. She heard the footsteps of Royce's men getting closer to her. She could try to run but even if she could get away from them, she would most likely get Murdock killed in the process.

She swallowed, "I said, let him go."

"Little lady, I don't think you're in any position to be making demands," Royce laughed.

"I'm in a better spot then you know Royce. You think we came here alone? Come on, be smarter than that. We have backup and I guarantee you, things will only get worse for you unless you let us go right now."

Royce studied her, "you're bluffing. If you had backup, where are they?"

"They'll be here, don't worry about that." Amy kept her gaze on Royce, refusing to give him anything.

"But they're not here yet and they won't be here until I'm long gone and you and your…comrade here are noting but corpses on the floor."

Amy shivered and forced herself to remain still. It was talk. It was just talk. Hannibal did it all the time. She could handle this. Showing fear wasn't going to get them out of there. Murdock was counting on her.

"Are you really going to take that chance? Royce, you haven't killed anyone yet and if you do now, you're looking at more trouble than you ever dreamed of. Is that what you want?"

Amy stared him down. Royce hesitated. For a moment, she thought she had him. But, the brief doubt in his eyes was gone, replaced by a cold determination. He slid the blade over Murdock's throat as Amy screamed.

Murdock didn't cry out. He couldn't cry out. Royce let him fall to the ground and ran. Amy started to rush toward Murdock but Royce's men were too quick for her. They grabbed her and tried to pull her to the floor. Amy fought with everything in her to break free. She had to get to Murdock. She had to get them out of there. A sharp pain caught Amy in the thigh. She realized with horror that she had been stabbed. Her whole body jerked at the shock. They were going to kill her. They may have already killed Murdock. How had things gotten so out of hand? Even as these thoughts ran through her mind, she continued to struggle against her attackers.

Just then, the sound of guns firing broke through the rest of the commotion. Royce's men released her and scattered from the warehouse.

Amy writhed in agony on the floor. She grabbed at her thigh, trying to stop the blood. Suddenly a pair of strong hands held her down, keeping her from struggling. Amy looked up to see Hannibal's face come into focus. Holding her arm with one hand, he inspected the wound with his other, being as careful as possible. Amy wanted to swat him away but she knew he had to look. She bit down on her fingers as he checked over the source of the blood.

"Face," Hannibal shouted. "How's Murdock?"

Amy twisted around, despite Hannibal's strength to see Murdock sprawled in a lifeless heap on the ground. Face was kneeling next to him, removing his jacket to cover Murdock with. BA was standing over both of them.

"It's bad Hannibal. It's really bad. I can't tell how deep it is, there's too much blood. He's still alive, but he's not going to last."

"All right, you and BA take him in the van and get him back to the hospital as fast as you can. I'll get Amy to a local doctor I know who will keep quiet about this. I'll meet you there as soon as I can."

Amy saw Face nod and BA carefully lifted Murdock into his arms. There was blood everywhere. It was staining Murdock's jacket and dripping running down his face. Amy could tell if he wasn't conscious. Face had his own jacket pressed to Murdock's neck and cradled his head in his free hand. She could tell that he was whispering into Murdock's ear, but they were too far away for her to make out the words. He and BA made their way out of the warehouse; trying not to jostle their injured friend any more than was necessary.

"Murdock! Murdock," Amy shouted. She needed a sign from him. She just needed him to open his eyes. That was all she wanted. She didn't have the strength to run to him, so she needed a sign that he would live if she was going to get through this. "Please, answer me," her voice cracked as she felt hot tears running down her face. The pain from her wound was excruciating and Hannibal kept her lying still. Once Murdock was out of sight, she gave up struggling.

She looked up at Hannibal, her eyes pleading. Hannibal was busy tying his coat to her knife wound.

He reached down and lifted her up. She wanted to walk herself but Hannibal scooped her up before she could try. She was pretty sure that any attempt would have failed anyway. Hannibal moved as fast as he could with Amy in his arms. They approached Face's Vette and he placed her in the passenger's seat.

"Will he live? Hannibal, tell me," Amy begged. She struggled to speak normally, but her breath was coming out ragged and the pain was blinding.

Hannibal got into the driver's seat, "Amy, I don't know. I didn't get to check him over. Face and BA know what they're doing and the hospital knows Murdock and they'll take care of him."

Amy shook her head, "that's not good enough, Hannibal." She was starting to feel lightheaded.

Hannibal said nothing as he sped away.