The love triangle

Chapter 1

AN: Dis my firs try at writng plz be nice im onlyu young! thx and leaf revous plz.

Wakin up out of her soft and white bed Jewel Cullen walked 2 the downstairs and went ino kitchen dresed only in a white shitr half undone and a red lacy thong. It was sunny outside. She went to make cofee b4 relizing shed even forgoten to have a shower couse she was disracted. She went an had a shower and tryd to get dresed. She was a 15 y-o vampyre (real vampyre spell with 'y' not like dem posers wif fake fangs n shit) but in alternateve dimention vampyres can eat human food and drink humaqn drink too so that why she had cofee. She was reli reli pretty prettyst gurl in her scool wif long blond hair like a stream of yellow and peercing blue eyes like blue arrows (like dem planes u get but wit blue couse its an alternateve dimention) nd reli clear skin like a sheet of white. She was skinny wif 34DD boobs (u can get them i know a gurl) and pale like a vampuyre.

It was such an excitin day.. tha dayshe would finaly get to meet Edward Cullen. They had been promisd to each other since babies (he dumped that slut Bella wen he foun out) nd their arranged marridge was today whuich is why she was diracted. There were a knocks at the door. She opned the door and it was Edward she smiled at him with all her strait teeth. "Hi" she said

He steeped inside all cold and pale sparkling couse of da sun outside. He smiled at her "Reddy 2 get hiched?" he asked all low and sexy she stared at hs hair it was like thousand perfec little lines drswn onto his head. "yes I am" Jewel smile back "when is it?2

Edward look at his watch "in few howurs" "you makin coffe?" yes said Jewel in a daze couse he was so fit an that bitch bella dint deserve him an everyfing and she was well lucky. Then alice and esma came round wif carlile too to help Jewel dress for her wedding. The dress was well pretty, had lots of jhewels on it "just like ur name!" laffed alise as she tittened it up stressingly an jasper laffd too and did her hair (he finaly found he was actuly gay).

Wen the wedding came round they took Jewel to church and carlile walkd her up da ile (her real dad wes dead) an she trned and saw edward and he luked so amazin. She cried some teers and he tuk her chin ans said "dont cry my love" and she smiled lovingly.

The preast started "do you take this vampyre til death do you part" Ido said Edward his eyes stuck to Jewels face then he said the same to Jewel and she said "I do" and Edward kissed her. Suddenly somone burst into the church shouting" i object!" it was Ash Ketchum!

Ash ran up 2 da altar wif tears in his eyes. "I kno ur ment to marry Edward," he said tryin not 2 cry, "but i love you an i alwys have, plz don't marry him!" he collapsd and cryed some more "your so butiful¬!" he cryed. Edward was suprisd. He hadnt known jewel nu ash. but she did. and she lvoed him too.

"This is too hard don't make me choose!" Yelled Jewel.

Find out who she chooses in chapter 2!¬