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"Seriously Al?" Owen asked leaning against his kitchen counter watching his girlfriend look for all the ingredients she needed. "My parents are out and you want me to help you make fucking cupcakes?" He couldn't believe this...well he could this was Alli and she did things he didn't expect all the time, but this was their first time alone together in weeks and she was planning to make cupcakes..."I promised I'd make some for the bake sale." I sighed and shook my head. "Why? You're not even on the spirit squad." She shrugged and sent me a glare which was more cute than intimidating, not something I was going to tell her though.

"I know that Owen, but Jenna is and with the baby she doesn't have time to make the cupcakes and take care of the baby." I sighed again; she was good like that helping everyone else, especially Jenna. "So maybe she shouldn't be on the squad..."Another glare, another hidden smile from me. "We are making cupcakes." Rolling my eyes I reached out and grabbed the box of cake mix, guess I'm making cupcakes. "This is stupid." That earned me a slap on the arm. "I wouldn't complain the money earned goes towards the football team and the spirit squad."

She had a point, so I opened the box of chocolate cake mix and emptied into the bowl beside her, watching as she measured the oil and poured it in. "Well what else do you want me to do Betty?" She looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "Betty?" She asked stirring the batter after adding in the eggs and water. "Yeah Betty, as in Betty Crocker." She laughed and I smiled moving behind her and wrapping my arms around her waist and my head on her shoulder, which wasn't easy giving the fact that my girlfriend was like five foot nothing.

"You're so funny babe." She said and I kissed her cheek and let go moving to the oven and turning it on and setting it to the right time before leaning against the counter again. "Seriously though we could be doing something else." I could have asked my mom to make the fucking cup cakes...but then she and Alli would be in here baking and I would be waiting anyway. "Later, my parents are out of town for the night, I can stay here if your parents are okay with it." She said and I smiled at her cuteness, my parents loved her. Since we got together I hardly get into trouble, or party as much so their happy there, and she's always polite to them which is another plus.

"You know they'll be fine with it." She nodded and smiled over her shoulder as she set the bowl aside and tossed me the wrapper things for the muffins. "Make yourself useful and put those in the muffin trays." I snorted but did what she asked not even questioning the hearts on the wrappers, my man points were headed down hill, if the guys were to see me now. Fuck it who really cared, I get to call Alli Bhandari my girlfriend and keeping her happy kept me happy. "Done, what next Betty?" She rolled her eyes but smiled at me. "Fill them?

"Silly me." I said as I grabbed up the ladle and started filling the little cups. "Not so much, just a little over half." Nodding my head I did what she said as she cleaned up and started doing god knows what with the icing. "Why are you putting it in a bowl?" I asked as I took the now full muffin tray to the oven and setting it on the middle rack. "So the icing isn't a boring white." Frowning I walked back over to her. "Al, sticking vanilla icing in a bowl isn't going to change its colour..." She laughed and I got that warm feeling, I love when she laughs. "No really? That's why I bought food colouring babe." That made more sense. "Make them blue." I said against her ear, pressing a kiss to her cheek again. "For you I will make them blue." Smiling I watched as she mixed up the icing, making it go from white to blue with a few drops of food colouring. That finished she pushed the bowl to the side, turning around in my arms so she was facing me, a glob of icing on her finger. "Taste it."

A small frown on my face and leaned forward and sucked her finger into my mouth using my tongue to lick the sweet treat of, course I didn't let it go as soon as the icing was off, no I took a moment to enjoy the fact that I could turn this into exactly what I wanted...she wouldn't object. She slowly pulled her finger out of my mouth a teasing smile on her face. "You are not convincing me to go to your bed right now." It was the now part that had me smirking. Her small hands pushed at my chest and I let her get away to pull the cupcakes out of the oven, setting them to the side to cool.

"What do you have planned while they cool Betty?" She glared at me, and I smiled again, teasing her was way to fun. "More cupcakes." I groaned as she pulled out a box of vanilla cake batter. "Come on Alli, are we really going to make cupcakes all morning?" She nodded her head and went to wash the bowl. "Well yes actually I do, if we finish making cupcakes now, we have the whole after noon to do something else." I liked this plan. "So cupcakes eh, want me to mix the batter?"

Her laughter filled the kitchen again and it went to his heart, even after almost a year of dating her. That still made me stop, a year. At first everyone had doubted us, considering the stunt I pulled on Vegas night. But I ran into her a month or so after she moved to the new school and apologized. Then she ran off...the fact that she showed up here two days later still shocked me...and here we are a year later making fucking cupcakes in my kitchen.

Opening the box I dumped it in the bowl and went back to being a pain by wrapping my arms around her waist watching her mix the batter my chin resting on her head. "Owen, I love you but you aren't helping." I smirked and kissed the top of her head. "But love, I am helping." She made a 'hmm' noise and I decided to tell her how I was helping. "I'm distracting myself, so I'm helping. See me touching you helps me which is helping you." She shook her head and I know she rolled her eyes. "Isn't there a football game on or something?"

My turn to laugh. "Nope, you are stuck with me." I said and she sighed, but didn't push me away so I stayed where I was, reaching forward to dip my finger into the batter, sucking it off. "So you're really going to sleep here tonight? I'm pretty sure you have clothes here you can wear to school in the morning." She smiled and nodded at me. "Of course, I asked you if I could." Why she asked I would never know. "Good, I miss holding you." Hard to believe since we say each other at school and spent a lot of time together outside of school.

"I miss it too; I miss your parents too." Yeah, they loved her she loved them. It was a good thing...lost in thought I jumped when something cold hit my cheek, and then she was laughing dancing away from me, touching my cheek I looked at the white cake batter, and licked my finger clean. Grabbing the spoon covering my fingers in the cake batter and went after her. "Owen don't it was a joke!" I smirked and caught her smearing her cheek with it. Somehow we ended up on the floor in a heap of tangled limbs. Laughing I leaned down and licked the sticky mess from her cheek before pressing my lips to hers.

I don't know how long we lay on my kitchen floor, making out but when I smelt something burning we separated. "Dammit the cupcakes!" We untangled are selves laughing as we rushed to the oven, she pulled on the oven mitts and pulled out the cupcakes...which looked okay. "Sorry I guess I distracted you." My answer was her throwing an un iced cupcake at me. "Love you too, Al."


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