Tasha Kirk

Summary: Reincarnation and crossover fic. Can you imagine what life would have been like for Jim if his twin sister was Tsunade's second incarnation?

Category: Naruto/Star Trek: 2009 crossover

Genres: Family/Adventure

Main characters: Tsunade, Jim Kirk

Story type: Crossover

Author: Krjs

Author's Note: Yeah, I know what you're thinking. 'A Naruto and Star Trek: 2009 crossover? Is she nuts?' And you're right, I am nuts. But I couldn't resist the plot bunny. (Seriously, do you know how scary they get when you ignore them too long? My plot bunny somehow managed to find a chainsaw and threatened to kill me with it if I didn't write this.) I had a hell of a time trying to choose which character from Naruto would fit in well enough in the Star Trek alternate universe made in the movie (or even just fucking Star Trek universe in general) and I toyed with putting the other main characters, like having Naruto be reborn as Jim, or having Jim rescue Sakura in Iowa and having her become his faithful guardian, hell, I even thought to put Ino instead as his twin but I then imagined what it would have been like if Tsunade heard about Jim cheating in the test and how she would react (I'll give you a hint: a desk was thrown at Jim's vicinity in my imagination) and I laughed myself silly because of it so I decided to go with it.

So here we are. Let's have some fun, shall we?

Chapter 1

The younger years



The front door opened and was now barely hanging onto its hinges as a young blonde girl stomped into the house that she shared with her brothers, one of which was the main reason for her ire.

"What were you thinking, driving Fred's car off the cliff? You could have killed yourself!"

"Welcome home Tasha."

"Don't you 'welcome home Tasha' me! Do you know how worried we were when we didn't find you home after school?"

"She's right, you know. She almost tore down the house, again, looking for you," was said by older male voice, slightly muffled because it was Sam trying to talk through a yawn as he came downstairs in his pajamas.

"Oh and you're any better, Mr. Mom?"

He blushed as he retorted, "I'm not the one who threw Fred out the window when he said, 'Let him die. Just one less mouth to feed.' "

"You wanted to do it too and don't pretend you didn't."

His blush only intensified as he snapped, "Shut up."

"You really threw him out the window?"

"Out the window and almost made him die from a car crash," quipped Sam again in a rather flippant voice as he pulled out a box of orange juice from the refrigerator, with tawny eyes glaring daggers at his back.

"Aw man! I wish I saw that!"

The tawny irises switched from Sam to Jim, still glaring daggers. "If it wasn't for your crazy stunt it wouldn't have happened in the first place!"

"Oh come on Tasha, you've wanted to get back at that jerk for ages and you know it. I just gave you the excuse to do so. Shouldn't you be thankful to me?" He even gave his best puppy eyes at her. The dagger-glaring did not let up in the least.

"I'm only thankful to God that he somehow managed to keep you from killing yourself. Right now all I want to do is strangle you for your stupidity."

"Aw, you don't mean that."

The daggers turned into swords at those words. "Yes, yes I do."

"No, no you don't. I'm your twin. You can't possibly hate me that much."

Her eyes softened as she whispered, "You're right." She came up to him only to sweep him in a literally bone-crushing hug. (It was miraculous that it wasn't his ribs that cracked…this time.) "Don't ever scare me like that again, you hear me Jim?"

"Yes…Tasha? I…can't…breathe…" He wheezed out with a lot of effort through squashed lungs, and she let go of him in a hurry, leaving him to slide to the floor gasping for breathe and apologizing profusely.

"Careful there Tasha, wouldn't want him to die from one of your legendary bear hugs when he just barely avoided death."

The tawny dagger-eyes came back with force, all of it trained at a smiling Sam. His grin only widened in response. It always amused him how easy it was to irk his little sister. Ever since their mother had married that man and left them in his less-than-stellar care Tasha suppresses her feelings to clearly unhealthy levels and her only concern was to keep her twin brother from his abuses, having more than once taken Frank on very unfair brawls and breaking various items in the house with his hefty bulk when he was inebriated and had tried to physically abuse either one of her beloved brothers.

Though she was a lithe little girl, she had monstrous strength and an alarmingly short temper that had made her infamous in Iowa, and even men twice her size steer clear of her, many of them having been on the wrong side of her fist. Sam and Jim always wondered where she got her strength from, formulating theories as to where could possibly have inherited them from. They'd even checked their family tree to see if they had a Vulcan in the family they never knew of, because that would certainly explain a lot. Much to their disappointment (and Tasha's secret relief) their search came to naught, though they did find out that they had a Romulan as a twice removed great aunt on their mother's side to their clear surprise which explained much, in their opinion at least.


Tasha herself knew the truth however.

At night she dreamed, and in her dreams she lived in a world so very different from this one.

A world where shinobi ran rampant and wars were fought using powers and weapons that no one in this world could ever have imagined. She dreamt of being one of them, being a kunoichi and a legendary one at that, legendary for her strength, and her healing prowess. She could cure poisons that were previously unknown throughout the medical world, could make craters with a mere punch, summon slugs that could spit acidic slime at her enemies and even has managed to find a way to regenerate body cells to the extent that she could even recreate any and all organs and tissues in her body with the technique.

But despite all of her prowess in the battlefield and in the medical world she lived a life of filled with death. Her grandfather and grand uncle were both great leaders of her home, and both sacrificed themselves for the good of the village. Her younger brother and her fiancée also were taken away from her because of a war. She herself was an active shinobi in the times of war, and she witnessed the death of her beloved while having done all in her immense medical skills she could to save him. She lost her faith after that, and her life was bleak and long until a young man with an eerie similarity to her younger brother came into her life and convinced her to become a leader herself, but in her heart she knew that she only took up the mantle because she wanted to make sure that the boy would live long enough to take his rightful place as the Fire Shadow.

The dreams showed her much and it explained much about her that would have previously left her perplexed. She inherited her strength from her grandfather, and possibly some of her skills from her clan. It explained why she was so protective of her brothers and quite clearly explained why she healed from all wounds so easily and how she could easily defeat any and all (well, almost all, that Nagato was real pain in her neck) that would go against her in battle.

She also knew that neither of her brothers would believe her if she told them so, and left them to their ridiculous and sometimes hilarious theories about her abilities. She was rather relieved to find that they only knew about her monstrous strength. She had no idea how to explain to them that instead of always coming out of a battle victorious with not a scratch; the truth was that any all injuries would be healed by the time that battle was over.


She had gone into mother-hen mode, as Jim and Sam had dubbed it, and proceeded to herd Jim into his room while berating him about his newest irresponsible stunt, with plenty of punches and insults ringing in his ears as he went up the stairs with her.

Sam could only shake his head as he proceeded to eat his breakfast. 'Just another day in the Kirk household', was the thought that flitted through his head before he proceeded with the rest of the day ignoring the various antics of his two younger twin siblings, though this event was never far from his thoughts since that day thereafter.