Chapter 2


Tasha is worried, as she normally is these days. Her idiot of a brother has once again found a way to make another alien that was more than twice his size and his match and somehow managed to goad him into a bar fight. If it wasn't for the fact that he'd already beaten up and bruised, she'd beat him up for his stupidity.

"What were you thinking? You could have died!"
"That's a familiar line."
"Don't get snippy with me mister. I'm the one healing you."
"Can we please skip the lecture and just get to the healing part?"
"No. You're just lucky that they gave you enough bruises to make me rethink my idea of beating you up myself."

Jim visibly flinched at those words. Tasha would always make him wake up at dawn to 'train' him, which mostly consist of her throwing things of ridiculous size (where does she keep getting those boulders anyway?) at him to teach him how to evade, which is then followed by a spar where he tries not to get crushed by her awe inspiring and fear inducing strength. Now that he's been beaten up too badly for the normal training regime she's going to make him learn new kata instead, ones that are more than likely going to make him bend in ways that he'd never have been able to imagine being able to do before. And that's only for starters. She's going to make him destroy things with one punch, one punch, starting with a cement wall and moving on to bigger and even harder items.

Well, there are a few good things that come out of Tasha's ridiculously hard training regime. Jim can honestly boast that he has the stamina of a Klingon, can break 5 cement blocks with a punch and he's faster than any hovercraft on Earth.

Not that he does anymore mind you. No one believed him the first time around and his sister beat him up for being an idiot after the fact.

"Tomorrow we'll be doing a light training for only an hour. Count yourself lucky that I'm going easy on you."
"I'll count myself lucky if I somehow manage to survive."
"That's good attitude to have."
"I was being sarcastic."
"I know brat."
"Then what –"
"You better remember those words tomorrow; because they'll be the only reason you'll live."

His gulp was audible even from where Sam was standing, just outside the living room as he listened on in bemused exasperation. Only his twin siblings could talk like that and sound like they're talking about the weather. The Kirk household has certainly become livelier with the addition of those two. Around these parts of Iowa they were well known as the 'golden Kirk twins' who were both as deadly as they were beautiful. The beautiful female half of the twins was as strong as a Romulan (at least that's what is whispered through the grapevine courtesy of a certain older brother) while the brother was as charismatic as he was fast. Alone they were more than a match for any who would dare to fight them but together they were a force to be reckoned with.

As a matter of fact, it was because of them that Frank finally left the Kirk family, in an ambulance. Once Jim trained enough to confidently fight against him with his sister he didn't stand a chance. Sam caught it all in a holovid and made a good amount of credits off it, selling it to interested parties, with a few changes added in, of course. He's not going to jeopardize the newly formed peace in the Kirk household in the name of material wealth. There's that, and there's the fact that they would both beat him up if they ever found out about it.

However, that left them in a bit of a pickle. Since neither twin was old enough to be left alone by law he had to stay and become their legal guardian. Both of them would argue that they were more than strong enough to take care of themselves, but Sam was able to convince Tasha that even though they maybe strong physically they had no power politically and their monetary status wasn't in the best shape either, because Frank would always drink himself unconscious using the money that their absentee mother had put away for them, that in light of all this it would be in their best interests to agree to him being their legal guardian but in return he promised them that he leave them to their own devices for everything else in their life that's not connected to the law or to money.

All in all, it was a good compromise. All he had to do was make enough credits for them to have a roof over their heads and they can do whatever they want otherwise.

"There, I'm all done."

Sam was snapped out of his reverie by the sound of Tasha's voice, relief and a hint of irritation was clear her words. Jim stood and stretched out his stiff muscles as Tasha gave her usual spiel after fixing him up.

"Don't use your left hand for anything too strenuous, which includes any bedroom activities you might take part in the next month. The bandages need to be changed every 2 days, which you can either do yourself or you can come to me and I'll change them. No alcoholic beverages for the next week and no bar fights for the same amount of time. I'll go easy on your training tomorrow, and we'll take breaks the minute I see that you can't go any further, no earlier."
"Remember what I said. No overly-strenuous activities, nor alcoholic beverages and all bar fights will have to be postponed until two weeks from now."
"Yeah yea, I heard you the first time Tash."
"Meet me at the backyard at 5 am, if I don't find you I'll hunt you down and double your training load."
"Aw, come on!"
"No buts James. Count yourself lucky I'm not putting sparing for your training tomorrow like I usually would, because you know I won't pull any of my punches."

Another flinch was pulled, not just from Jim this time but also from Sam. Sam knew from personal experience exactly how harsh of a taskmaster Tasha is. She once volunteered to teach Sam a little so that he can defend himself in case he ever gets in trouble.

He had to go to the Emergency Ward at a local hospital the day after. It was a minor miracle that he'd survived through the grueling pace that Tasha had set.

It gave him a new found respect for his younger siblings. Such a harsh training would need superhuman power of will, one that he noticed both of them had in spades. It made him respectful and proud of them, though he was also slightly afraid of Tasha, because for all that they made them go through in training she more than triples in her own training regime. It obviously was a roaring success for her, but it made him wonder why she wasn't born a Romulan instead of a human.

Actually, it kind of makes him wonder how Jim manages to have enough energy to go to a bar when Tasha runs him to the ground with her training. After his onetime stint as Tasha's student he could barely move, never mind go to a bar and stir up a bar fight.

At least he knows that when they both reach the legal age for becoming an adult he won't have to worry about either of them dying although he may have to worry in the future about having to pay the hospital bills of anyone who somehow manages to get on the business end of their fists.

They both went upstairs to the room that they share, with Tasha berating Jim for his stupidity again for somehow getting another alien angry enough at him to try to beat him into oblivion again.

'Only in the Kirk household can this sort of things be considered normal.'

Shaking his head with a small smile on his face Sam went out the door to go to work, only to come back tomorrow to see Tasha and Jim in the middle of their morning training.