I don't own Merlin I'm afraid. The show belongs to the BBC.

This is based on Merlin and Morgana in series 2 episode 3. This is what I think should have happened when Merlin and Morgana speak to each other after returning to Camelot. Bare in mind that this is my first story.

Morgana was lying on her large bed, dressed in her emerald coloured dress. Her eyes were closed. A knock on the door was heard. Morgana opened her eyes, and then lifted her head up. She got off the bed; making her way over to the door, and she opened it.

Merlin was stood on the other side of the door, a grin across his lips. Morgana held onto the door with a firm grip, and she looked him up and down.

"Merlin." Morgana simply said.

"My Lady." Merlin responded back.

Morgana opened the door wider so that Merlin could enter. Merlin walked in, and Morgana closed the door. Merlin stood still, and he looked at her. There was silence between them both for a while.

"I wanted to check that you were OK." Merlin spoke.

Morgana had nodded her head slightly, a small smile appearing on the corner of her lips.

"I'm fine." Morgana assured him.

Again, silence took over the two of them. They both looked at each other, like they were waiting for one of them to say something.

"What was said at the woods-" Morgana began to speak.

"You can trust me, Morgana, I won't tell anyone." Merlin said. He had a serious look in his eyes.

Morgana nodded her head once more, a small smile appearing on her lips.

"Thank you, Merlin." Morgana commented.

Merlin looked at her, swallowing lightly.

"I know now who I really am…" Morgana to speak. She looked up at him. "And it isn't something to be scared of." Morgana added on.

Merlin still looked at her, lost within her words.

"Maybe one day people will come to see magic as a force for good." Morgana commented.

Merlin smiled at her, glad to hear those words. Morgana looked down at her hands, breathing out in relief.

"Urm…" Merlin began to speak. Morgana looked at him, more silence fell between them. "It's good to have you back." Merlin managed to say.

Morgana smiled softly at him, biting gently on her lower lip.

"Thank you, Merlin." Morgana said.

Merlin now formed back up the smile across his lips, his blue eyes glistening like icicles.

"Morgana?" Merlin asked.

"Yes Merlin?" Morgana responded.

"Just remember that you're not on your own." Merlin told her.

Morgana raised an eyebrow at him, wondering what he was on about.

"What do you mean by that?" Morgana asked him.

Merlin took in a deep breath, hesitating on whether he should tell her about his magic or not. Finally, he breathed out.

"I too have magic…" Merlin confessed.

Morgana widened her eyes, feeling her heart pound in her chest. She felt like she couldn't breathe. Why didn't he tell her? Morgana knew about it, but she had sworn that she was just seeing things. Morgana shook her head.

"How could you lie to me?" Morgana snapped.

Merlin shook his head.

"You're the King's Ward; I didn't want to be executed for who I am." Merlin admitted.

"I wouldn't have told anyone, Merlin." Morgana promised him. She walked one pace forwards, standing within an arms range of him. "I knew about it, but I wasn't sure if that was just me seeing things." Morgana commented.

Merlin nodded.

"I'm sorry that it took so long to tell you. I would never tell anyone about your gifts." Merlin said.

"I hope you don't tell anyone. I won't stand around to watch innocent people die, especially you, Merlin." Morgana told him.

Merlin nodded his head.

"I should really be going now." Merlin pointed out.

Morgana grabbed his arm, pulling him closer to her.

"Stay a bit longer for me, please?" Morgana requested.

Merlin had pulled his arm away from her for the moment.

"No, Morgana. You know I can't." Merlin answered. He walked back a couple of steps. But Morgana grabbed his arm once more, and she took some steps forward. She placed her hands on his shoulders, her fingers soon running up to the back of his neck. Morgana felt his hair on her fingertips, and she sighed out in a smile.

"Please, I don't want to be alone." Morgana begged him.

Merlin swallowed lightly. He couldn't refuse her, but he knew that it was wrong. Merlin was a servant; Morgana wasn't.

"Fine. I'll stay, but not for too long." Merlin finally said.

Morgana went upon her tiptoes, planting a kiss on Merlin's pale cheek.

"Thank you." Morgana said. She looked back at him, her green eyes gazing into his blue eyes. "I can't deny this any longer." Morgana confessed.

Merlin arched his left eyebrow up in surprise.

"Deny what?" Merlin asked her.

"How I feel about you." Morgana answered. She grabbed a hold of his jacket, pulling him even closer to her. "I'm willing to take the risk, but are you?" Morgana asked him.

"I-I-" Merlin stammered.

Morgana placed her finger on his lips, looking straight at him.

"Forget I said that." Morgana commented. She removed her finger from his lips, and then reached out to touch his face. Morgana pulled him down to kiss his lips.

Merlin was very surprised by this; he didn't know how to react at first. But soon enough, he relaxed himself into this kiss. Merlin slipped his left arm around the back of her waist, his eyes closing off.

Morgana felt a tingling sensation run up her body, she thought she had died and gone to heaven. Morgana soon pulled her lips away, and she looked up at him. "Be mine?" Morgana requested.

Merlin had looked at her, his lips parted so slightly.

"I am willing to take that risk, but we'll need to be careful." Merlin answered. He smiled at her, and then backed away a couple of steps. Morgana nodded her head, smiling at him.

"Like I said, I should be going." Merlin commented.

Morgana nodded her head, and she smiled. Morgana opened the door for him. Merlin walked out of the door.

"Sleep well." Morgana said. Merlin looked back at her, and he gave her a smile. Morgana smiled back, and then she closed the door to her chambers.

So, that is what I think should have happened. Do you agree?

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