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Walking through the forest, Hailey kept her eyes open for the three intruders heading out. She could feel the magical presence of Merlin, and this made her smirk. Running through the forest, Hailey could see two figures walking away. Hailey kept hidden behind a tree trunk, her blue eyes glistening with delight. She started to whisper a spell, with her blue eyes changing to an amber colour for a brief moment.

Merlin had looked over at Morgana, feeling so tired for some strange reason. "I don't know about you, but I feel so tired." Merlin admitted. He stretched his arms, allowing a yawn to come out of his lips.

Morgana widened her eyes. "Merlin, stay awake." Morgana told him. But she could tell that he wasn't going to last much longer, so she slapped him.

Merlin snapped his eyes wide open. "I guess I deserved that." Merlin commented. But the slap didn't exactly help much; he sank down to his knees, lying flat across the floor. As soon as Merlin crashed on to the ground, he didn't move an inch; his eyes had closed off now.

Morgana started to feel her knees give way, and she looked around. Holding Cathal close to her chest, she started to breathe rapidly. But the force was too strong, and she soon collapsed to the ground. Her eyes looked up at the sky, and then her eyes had closed off from the world.

Hailey came out of her hiding place, still smirking as the three figures on the floor didn't move. She called out for Morgause's men, ordering them to take the bodies away. They obeyed. "Make sure that Merlin and Cathal are chained up, and as for Morgana… Well, we can make her watch as her fiancée and son are slowly tortured." Hailey commanded. She still smirked, a slight chuckle escaping from her lips.

Slowly opening her eyes, Morgana saw a massive blur. Screwing her eyes shut, Morgana had tried to remember what happened. Opening her eyes, Morgana realised that she was staring up at the ceiling, lying on a cold, hard surface. "Merlin?" Morgana asked. She sat up, looking around. "Cathal?" Morgana asked. Where was she? Where were they? Her head ached, and she couldn't think properly.

"Morgana?" Merlin questioned. His voice was rasp, and he was gasping out in pain.

Morgana shot her head up, which made her scream out in pain. She managed to stand up, looking at Merlin who appeared to be chained to the wall. "No!" Morgana whispered. She looked around, not seeing Cathal. "Where's Cathal?" Morgana quizzed. She didn't want to lose her son, she just couldn't lose him.

"I don't know, but I know that I am chained to this damn wall." Merlin answered. He tried to break free, but he was unable to do so. Merlin had breathed out, looking helplessly at Morgana. "You need to get out of here, Morgana." Merlin advised her.

Morgana shook her head, staggering over to Merlin. "Not without you and Cathal." Morgana answered with confidence. Her hands touched the chains, but she immediately pulled back, gasping in pain. "That burnt!" Morgana shouted. She clutched her hand, eyes wide in fear.

"No wonder I feel so damn hot." Merlin mumbled. He hissed against the pain, looking at Morgana. "You cannot save me, Morgana." Merlin told her.

"I can't just leave you here; I swore that I would never leave you." Morgana declared. She felt a tear fall out of her eye, she couldn't leave him there. "Please, I have to save you." Morgana whimpered. She had to try.

"You will not try anything, sister!" Morgause snapped out. She stood behind Morgana, smirking. "Only I can break those chains, so there is nothing you can do to free him." Morgause informed her.

Morgana pivoted on her foot, facing her sister. "Let him go, it's me you want!" Morgana shouted. She would give up her life for him, and her son. "What have you done with Cathal?" Morgana asked. She glared at Morgause, green eyes glistening with anger. "I demand that you tell me!" Morgana shouted out.

"He is safe, for now." Morgause answered. She still smirked, walking towards Merlin now. "And look at who it is, the mighty Warlock." Morgause mocked. She arched her eyebrow up at the prisoner. "Not so mighty now, are you?" Morgause asked him.

"Just back off, Morgause." Merlin responded to her. His tone was now harsh. His blue eyes gazed at the blonde in rage, warning her that he was so dangerous.

"Or what?" Morgause challenged. She matched his gaze, daring him to challenge her. "You are stuck there, Merlin. Face it, you have been defeated." Morgause taunted him.

Morgana walked forward, touching her sisters shoulder, forcing her to face Morgana. "How dare you speak to him like that?" Morgana shouted. Her eyes burnt a dark amber colour.

Morgause laughed at her sister. "That kind of power will not work on me; you should know that by now." Morgause told her. Morgause matched Morgana's power, sending Morgana back into the wall.

Morgana landed on her hands and knees, looking up at Morgause. "But I know how to fight against you." Morgana informed her. She stood back up, gaining some strength.

The door had opened now, revealing Hailey with Cathal. "We shall see." Hailey said.

"Hailey, you know what to do." Morgause spoke. She smirked, touching Merlin's jaw. "Now you will watch your precious son get hurt." Morgause announced.

Hailey lied Cathal down on the floor, pinning him down. "Say goodnight, little one." Hailey growled.

Merlin started to whisper a magic spell, hoping to say it before anyone harmed his son. Eyes changing to a deep amber colour, Merlin used up his strength to save his own son.

Cathal screamed, causing Hailey to fly away. He looked up at the ceiling, and then got on to his knees.

Morgana ran up to Cathal, immediately picking him up in her arms. "He's stronger than you think, Morgause!" Morgana explained.

Morgause looked at Merlin, who just simply returned her gaze. "You did something, didn't you, Merlin?" Morgause quizzed.

Merlin now gave out his trademark smile, eyebrow arched up. "Really, I wouldn't leave my son unprotected." Merlin told her. He smirked at Morgause. "Be very afraid, because Cathal will become like me." Merlin warned her.

Morgause started to back away from Merlin, shaking her head. "But that's impossible!" Morgause insisted. Surely a child couldn't hold that much power?

"And he will be like me, having such a strong power." Morgana added on. She stepped forward, keeping Cathal close to her chest. "Face it; you cannot defeat this kind of magic." Morgana said.

Hailey groaned back into life, standing up, using the wall as support. "How could he do that?" Hailey asked. She hadn't been warned about the young child's strength, she glared at Morgause. "You didn't tell me!" Hailey shouted.

"How was I meant to know?" Morgause asked back. She rose her eyebrow up at Hailey. "Now, let's kill Morgana and Cathal." Morgause spoke.

Morgana looked over at Merlin, and then looked back at Morgause and Hailey. Transferring her gaze back to Merlin, Morgana started to run towards him.

Everything appeared to be going in slow motion, the laughing of Morgause sounded as Hailey started to charge towards Morgana.

Morgana turned her head back around, seeing Hailey run after her. Morgana looked back at Merlin, realising that she was already close to his body. "This better work." Morgana prayed. Her lips pressed against his so sweetly, her eyes shimmering a gentle amber colour.

Merlin had gasped, feeling some strength return to his body. His body jolted forward, no longer caring if he was in pain.

Hailey grabbed Morgana's shoulders, pulling her back from Merlin. "A kiss to your fiancée?" Hailey asked her. She kept a strong grip on Morgana's shoulder. "How pathetic." Hailey commented.

But Merlin knew what Morgana had done, and he smiled once more. "Actually, she's given me some strength back." Merlin announced. His body pushed forward, the chains snapping, clattering on the floor. Merlin jumped on to the floor, looking at them all now. "So how about you return her and Cathal back to me?" Merlin asked.

"How about I refuse to do so and kill them both?" Hailey suggested. She pulled out a knife, edging the blade on to Morgana's skin. "Now what will you do?" Hailey quizzed.

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