Kag x Yoshimitsu

Ch.1 – Tentacle Rape

Yoshimitsu tradged up the many steps to a place he called home. The door opened to reveal a woman in a pale blue kimono with long black hair and warm brown eyes. "Welcome home Yoshi-kun." She smiles.

"Ka~oi" He managed to squeak out, turning from her.

"I'm not afraid of your squid face as long as you don't spit ink at me." She grabs hold of his arm and pulls him into the house. "I made you oden tonight. You can have some once I wash you."


"I do not care about the damn tentacles as long as I don't find them during the night."


"Yes, I may be your wife by the use of tentacles is rape. I will shock you with purification and you know form past experiences that it will hurt you. Now undress and get in the tub." She leaves him in a big tiled room with a small pool-like tub built into the floor already filled with steaming water and bubbles.


"I like bubbles!" The woman comes in wearing a 2-piece suit. "I told you to get in the tub!" She pushes his fully-clothed person into the water before she starts stripping him. She squeaks in protest as her hands are held behind her as she feels tentacles on her stomach. "Yoshi!" She reprimands. "No tentacle rape!"


"No! Bad squidman!"

"Ka~aa~oo~ii" The girl finds herself left above water alone. The surface now filled with bubbles making the perfect cover, never moves as the room becomes eerily silent. Then without warning the girl is pulled under, the bubbles moving to cover and traces.