Eli Goldsworthy let a small sigh leave his lips as he looked down at the white piece of paper that rested on his desk. He hated taking tests. Especially chemistry tests, like the one he was starring at now. He could never focus on the task at hand. He was always thinking about something else. Usually Clare.

He let a small smirk appear on the side of his face when the thought was his girlfriend entered his train of thought. Clare was his everything. His best friend, his dreams, his life. She was all he ever wished for, and more. He hated how cheesy that sounded, but it was true.

Clare Diane Edwards was probably the most caring person he had ever known. Last month, after many days of heated make out sessions and a shitload of begging, Clare had convinced Eli to go to a festival that her church puts on every year. There, Eli watched as Clare connected with the other members of the congregation. She played with the younger children and had deep conversations with the adults. She asked them about how there families were doing. She asked them about surgeries that they had gone through. She listened to what they all had to say and made them feel appreciated. And that is all Clare wants. She wants people to feel appreciated.

It was a week after Clare's parent's legally divorced the first time Clare had ever given Eli a blowjob. The day all the papers for the divorce were finalized, Clare showed up at Eli's doorstep. Her eyes were red and puffy. Clare told him that she convinced herself that the last few months were nothing but a faze. That her parents would somehow stop fighting and everything would go back to normal. But now that they were legally separated, she finally realized that her family was broken.

She stayed over that night. No, they didn't have sex. Eli just held her and rubbed her back. He whispered sweet words of encouragement into her ear as she cried into his chest.

A few days after that night, Clare had come off to his house to help him with an English paper.

A few failed English essays and tons of wet kisses later, Clare had Eli pinned to his bed. She carefully moved her hand down to his belt and unfastened it. She pulled his pants off and then moved down his body. She placed a small kiss on the skin above his black boxers.

"Clare" Eli whispered. "You don't have to do th-"

Clare looked up at him and smirked. "Shhh…I want to." She interrupted. "Last week, you were there for me, you made me feel better. I just want show you how much I appreciated it."

Eli slowly nodded his head. Clare looked back down and continued to place kisses all over Eli's body.

Eli's memories of that night were cut short when he felt his cell phone vibrate in his pocket. He quickly looked at his teacher, to make sure she was preoccupied, before he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. To his surprise, he saw a text message from none other than his Clare. He flipped it open and read the simple text.

Hey :)

Eli quickly replied back.

Edwards? What are you doing texting me during school hours?

He looked back down at the test that he was supposed to be doing. He shook his head and decided that texting his girlfriend was much more entertaining. His phone vibrated again and he opened it.

Oh, haha Elijah. Just so you know, I'm in study hall right now and I'm extremely bored. So I decided "Hey why not text my boyfriend and see what he is up to?"

You're bored? Well that makes to of us and I love it when you use my full name, Clare. It's sexy.

Eli sent the text and waited.

*rolls eyes* You're such a dork sometimes.

I know, I know. There are still 25 of minuets left until this period ends and I get to go to lunch with you. So what are you going to do to keep me entertained?

Me keep you entertained? I texted you because I needed to be entertained! :)

But I suck at entertaining people through the phone…

So do I. Gosh, I wish we weren't at school.

Me too. I wish we were at my house…on my bed.

And how exactly would you entertain me if we were at your house, on your bed…hmm?

Eli's eye brow shot up. He silently snickered to himself. Clare's is going to wish she never asked that. Eli thought.

Are you sure you want to know?


Well first I would turn on some music, most likely the new Dead Hand CD. Then I would wrap my arms around your waist and cover your mouth with mine. I would kiss you genially for a few moments before my tongue slips out of my mouth and pushes against yours asking for permission to enter your mouth. You would happily open your mouth and my tongue would slip into your mouth, tasting every bit of you. My tongue would dance around inside your mouth as my hands find your hips. I would grasp your hips tightly and slam them against mine. You would pull your mouth away from me and let out a small gasp.

I should have known this conversation was going to turn sexual.

Then I would bring my lips back to yours again. I wouldn't ask for permission this time, I would just thrust my tongue into your mouth. I would slowly push you back onto my bed as my mouth devoured yours. You would lie down on my bed and I would hover over you. You would wrap your arms around my neck and pull me closer to you. Your tongue would try to gain dominance against mine, but mine would not let yours.

Why can't I ever lead our make outs?

My hands would move from your hips, to behind my neck, where they would unwrap your hands from my neck. My hands would wrap themselves around your wrists and then pin your writs above your head. My mouth would leave your mouth; you would let out an angry groan. You want to kiss me but I don't let you. My lips find your jaw line. My tongue darts out a licks your milky white skin that lays there. You let out a quiet moan, and it turns me on. My tongue rapidly moves against your skin. More moans fall from your lips.

I'm quite the moaner.

I want to see more skin, so one of my hands slides down the length of your stomach and tugs on the hem of your shirt. You whisper that you want me to take it off. I do. I pull myself away from you just for a moment so that I can remove my own shirt. I toss our clothes to the side and lean back down to you. I lick the top your right breast that is spilling out of your tan bra. I reach behind your back and unhook your bra, tossing it next to our shirts. A light pink blush cascades across your cheeks. Your arms try to cover your exposed breast but my hands stop them. I tell you that you are beautiful and don't need to hide yourself from me. Your arms fall to your side and my fingers find your breasts. My fingers would circle your nipples, but not touch them.

I hate when you do that.

I continue to circle your nipples, even though you tell me how much you hate it. My head leans down to your left breast and I take your nipple into my mouth. My tongue plays with your tender nipple as your back arches. My fingers pinch and twist your other nipple. My name falls from your lips. I unlatch my mouth from your breast to look up at you. I tell you that was the sexiest thing I have ever heard. You arch your back again and tell me to keep touching you. I place my hands on the waist band of your jeans. I unbutton them and slide them down your legs. I grasp your hips and lean my head down and kiss your stomach. You whisper that you want me. I whisper that you have to be patient. I leave wet kisses all over your stomach. Your fingers intertwine into the strands of my hair. I bite down softly into the skin of your stomach. You pull at the roots of my hair and moan.

I love pulling your hair ;)

My hands let go of your waist and move down to grip you thighs. My hands pull your legs apart. I move my head down to the top of your thigh, were I give you tiny kisses all the way to the inside of your thigh. I switch between sucking and licking the inside of your thigh. My name falls from your lips receptively. You pull at my hair again. I moan against your leg and your hips buckle. I turn my head and suck on your other thigh, earning other load moan to fall from your lips. I stop sucking you thigh, only to sink my teeth deep into your flesh. You let out a strangle scream and I tighten my grip on your thighs. I pull away slightly to inspect the black and blue mark, commonly known as a hicky, that I left on your thigh.

Oh God. That's hot.

Are you touching yourself, Blue Eyes?

Eli! Were still in school!

So? ;)

You're a perv.

I realize that. But seriously Clare…are you wet?

I'll take that as a yes.


Eli was about to reply to Clare, but he got a text from Bullfrog.

"I just picked up Morty from the shop. He's good as new."

Eli decided to ignore his father's text for the time being and go back to texting Clare.

Then I would hook my finger around the waist band of your tiny white panties and pull them down to your ankles. I would tease your already wet pussy by running a single finger between your folds. You would gasp and whisper that you want me so much. I would lazily rub a small circle around your clit. You would moan my name. I would pull my hand away and you would hiss from the lack of contact. I would then push your leg father apart and place my head in between them. My tongue would push against your folds and open them. You would let out a loud gasp and throw your head back against your pillow. I would plunge my tongue in and out of your wet pussy. You would groan and your body would thrash back and forth. My right hand would reach up to your clit and my fingers would rub it vigorously. The combination of my tongue and my finger would soon bring you to your climax. Your sweet juices would flow into my mouth and I would gladly lick them up.

Eli sent the text message and waited for Clare to reply. He felt his phone vibrate and he opened it up.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" The text message read.

Eli's eye brows furrowed. He starred at his phone for a second and then his jaw dropped.

"God fucking damn it!" Eli said out loud. The kids around him looked at him with questioning looks. But Eli didn't look at them; he starred at his phone in disbelief.

He had sent the last text message to Bullfrog…not Clare.