Clare pulled her jacket tight around her body as she walked out of her front door and down the steps. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands and continued walking towards Morty, who was parked right out side her house. Clare opened the passenger side of the hearse and slipped in. She dropped her bag on the ground and rested her head against the head rest.

Eli furrowed his eyebrows "You okay there Edwards?"

Clare closed her eyes and shook her head no. "I'm so tired. I got practically no sleep last night…" Clare opened her eyes slightly and shot Eli a glare. "Thanks to you"

Eli chuckled and pushed his foot against the petal, making Morty move forward. "And why exactly is your sleeping habits my fault?" Eli mockingly questioned.

Clare rolled her eyes and huffed. "You know why, Eli."

"Oooh, you mean the reason why you got no sleep was because I went down on you three times last night?" Eli asked, arching an eyebrow. Clare blushed and nodded her head.

"Well you could have told me to stop Clare. But judging on the amount of moans that were falling from your cute pink lips last night, I don't think you wanted me to stop." Eli said. Clare playfully smacked him shoulder. Eli laughed and let go of the hearse wheel with one hand. He playfully pushed her back. Clare giggled and pushed him back. Eli was about to grab her hand when Clare moved away and pointed at the steering wheel.

"Hands on the wheel." Clare warned. Eli let out an exaggerated sigh and placed his hand back on the wheel. "You're no fun, Blue Eyes." Eli mumbled. He gripped the sheering wheel and focused his eyes back on the road.

Clare smirked slightly and unbuckled her seatbelt. She moved herself across the hearse bench so that she was sitting next to Eli.

"What are you- AH!" Eli jumped as he felt Clare's nails drag across his cloth thigh. Clare's finger moved to the inside of his thigh, tracing where she assumed the hickey she gave him last night would be. Eli let out a small hiss and gripped the wheel tighter.

Clare looked up at him. "Do they still hurt?" She asked.

"They're tender." He answered. "You really did a number on my legs last night."

Clare smiled triumphantly and looked back down at his legs. She moved her fingers around his thigh, drawling small circles in the fabric. Her fingers crept up his leg and up onto his stomach, were she pulled his red polo out from the waist band of his pants. Clare slipped her hand under his shirt and rubbed his skin. Eli shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"Clare, if you keep that up, I'll have to pull over and have my way with you." Eli took a quick glace down at Clare, who was busy looking at his exposed skin.

"You can't pull over; we'll be late for homeroom. Just keep driving." Clare whispered.

Eli sighed and looked back at the road. Clare pushed Eli's shirt higher up his chest. She ran a finger across his nipple and watched in amusement as it hardened. She dragged her fingers over to Eli's other nipple. She pinched it between her middle finger and thumb. In response Eli squeezed his legs together. He tried his best to focus his attention on the road and not on his girlfriend's fingers.

Clare shifted in her seat so that her back was facing the window. She placed her other hand of Eli clothed crotch. She gave it a small squeeze.

"Clare" Eli gasped. He tried to push her hand away but Clare wouldn't move. She moved her thumb back and forth across Eli's member. She could feel it grow harder with every passing of her thumb.

"You need to stop Clare." Eli warned. Clare looked up at him a pouted.

"I though you wanted to have fun." Clare squeezed him again. Eli bit down on his lip to silence the groan that threatened to fall from his lips. Eli's clenched jaw caused a small vein to become present on the side of his neck. Clare leaned over and pressed her lips against the pulsing vein. The groan Eli was holding back fell from his lips. Clare smiled against his neck. Her pink tongue slipped from behind her lips and licked his neck, while her hand rubbed slow circles on his clothed dick.

Eli pushed his foot harder against the petal. He needed to get to Degrassi, and fast.

He was forced to stop when a yellow school bus in front of him flashed a red stop sign. He took advantaged of the moment by pulling Clare's mouth away from her face and pressing his lips against her. Clare kissed him back. She moved her hand up to his black hair and pulled at that root. Eli moaned and pulled Clare closer to his body. He pushed his tongue against her lips and invaded her mouth. Their tongues battled one another and their hands pulled at each other's hair. They were so wrapped up in their moment of passion that they didn't hear the annoyed honks of the people behind them.

After a few minutes, Clare finally heard the honks. She moved away from Eli and blushed. Eli drove down the street again.

The two remained silent for the rest of the drive. Eli frequently shifted in his seat, trying his best to make his erection go down. He had no such luck. When he pulled into the Degrassi parking lot, he drove Morty over to his usual parking spot. He parked his hearse and Clare unbuckled her seat belt. She grabbed her back pack off of the ground and went to push open the passenger side door. Eli quickly grabbed her forearm and pulled her across the hearse bench. Her back crashed into his chest and she let out a small squeak.

"Clare, Clare, Clare. You can't just torture me like that and expect to leave so quickly." Eli whispered before he pushed Clare's hair to the side and latched his mouth onto the top of her ear. Clare giggled and tried to wiggle her way out of Eli's arms, but he just tightened his grip. Eli slid his hands down to her waist. He wrapped his hands around her and in a quick motion; he turned her around and placed her on his lap.

Clare wrapped her arms around Eli's neck and kissed him. Eli gripped her hips and kissed her back. Clare rotated her hips against Eli. She smirked when she heard him let put a gasp. Clare rotated her hips again while she bit down on Eli's bottom lip. Her hands slipped beneath his polo again. She pressed her hands flat against his stomach. She dragged her nails down his stomach, creating light pink marks. Eli leaned his head back and moaned.

"God, Clare…" Eli moaned. Clare smiled and pulled her hands out from under his shirt. She leaned over and picked up her bag. Eli looked at her with a confused expression. Clare just smiled again and opened up the driver side door. She slipped off of Eli's lap and placed her feet on the Degrassi parking lot. She fixed her shirt and skirt and then adjusted her bag on her shoulder.

"What are you…" Eli trailed off as he watched Clare fix herself.

Clare leaned over and placed a kiss on Eli's lips. She then pressed her hand against Eli's hard clothed erection. Eli hissed and Clare smirked.

"This is what you get for keeping me up all night." Clare squeezed him again before turning around and walking towards the front door of the school.




Eli rolled his eyes as monotone man, in the movie his history class was watching, explained the effects the Black Death had on the European civilization. Adam sat in front of him; his fingers were intertwined behind his head. Eli could hear him softly snoring. He debating on weather or not he should wake him up. Eli looked around the class room. No one was paying attention to the movie. The teacher was too preoccupied with a cross word puzzle to notice Adam sleeping. Eli decided to let Adam catch up on his sleep.


Eli smirked when Clare's face flashed across his mind. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and texted Clare.

What you did this morning was uncalled for Clare.

Clare quickly texted him back. Was not, you deserved it :P the text read.

I suppose you're right. I hereby promise never to make you orgasm three consecutive times, on a school night ever again.

Good. And I promise never to leave you in your time of need. Well…unless I'm mad at you. Hehe

I hope you're never mad at me. Oh and Adam snores, loudly.

Poor Adam, you're always picking on the poor guy. How would you feel if I told Adam you moan loudly?

You wouldn't dare, Edwards.

Oh but yes I would. I'll text him right now.

Clare if you tell Adam I'm a loud moaner, you will pay.

Pay? What do you mean by pay?;)

Do you really want to go down this road again?

What road? ;)

Oh you're in for it.

You willingly skip English class with me. The two of us sneak out the side door and run to Morty. I quickly look around the parking lot to make sure there are no teachers or security guards around. When I see none, I push you up against the side of the hearse. I trap you between the hearse and my body. Your fingers intertwine themselves into the strands of my black hair. I leaned down and kiss your lips lightly. You pull my face closer to yours, you kissed me passionately. You place your other hand on my lower back and push my body towards you. I pull away and grab your hand. I lead you to the back of the hearse, where I open the back door. I arch an eyebrow and I motion for you to go in. You crawl into the back and I crawl in after you.

Oooooo, were gonna get nasty in the back of Morty?

After I shut the back door tight, I turn around and face you. I grab your face and bring it up to mine. My tongue enters your mouth, tasting every bit of you. I slowly push you down so that your back lay flat against the hearse floor. I push your leg open so that I can comfortably sit in between them. Your arms wrap around my torso and your nails dig into my shirt. I pull away from your lips and move down your neck, leaving wet kisses all the way to your clothed shoulder. I again pull away from you, this time completely. I reach over to my back pack and pull out a black cloth. I grab your hands and push them together. I tie the black cloth around them and then tie the cloth to a hook that was sticking up from the hearse floor. You wiggle around a little, trying to become comfortable. I reach back into my bag and pull out a small jar of peanut butter.

Peanut butter? When did peanut butter become sexy?

Peanut butter has always been sexy. It's just overlooked.

So do you always carry a jar of peanut butter in your back pack?

I remove to top off the peanut butter and then place it down on the floor. I pull out your shirt from the waist band of your skirt and then pull the shirt all the way up our chest. Luckily, you're wearing a bra that hooks in the front, so it's easy for me to unhook it. I lean down and take one breast into my mouth. My tongue licks your small nipple as my hand massages your other breast. You moan and arch your back. I pull away and grab the jar of peanut butter. I dip my finger into it and then spread the contents onto both of your nipples. I set the jar down and my lips wrap around your right nipple. I suck on it, the peanut butter flows into my mouth and I swallow it. I pull away and take a quick breath before licking my way over to your other nipple. I lean down and lick the peanut butter off of that one in a quick motion.

"Elijah James Goldsworthy, what the hell did you just send me?"

Eli slammed his head against his desk. Adam woke up from the noise and turned around.

"Dude." Adam mumbled. He rubbed his eyes and then looked down at Eli. "What's the matter?"

"I sent the text to Cece." Eli whispered, not bringing his head up from his desk.

The End