The Chou 5

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The server brung bowls of food and booze to 5 women sitting at a table by the door. Akira, the soft faced bandit smiled at the server "Thanks alot" Just because shes so nice doesn't mean she's actaully nice, Haha. The server smiled "Anything else I can get you ladies?" They all shook there heads and started downing the beer and scarfing down food. Keika, the leader of the only women bandit group, was the only one who wasn't eating or drinking, but sharpening a large dagger, her legs were on the table and a "Dont fuck with me" look on her face.

The server came to the table and said in a shakey voice "Miss...Please will you please get your legs off the table.." Keika looked up at the scared looking girl with a pink kimono with , she looked at her dagger and then looked at her girls, who were smirking "Sure.." She slammed her feet down with a loud thud, The server walked away face without looking back, Keika picked up her beer and drank it fast, and scarfed her food down like the other girls.

The villages streets gaped as the tough looking women walked by them, some women shielded there childrens eyes, some looked away and avoided eye contact with them. They all knew who they were and wanted nothing to do with them. Who wanted to? They were bandits, The Choucho 5 Bandits, The only pack of women bandits in the land of Konan. Everyone feared them, men, women, children, anyone. The women were known for there skilled fighting, there wonderful sworsmanship and for breaking the laws of Konan, and finally stealing anything they can get there hands on.

Keika was the leader of the Chou 5 Bandits, Her hair was black, she wore it long and straight, she wore all black, with two holders for her two favorite daggers she used in combat, her eyes were a light blue, and she had two scars on her forhead, when she was young her mother had died of health problems, so her father, Mituzki raised her and beat her all the time, thats the time she ran into Akira, her best friend and almost like a sister. Akira saved her from her fathers wrath and let her stay at the next village over, her father would look for her but, Akira would hide her the best way she could.

"Man, Im stuffed" Akira blurted out as she patted her stomach, She had short purple hair with hazel eyes, she was at least 6' feet tall, being the tallest of all the girls, she wore a purple shirt, with black pants and her weapon of choice was a bow and arrow, giving that she had magnificant bow skills. She was the more of the understanding one of the bunch, but everyone knew when she was mad, stay the hell away from her.

Miyu, the youngest bandit,smiled and laughed "Yeah me too, best food ever!" Being only 12 years old, Miyu was the baby of the group, she only joined the girls a couple of months back. Miyu was orphan child and usually ran the streets most of her time, one day when the 4 girls came into the village Miyu usaully was in, they ran into her (literally) and things got a little out of hand. Keika, the one seeing some potential of the young girl, because she had excellent fighting skills and nearly killed Akira, which still shakes in her boots this very day, she first declined, but the girls talked her into it and she joined them, never looking back. She favorited light colors and cute bunnies, which made the girls gag most of the time, but she was one tough cookie and wasn't scared of the lifestyle of the bandits.

That left the two twins, Riko and Saika. Identical twins that is, but nothing alike. Riko was the cheerful one, with silver hair in a long braid and wore a purple top, with matching pants, her weapon of choice was long sword that hung on her back, she was wity, and courageous, and usually made sarcastic remarks about everything, her sister, Saika, was the quiet one, Keika was usually silent most of the times, but Saika never talked, no one knows why, not even her twin sister. They grew up on a farm with a mother, who was a widow, and she neglected the children most of the time. Keika and Akira met the twins in the forest and like Miyu, they got into a rumble with them, after nearly killing each other, they all agreed to band together and calling there selves the Choucho 5 Bandits. Saika wore her silver hair down like Keika and most of the time it was in her eyes, she wore maroon colors and didn't have a weapon, her fighting was lethal enough, better then any other weapon.

"Yeah, I thought Keika was going to shank the server in there" Riko said, the girls laughed and Akira added "Yeah, me too..Did you see the way she looked at her..Gave me a scare there for a minute..I was like nooo wait till we at least eat..Jeeez" As the girls talked among there selves, A group of palace gaurds blocked there walkway and got of there horses "Look what we have here...The Choucho 5, You know how long we been looking for you group of wenches?" Akira walked up to him, totally unscared of his many men and huge swords "Well..You found us once again..Now let's see if you can actually get us!" The gaurd smirked "You little bitch!" He threw a punch her way, but she caught it and twisted his fist down to the ground, she smirked and kicked him in the face, he roared in pain.

At that moment, the other gaurds got off there horses and ran towards the other girls, Miyu was the first to move and did a flying kick towards one, knocking him out instantly. Riko took out her sword and fought off two of them, cutting off there arms , they fell on the ground, screaming in pain. Akira jumped on a nearby building and shot arrows at gaurds coming towards her, one of them got behind her and she elbowed him hard and kicked him in the balls. Keika spinned her daggers between her fingers and threw one at one the gaurds going after Riko, it went right into his chest and fell, another gaurd ran towards her and she jumped in the air and twisted his head,he fell making a thump noise. Saika was ferociously fighting off 5 gaurds, she did a series of kicks and punches and made them all fall without a scratch on her. One got away and called more, the girls glanced at each other and nodded. They retreated swiftly, before things got any worst and they got caught.

"Man, that was some fight!" Akira said taking a huge gulp of beer and slamming in down on the wooden table. Riko nodded "Yeah, I kinda like it when they come after us..It gives me the chance to really fight, heh." Keika was sitting by the open window, gazing outside, while the others were drinking, and being obnoxious.

Riko walked over to her "Whats a matter, Keik?" Keika shook her head "Nothing, just have a weird feeling." Riko snorted "What is it?" She looked at Riko "I dont know, It's alright go back and join them, Im gonna take a walk, be back soon." before Riko could say anything else she took off, leaving the girls dumbfounded.

She walked into the deep, dark forest by there small hut. They found the small hut a few months back, finding it empty, they quickly snagged it and called it the Safehouse. Living with the girls was great, but sometimes she needed to be alone. She played with her daggers as she walked deeper into the forest. The only bad thing about the location of it, she lived real close to the Mount Reikaku Bandits home, she never seen them though but luckily never ran into any of them. She smiled, 'Some fight that will be'. She wasn't scared of that fact. Keika wasn't scared of anything, let alone a bunch of Bandits she never faced before.

"Hey boss, hurry up and get this booze before the others do!" Tasuki walked to the table and downed the beer "Ahhh, thats some good stuff." Tasuki, the red headed Suzuku Warrior, with the Tessen, the iron fan which threw fire, looked at his comrads "Awww..You guys drank all of it!" They all gave him a sympathic look and got up quickly "Well go get you more, Boss!" He put up a hand "Okay, then let's go to the village and get some more.." Koji smiled "Im surprised that you didn't torched them,heh" Tasuki smirked. They went into the forest, Tasuki and Koji stayed behind the rest of the bandits, he whispered to Tasuki "Genrou, we should ditch these idoits and find our own booze?" Tasuki smirked "Thats what I planned all along!" They headed the other way and left the rest of the bandits to fend for themselves.

Keika walked along the forest, gazing upon the stars. She liked being along in the forest, it was an escape for her, some kind of sanctuary. She closed her eyes for a moment. Then, she heard unfamilar voices up ahead. Men, she thought. They were getting louder and louder. She then looked around, to see if there any sign of them, they seemed to stop. As she kept walked, a pair of leering eyes startled her "Well, Look what we have here? Where you think your going ,girly?"

He grabbed a hold of her arm, but Keika pulled back "Ooooo..We got ourselves a strong one.." several more men came out of the shadows and laughed along with him. She backed into a tree, with a confident look on her face "Whats a pretty thing like you, doing in the forest?" She ignored the cat calls and obnoxious slurs. She took out her dagger and spinned it around between her fingers, As she did that a few strong arms grabbed her. She couldn't get out of it, they were too strong at the moment, "Wait till' the boss hears about you doing this, Girly" He laughed, with a strong whiff of beer in his breath "Hears what?" A voice yelled somewhere. She looked up a red haired, man with earings and a Tessen in his hands, She couldn't get out his face, but noticed a pair of fangs...? He yelled something else "Whats going on here?" The guys hesitated "Hey boss, we found this girl..Can we take her back to the house?" They all agreed and started to mumble. He rolled his eyes "No..Release her, you idoits.." He disapeared into the shadows, the men grumbled and walked towards where there boss was going.

Keika got home, finally. She walked into the small house and noticed everyone was asleep. Except, Damnit why was she always awake. Saika.

"What are you doing awake, Saika?" She whispered. Saika was sitting cross legged on the ground, she was staring straight at Keika. She always sat up and waited up all night when one of them went for walks, especially Keika. Saika didn't talk at all, but when you looked at her, you were scared a little. She had that look, the 'Where the hell have you been?' Look. Keika sighed deeply and noticed she had a few scratches and bruises on her arms. Damnit! "Look, Saika, I fell, this why I look like crap?" She lied. Saika knew

"Im telling the truth, Now please lets get some sleep" She stated. Saika nodded and and went for the small pallet next to the other snoring, passed out, Bandits. She went to sleep. That guy..Who was he?

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