Hi, my name is Lily Luna Potter. I am thirteen going on fourteen. I am somewhat different from my family. Well, first let me tell you my description. My hair is black like my father's and oldest brother James. My father is the great harry potter. The boy who defeated the dark lord many years ago. I feel as if I am shunned and no one really realizes me. They have never realized me, ever. My mom is Ginny Weasley. She has beautiful red hair that resembles my grandma Lily's. The only time that I am noticed is on my birthday every year. We would have everyone together and a cake. However, other than that, I am always neglected. I know they probably do not mean to, but it just seems so upsetting to me. I guess I am always going to be noticed as the little sister of James and Albus potter. In addition, the daughter of the great harry potter. Therefore, this is my life.

I was sitting in my room upstairs writing my letters to my friends that I have known since first year. I was now in my fourth year and my birthday was only a month away. It was now Christmas time and I came home for the holidays. My year had been interesting so far, especially when I heard about the annual Yule Ball coming up in a month or two. Lily had a tough year, especially with Scorpious Malfoy who was a year older and always bothered her. She had the hugest crush on her best friend Derek. He was just the sweetest person she had ever known. She had just send her owl away when her father called her downstairs. "Lily!" he called. Lily sighed and went downstairs. Harry smiled at his daughter and gave her a bag of galleons. Lily smiled widely. "Wow! Thanks so much dad!" she said. "So, what have you been doing lately?" he wondered. Lily looked confused. "Uh, nothing really." She said stuffing the bag in her pocket. "Just owling my friends." Harry nodded. "Alright, that's nice darling." he said smiling. Lily nodded and turned on her heel and walked back to her room. She went to her room and started counting her money.