Yo! Ryunn de clair Kazan here! "Sweet Irony" is memory of Hadden and Evee, the street kids I loved. It is also my down time when I need a break from "Martyrs" when I need a taste of something knew.

This is rated M for various reasons such as: sarcasm, animal/human relations, homosexuality, bisexuality, non-Christian prospects, mixed love, crack, violins, sweaters, and incest.

Yeah, I should probably go back to therapy after this.

Anyway, here are a few quirks/spoilers about the story:

Anko (19)-main character; had a broken childhood and wants to handle things her own way.

Orochimaru (25)-main character; had a blurry childhood but was discovered by Hiruzen who turned him into a man of the law. He took Anko in to keep her from going else where and has developed an immediate interest in her.

Itachi (19)-main character; left home at sixteen and has lived on the streets with Deidara since. Seems to have feeling for Anko moments after he met her.

Deidara (18)-main character; wise-cracking punk who doesn't want to give up his street-smart lifestyle. Seems to have mixed feeling towards Anko and is a sex partner to his cousin Ino.

Ino (18)- main character; parents are rich botanists, thus allowing her to get virtually anything she wants (except Itachi, which she hates). Is a sex partner to her cousin, Deidara and several other partners, which Itachi constantly points out.

Hiruzen (lets say…about 60)-side character; chief of the Konoha police. Seems to play a major part in Orochimaru's childhood and doesn't let him forget that. He cares about Anko enough to try to help her get off the streets, but has a dark aura to Orochimaru.

Jiraiya (26)-side character; friend of Orochimaru, and second and command in the Konoha police. He looks at Anko like a child, despite her age, and constantly teases Orochimaru about taking her in. He will be a shoulder to lean on.

Nagato (32)-side character; cancer victim and owner of the apartment complex Orochimaru lives in. Instantly grows suspicious of Anko, but finds her charming in a literal sense. Seems to be good friends of Orochimaru's. Loves his wife greatly; has a pet parrot.

Konan (28)-side character; Nagato's devoted and loving wife and owner of the apartment complex Orochimaru lives in. Seems to be good natured towards Anko. Has a pet parrot.

Anruku (10)- supporting character; Orochimaru's beloved pet snake. Anko fears Orochimaru has a great, almost sexually relationship with her. She is very possessive over Orochimaru and instantly dislikes Anko.

Karin (2)- side character; Nagato and Konan's pet parrot. Can only say Orochimaru's name, which agitates Nagato.

Other characters include: Itachi's family, Tsunade, Shizune, Ino's parents, and several other of your beloved Naruto characters

Time setting is in modern times, Konoha