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The words that came out of Anko's mouth buzzed through her head during the cold trip back to the apartment. She couldn't stop looking at him, a weight landing in her stomach at the thought of him pulling her aside and do whatever he wanted with her, or yet, she pushing him into the snow and having her way with him.

It was confusing and frightening, yet left a settling comfort in the pit of her stomach. She glanced back and he was watching her. He smirked and look away and it seemed like it was Anko's nature to be unsure.

They reached the apartment complex. Orochimaru let them in and Anko jumped up and down to stomp the snow off her flats. They stood apart awkwardly as Orochimaru removed his scarf.

She trotted upstairs, him closely in pursuit. The thought of being alone with him suddenly made her stomach flutter with apprehension. She cursed herself for being such a school girl! For goodness sake she was sharing a bed with the guy the first half of her stay with him, sleeping in two different rooms shouldn't be complicated!

Anruku hissed on their entry, and Anko snarled at her in response.

"Be mature." Orochimaru coaxed to the snake as he lifted her effortlessly from her glass case. He began to undo the buttons of his shirt to reveal his pale muscled body.

"Weirdo." Anko called as she slipped off her shoes and pondered upstairs to escape Orochimaru's little strip show.

The bedroom was cold as it and the rest of the house had been since the heating system mysteriously blew out. She braced the goose bumps and tried to reach for the zipper of her dress.

She hissed as she twisted and turned in the material. She finally growled in frustration and tried to rip the material off.

"Need some help?"

Anko glared at the interloper leering at her from the doorway. "Bloody complicated dress."

He stepped forward and pulled her claws away from the material. "Hold still before you rip it."

She obeyed for once and heard the sound of her zipper before feeling his eyes fingers trace her shoulder blades. She tried not to ponder on how warm and smooth his chest felt against her back.

"You have a tattoo?"

Anko's eyes widened and she struggled to relieve herself of his gaze but he was already pulling the flap open just enough for him to whisper the haunted name on her shoulder.

"Hadden M. Who is he, someone I should know about?" he chuckled as Anko twirled out of his arms but the fun stopped when he saw the dead expression on her face.

"It was my dad." She said bitterly. She turned slowly and let the dress drop to her mid-back so that he could see the other Arial name on her opposite shoulder. "Evee K. M. is my mom." She resisted the urge to clasp onto the names but failed. "A tattoo artist owed me a favor, and this was all I wanted from him." she looked away and blinked the tears back. "All I wanted were my parents names."

Orochimaru stood stunned. "I'm so sorry, I didn't know."

She shrugged. "Luckily for you, I'm not in the mood to cuss you out tonight." She flopped down on the bed, uncaring that the dress was revealing more and more of her.

He sat next to her hesitantly. He made the world's biggest conclusion right then on the great mystery that was Anko Mitarashi. She didn't hate him and cops because of what they had done to her, but what they had taken from her. He couldn't directly relate, but he knew what it was like to feel like you had nothing.

"Did you ever find out what happened to them?"

A string of curses was hot on her tongue but she chilled them. "No." she stated coolly.

"I could you know." he stated. "I could look them up and find out where they are, if you wanted me to of course."

Her heart leaped at this. Could he really find her parents or was he just trying to give her some false hope to hold onto?

"No." she answered. "I don't think I want to know."

He nodded understandably.

Anko looked at him out of the corner of her eye. He knew her now like a book; she had no other secrets. Yet she had just barely scratched at the core of him. What else was there to the story of him that Konan told her?

"So," she spoke after a moment of awkward silence, "we've had a few weeks to get to know each other," she noticed his glance and pressed on. "Well, for you to get to know me," he shot away, obviously seeing where she was heading.

"And, I thought maybe…we could work on you a little bit?"

He was still, his body tensing.

She sighed. "Look, whatever you did in the past can't be nearly as bad as the shit I've done."

A slither of a smile oozed on his lips. "Ironically dearie, you're a saint compared to me."

She actually snorted at that. "That is the hugest understatement I've heard in my life. Come on," she nudged her shoulder with his, "What'd you do?"

He looked like he was going to be sick. He looked at her with the intention of telling her that it was none of her fucking business. But her look of pure compassion and concern stopped him. It was the same expression he had each time he tried to get her to open up, and it had just as much affect on him as it did her.

"What age were you when you became sexually active Anko?"

Her nose scrunched up at the question. "Seventeen."

He nodded in satisfaction. "I was eight."

She almost fell off the bed. "Eight! My God man who the Hell were you doing to get you in the bed at that age?"

He was very quiet, very still, almost as if he were stilling off for death. He glanced at her, catching her awaiting expression. "I…"

She watched his fingers grip the bedspread until they were bright pink. "I was born into something I shouldn't have been-something no one should ever be in."

She nodded, remembering Konan's story. "How bad we talking?" She pressed even though she was more than aware just how terrible it was.

He smirked, ghostly nervousness making his jaws ache. "Tell me Anko, have you ever been fucked in the ass?"

Odd question. "Yeah; hurt like Hell." she stated casually but with the weight of a stone in her throat.

He nodded all knowingly. "Now my dear girl, imagine being fucked in said ass every miserable fucking day of your life, blood oozing from places you didn't even know were supposed to bleed, pain and that slight prick of pleasure becoming the only things you know how to feel...got an image?"

She nodded, though the only image she had at the moment was his seething smirk and the pinch of insanity deep in his gold-shot eyes.

"Well darling, with that image, imagine a boy maybe eight years old, pale from never laying eyes on the sun, and hair and skin so grimy you'd need a snow shovel to scrape it all off."

She cringed slightly at the venom in his voice. It was justifiable anger however and would not try to stop him.

"I'm taking a wild guess," Anko said slowly and quietly, "that this child…was you?"

He visibly tensed, the flares in his eyes sparking a whole knew kind of fire.

She bit her lip and chastised herself. Smooth Anko.

"It's alright," she said in the most tender from of comfort she could muster.

He jumped away from her touch, pacing, and muttering words she couldn't hear.


"Do you know who was responsible for it?" he hissed, his back to her. He rested his hands on the counter

Anko stared at the transparent skin of his back. She could just barely make out silver scars that symbolized what he had truly gone through. She could feel some of her own burning at the very sight of them.

"I'm guessing some real asshole. Possibly some fat pedophile."

His head lifted and he stared at her from the mirror. The loved the way Anko could make light of a serious situation yet not make it into a huge quip. He loved her anyway, that much had become too obvious, to him at least. That is why he had to protect him. She was his heart and his laughter, two things he had lost until he threw her into the snow that day.

His broken chuckle added to his trembling. "You're right on the pedophile part dearie, not too much so on the physical description. He's become quite weak, actually…"

"He's alive?" Anko gasped in astonishment.

Orochimaru continued to stare at her through the glass. "And too damn well."

Her head cocked slightly to the side in question. She tried to glue the pieces together then. The bastard was alive, and by the way Orochimaru was speaking of him, still very much in his life.

Nagato was her first candidate. At least then she'd have a potential reason to kick his cancerfied ass. Yet it didn't seem to fit some of the other categories. They seemed rather cheeky, though slightly estranged, and no where near enemy level.

Jiraiya was out of the question. Konan had said that he and Orochimaru had been in the same boat at one point.

He was staring at her, his bloodshot eyes demanding her to figure it out.

She stared at him as well. If she had a bottle, a glass one with a tight cork top, she'd rip his pain out and stuff every drop of it inside of it. Until she could find a bottle to hold it, she would have to look deep into her subconscious to find out who's eyes she was going to gorge out.

Parents? No; he said he'd always been alone.

Itachi or Deidara? Hell to the damn no.

Someone he hated. Someone who's been haunting him. Someone who was out to get him-


He chuckled weakly. "Damn that too you too long."

"Hiruzen? That prickly old man?"

Orochimaru decided that the wood of the dresser was more appeasing to look at than her.

"That…that's so bizarre."

His fingernails clawed into the wood and he smirked. "Old men need hobbies; apparently becoming a commissioner was a great alternative to being a traffic pimp."

"Colorful vocabulary there."

"He would use anyone-even three orphans who were emancipated and flea-eaten. He would even had used-" he stopped and his eyes shot up. "You."

"What? Orochi, he wouldn't have-"

He shot around and pointed at her. "That's why he wanted you then!" he shouted accusingly. "He wants to use you!"

"Orochimaru calm down!"

He didn't. He unrelentingly kept shooting all kinds of garbage at her, some that was directly towards her, and others that were more or less at himself and Hiruzen. She flinched at each cures and each slam on the dresser that he delivered. Strong, fiery Anko was cowering behind vulnerable Anko and vulnerable Anko had no choice but to sit on the bed, fists curled into the sheets, and take dear friend's rants.

He finally did it.

He finally snapped.


Chewed on the straw that broke the camel's back.

He knew he had no right or reason to yell at Anko and that he was in for an ass whooping sooner or later, but he was too enraged to stop.

He couldn't do anything but scream.




His arm shot out and knocked several items off the dresser. He grabbed the chair blanketed with clothes and threw it against the mirror, beating it over and over again, destroying his reflection.

"You fucking monster!" he screamed.

Anko stood and watched him destroy his side of the room.

"You son of a bitch! You can't have her! YOU CAN'T HAVE HER!"

She lost all want of her safety and grabbed his arm and squeezed it hard. "Hey. Hey stop that! Look at me!" She spun him around and cupped the sides of his face, leveling their faces so that her eyes were the only darkness he saw.

He gaped at her wide eyes. How could she love a monster like him?

"Stop." she whispered with a smile. "It's okay. I got you. I'm not going anywhere!"

She had him? She wasn't leaving? Those words were just too good to be true. Her hands ran up and down arms in a soothing notion. She was real and not disappearing any time soon.

His own shaky hand reached out to cup her face. Her smile widened and he could have sworn those were stars in her eyes.

All this time he thought she was the one who was falling…

Without giving the consequences a single thought, he pulled her to him and kissed her passionately.

She froze. It took her mind a moment or so to translate what was happening and when it did she pushed him back, not threateningly but enough to keep him steady. "Whoa-WHOA-hang on just a second!"

"Why…" he whispered in husks as his hands roamed her back. "What's wrong-"

"What's wrong? You're making out with me fool!"

His jaw locked and his eyes portrayed an unreadable expression. Soon though, he simply smiled and cupped her jaw. "Yes, now if you don't mind I was enjoying it intensely so-"

She ducked under his arms and put a few feet between them. "I…I can't…I'm sorry."

He didn't release her. His grip wasn't threatening or obsessive but lonely and needful.

"We're quite the pair, aren't we Anko dear?"

She snorted. "Who knew when I took your offer I would have found you just as screwed up as me."

"Darling, no one is as screwed up as you."

She buried her head in his chest and wailed with laughter; she could feel his chest humming with his own. She remains there for a moment, safe in his arms and scent of snow and misery. Despite the similarities in their pasts, she couldn't compare her pain to his. She had only been used once, being a toy was his way of life. She wouldn't do that to him, she vowed. She would never hurt him the way he had been hurt before. He wasn't just the cop she loved and hated anymore. He was her soul, her laughter, and she was determined to take good care of him.

She noticed then that he had stopped moving. She looked up and saw a brightness in his eyes that had never been there before tonight.

"What are you thinking?" she asked him.

He tilted his head and smiled. "I'm thinking I have just fallen for you Miss Mitarashi."

Something happened to Anko that she thought only happened in the books she stole from the library. Her heart literally filled with warmness and she became overjoyed to the brim. He wanted her! He hadn't made the moves Kakashi had or said the things he had, he just simply out and said it. And even now, minutes after he said those faithful words, he hadn't made any further advances except for the gentle face rub she was receiving.

But Anko, too happy to hold back, had other plans. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him in for a bruising kiss.

He was taken wide-eyed and taken aback by her sudden boldness but didn't wait a second more to respond.

He pressed against her with such audacity that she had to sit on the bed to remain stable. She grabbed him and pulled him up the bed with her. She ran her lips over every inch of his upper body, jolting each time his hands ran up her ribs.

He began to suck on her neck, creating a trail of painless red welts that made her gasp.

"I thought," he husked as he bruised her, "that…you…didn't…want…this…"

He grabbed his nape and pulled him up for air. "Maybe I wanted…to make…the first…move…" she rasped.

He dove back down for another kiss but she restrained him.

"Promise me."

"Promise you what sweetheart?"

She gripped his shoulders and kept their gaze. "Promise me, when I wake up in the morning, Hell if this is even real…that nothing will have changed between us. We'll still be us, no hatred or remorse between each other."

He saw the fear in the whites of her eyes and felt his body lurch. Sex wasn't just some physical nothing to her, it was emotional and deep. He had never had those kinds of feelings over it but was more than certain Anko could change his mind.

"Oh…" he rubbed her cheek affectionately, lovingly. "Sweetheart…I promise."


He was cold, but the numbness spreading over his body blocked out the worst of it. It had been about two weeks since he had seen Anko and a little longer since he had been beaten by cops, had a spasm in a jail house, and barely survived getting hit by Ino's car, not to mention the almost-rape on Deidara's part. He was still injured and possible still walking around with broken ribs or blood cot bombs in the process.

However, the image of Anko's smile pushed him more swiftly through his recovery than any of the pills Ino had been laying out in sets for him to indulge on. He knew well that it was the closest thing she could muster to apologizing. He didn't even open them. He would tolerate that blond harlot, but he would never even think about giving her a second chance.

Deidara was a slightly similar case. Despite how uncanny things had been between them lately, Deidara was still his best friend and there was little if anything at all that could tear them apart.

The blond, who just happened to be walking into the run down house they dared called a home, would seriously beg to differ.

"You could have at least started a fire." Deidara grouched as he went to retrieve the box of matches from the mantle.

Itachi hummed, too tired to deal with his bitterness.

"You've barely spoken to me in weeks." Deidara stated as he set fire to a piece of paper.

"You're not still mad at me, aren't you?"

Itachi smirked from his place on the worn couch. "Hardly. I've just had…other things on my mind."

The match in Deidara's fingers snapped. "Ah, and I suppose that bitch would be one of them." He knew that he had just stepped into dangerous waters, but it was the only way he could seem to get Itachi's attention now days.

And he did. Itachi rose as carefully as he could so that he could sit up; he was too weak to stand. "What have I told you about-"

"Oh whatever. Let's not talk about her okay."

Itachi grinned. "Jealous?"

His teeth gnashed. "Of her?"

"I think you are. No, wait, you're not jealous of her, you're jealous of me."

"Ha! What do you have that I don't."

"Oh, let's see…dashing good looks, the ability to charm any one I set my eyes on-your dear auntie and uncle for one…"

Deidara glared at him. It was true, for some reason, his aunt and uncle, Ino's parents, seemed to prefer Itachi over him for whatever reason.

"…not to mention I have the interest of the most beautiful girl in the world."

The corniest of his words was enough to make Deidara gag, however, he suppressed his hatred long enough to smirk and recall a certain tale Ino had told him this morning.

"I'm sure you're not the only one she's been," he grabbed a chair from the crooked table they own and turned it so that he could straddle it in front of Itachi, "giving her much wanted attention to."

Itachi's eyebrow arched in question. "What the Hell are you insinuating?"

"I?" Deidara gawked too innocently to be believable. "Nothing at 'tall, I'm just giving you the details on the latest gossip concerning out dear Anko, who Ino and I have so generously been keeping an eye on for you."

IF he could feel his arms, Itachi would have probably jumped up and chocked him. "I told you to stay away from her."

"I have not stepped a foot in her direction, I assure you. Just…watched her from afar, acted as a guardian angel if you will."

"Undertaker is more like it." Itachi growled. "Now what are you blabbing on about?" he paled slightly. "Is she okay."

"Ecstatic." Deidara chuckled. "Glowing really."

"Deidara, get fucking to it!"

"Chill." Deidara began to rock, earning daggers where his heart was. "Last night Ino and her family when out to dinner at that little tacky rich folks restaurant, no surprise there."

"The one we're always kicked out from?"

"Bingo! Any who, while she was there, scanning for victims, she happened to spot a very well dressed Anko storming to the nearest exit with a very well-tailored man trailing behind her."

His heart began to pound. "So what?"

"Ino, being the concerned citizen that she is, followed them to the roof in case they needed…mediating."

Itachi rolled his eyes, knowing good and well what kind of mediating Ino would have on a cold night on top of a private roof.

"She didn't need to however," Deidara giggled, "the man she was with," he licked his lips, "the one who she's been living with for quite sometime now, so graciously relieved her tension by locking lips with her."

Itachi could only stare at him. It had to be a mistake. Anko hated that man, she said so herself. There was no way she would…

"You're lying." Itachi hissed. It was all part of his sick mysterious plot to keep him from ever seeing Anko again.

"Ino has pics." Deidara said casually. "You know what a pervert she is."

Itachi twitched. Anko couldn't have.

She hated that man.

She liked him.

He loved her.

It was all a misunderstanding.

It had to be.

But then why was he so hurt?

"I'm leaving." he whispered. Little was his pain as he stood, stiff muscles coming alive and inactive nerves tingling from lack of use.

Deidara whistled. "Go get her stronghold." Itachi did not respond as he fled into the frosty night. The smirking blond was alone now with only the crackles of the flames and the shadows as his company. But he didn't mind. He'd have Itachi all to himself after tonight.

All to himself.

Let's see you get him back after this you little bitch!


He fell back in one sweaty heap. She rolled off of him a moment later, stared at him, her mouth twitching for words but finding none. She felt a vibration under her hand and sat up, finding him shaking lightly despite the warmth coming from his skin.


He grinned warily and kissed the palm of her hand. "I'm f-fine."

She smirked. "And I got you." she pulled herself to his side, laying her head over his heart and let her hand rub over his smooth abdominal. He shaky lips kissed the top of her forehead and ran his hand over her back until her movements stopped to signify her slumber. When he heard her soft snoring, he scooted down to be equal with her body. He watched her face, peaceful and free of stress for once. He ran his finger over her eyes, and her nose, and the raw skin of her lips.

She was human.

Not a sexaholic monster.

Not evil.

Just a living, breathing, human girl who would never use him the way they both had been.

He wrapped his arms around her tightly, determined that she would not go anywhere.

"I'm keeping you."


Anko groaned, her body sore but her spirit alive. She stretched out to giver her nerves and muscles a wake up and hit her leg against something, well, rather someone.

"A little less abuse this early in the morning please."

She stilled for a moment, a flash flood of memories zipping through her mind. She glanced down at his closed eyes and smirking lips. She couldn't quite conceal her own as she grabbed the pillow under her and pressed it into his face. He was there with her, smiling and apparently happy that she was there too.

"You bastard! I hate you!"

His fingers wrapped around her fists and managed to return his air supply without much difficulty. "Odd, you seemed to love me last night."

She wanted to hit him again. His pain always seemed to ease her insecurities. Yet seeing him here, lying on his stomach with his long hair flowing all over his shoulders and back, all she wanted to do was hold him. She laughed and laid back down beside him, throwing her arm over his back as a sign of peace. He kissed her shoulder at this, eyes still closed. She didn't blame him for being tired. She hadn't exactly been gentle with him and for an acuity of reasons. She wouldn't dare give him the chance to hurt her first, to betray her trust in a flash and turn into another Kakashi. She may have been sexually inexperienced, but she knew how to inflict pain with something as simple as a light clawing.

Secondly, he had excited her to much for both their safety. Every kiss and touch sent adrenaline coursing through her body and she had to use it.

"So," she hummed as she placed apologetic kisses on the thing cuts she had inflicted on his smooth shoulders, "any…regrets."

His smirk broadened as she advanced over his back. She was so skilled and didn't even realize it.

She slide back beside him.

"Squirmy this morning, aren't you dearie." he chuckled a she ran her hand up and down his spine."

"Still," she leaned in and pecked his lips, "just…a little…excited."

He slipped his hand behind her neck and pulled her in for a solid kiss. He felt her sooth his hair into a more manageable state, which seemed absolutely absurd considering that it would be in a worst state at the rate they were going.

"Any regrets?"

She nuzzled his neck. "Not exactly great pillow talk there snakey."

He added some space between them, smiling firmly. "I need to know."

She sighed, her stomach filling with those damn needles that let her know some kind of Hell was about to break loose. But as she actually thought on his question, she couldn't find any faults. He had been good to his word and was still being good to it as of now.

"Not a thing." she replied. "You?"

He responded with a heated kiss that answered anything else she could have said. "Just that we can't do this all the time."

She gave his lip a stinging bite. "Who says?"

He licked the wound. "Our beloved landlords." his teasing eyes dimmed for a moment and he put on his "cop" face as Anko had deemed it. It was an expression that involved all traces of a smile disappearing and only a sulky line remained. "You worried them a good bit you know." they probably don't even know we're here."

"They can come look." she giggled. "I'd love to see the look on red-heads face."

"You little vixen." he growled with another kiss. "We…should….see…them…"

Their gentle kisses caresses turned violent and the idea of getting up was thrown out the window. No way was any of them leaving that bed.

"Not yet though." she moaned.

"Oh yeah." he groaned, turning her on her back.


It was mid-noon when Anko finally convinced him to role out of bed so that they didn't emancipate in their oily sheets and slick skin. He was like a child with their first ice cream cone: he had a taste and couldn't stop licking until the thing was nothing more than a soggy piece of waffle.

A very interesting shower experience and a threat or two later, Anko managed to persuade him to come downstairs with her to find something to eat. The pickings were slim but they managed to find some oatmeal and a banana to munch on. Of course, Orochimaru's appetite was more solely for a girl who was being swallowed by the shirt she wearing.

Anko had always had a strong will power. When she was a child and saw all the candies and toys that every little girl dreamed for, she bit her lip and continued down the salty road with her mother. When she was a teenager and she wanted drugs, she settled for a box of razors and eventually forgot the want altogether. But now she was 19 and had a very sex man kissed her neck as she tried to pour herself a glass of milk. Her resolve was crumbling like the couple was to the floor.

"Oh come on Orochi, the floor?!"

He chuckled against her neck as he sucked on her collarbone while he undid the buttons of her shirt. "Just go with it love."

And just when she was about to do so, a knock stilled the couple for a split second before the male party growled. "Go away!"

She popped him gently and pried herself from his grip. He fought to pull her back, pleading that she allow the distraction to fly away, but the knocking continued and that fantasy was little to none.

She threw the door open and was surprised-as well as embarrassed due to the state of her clothing. "Hey Jiriaya!" she greeted a bit too loudly for such a quiet afternoon as she redid the buttons.

"Hey Anko." Jiraiya responded soberly, too soberly for someone like Jiraiya.

Anko noticed his crestfallen expression but said nothing of it. "Come on in." She allowed him entry before shutting the door. "Yo, Orochimaru, you got a guest!"

Orochimaru's head poked from behind the wall. His smile vanished and he glared at his work association. "Jiraiya, good morning."

Jiraiya sighed. "It is morning, but I can't say it's a good one, old friend."

Orochimaru gave him a look. "What is it?"

Jiraiya glanced at Anko and to Orochimaru. "Something's come up, and…"

Orochimaru tried to bare into his soul, but for once, Jiraiya was unreadable. "Is it Hiruzen?"

Jiraiya sighed. "Not this time."

Orochimaru rolled his eyes, disappointed. "Then what the bloody Hell is it?"

Anko stared at the arguing men. She felt as if she had zero purpose in their conversation and had half a mind to go back to her coffee. However, there was something about the way Jiraiya's eyes kept coming back to her that kept her rooted.

"Hiruzen's brought up an old case," he arched his neck in Anko's direction, "and she's a suspect."

"What!?" both Orochimaru and Anko exclaimed.

"How the fuck is that possible? What the Hell did I do?"

Jiraiya hesitated in placing a shaky hand on her shoulder. She resisted, as he knew she would, but he made another attempt as he spoke. "Does the name Kakashi Hatake mean anything to you?"

Anko instantly paled.

Jiraiya wished he had been hit by a car, incarcerated, and killed early this morning. If he had, he wouldn't have to interrogate this poor girl, wouldn't have tear her away from his friend like this. "He was killed about three years ago in a house fire. Somehow your name got thrown in and we just want to-"

Anko shot away from Jiraiya's comforting hands. "Who the fuck told you that!?" she boomed. "No one is supposed to know about that; who told you!?"

Jiraiya's eyes dodged from the infuriated Anko to Orochimaru, who's eyes boar into him with malice and a look that screamed "Don't fucking look at me you idiot; she'll know!"

But Anko did know, and her anger stirred in with hurt. She looked to Orochimaru with fiery eyes. "You!" she spat, as she approached him. "You did this! You sold me out!"

Orochimaru was backed into the counter, gripping the edges for dear life as Anko got right in his face. "Anko I didn't-" if he hadn't been gripping the wedges, he would have flew to the floor from the force of Anko's slap.

"You bastard!" she began to beat him with her curled, soon blood-stained fists, "I trusted you! I fucking trusted you!"

"I care Anko!"

"You fucking liar!"

"I won't hurt you; I promise!"

"You son of a bitch!"

"You can trust me. Haven't I proven my worth yet?"

Something grabbed one of her fists, putting an end to her torment. She shot around to shoot daggers at the person, Jiraiya.

"Stop." he whispered, his eyes wide with fear and questions only she could answer.

She looked back at the man who had betrayed him. The sight of blood on his flawless face, the very face she had been so close to the night before, somehow drenched the fire in her heart.

She was not sorry.

She would never be sorry for hurting him after what he had done.

Jiraiya grasped her other arm and swung her around. He held up a pair of shiny handcuffs. "Don't make this hard, okay?"

She wanted to put up a fight, to kick and scream until they were both spent, but she found her motivation dying away. She felt humiliated and dirty, all thanks to Orochimaru. She held out her arms and allowed Jiraiya to put the cuffs on her.

"We're just going to ask you some questions, maybe we can clear this all up." he tried to be kind, but it was wasted on Anko right now.

Orochimaru lunged and grabbed Jiraiya's shoulder. "This is a-"

Anko slammed her knee into his stomach. "Fuck off ! I don't want your help!"

"Let's go!" Jiriaya lugged Anko out of the room before she could cause anymore damage to the wounded Orochimaru. She struggled in his grip slightly so that she could glare at him, the tears she kept forced back turning her eyes red.

"Anko," Orochimaru gasped as he composed himself. A bruise was forming on his stomach and he was certain she had busted his liver, none of which he cared about. "Anko I'm sorry, I don't know what happened but I'm so sorry!"

"I hate you." she mutter over and over as Jiraiya guided her through the lobby.

"Anko?" Konan gasped. Nagato lifted his head from his morning papper and seemed equally surprised. "What happened?" he called after them, getting nothing but a slammed door as an answered.

Jiraiya helped Anko into the police car, closing the door before Konan and Nagato could ambush her. He held a conversation with them, explained the minor details of the situation, but Anko blocked out the rest.

He had lied to her.

Used her.

Broken what little compassion she had left and crushed it into ash.

That was it then. He had proven that there was no one in the world that she could trust anymore, no one she could love. They were all a load of traitors and liars.

Jiraiya jumped into the car and stepped on gas. "Crazy landlords you have there." he commented with dull humor. He looked into the rearview mirror and didn't even see a crack of a line on her lips. He looked back toward the road. "Look, if it makes you feel any better, I think you're completely innocent." Now he got a reaction; a scoff.

"Just shut up and drive."

He closed his lips and did as he was told. "What did Kakashi Hatake do to you?"

Anko gritted her teeth together. "The same thing your little buddy back there did." she grinned slightly. "He fucked me, so I fucked him right back."


Ino hummed a peaceful tune as she dressed herself in clean clothing, steadying the heavy towel she used to soak up the water in her hair from her shower. Her companion however was still lying in their filth on the bed.

"Honestly Deidara," Ino scoffed, "you could at least take a shower."

Deidara blinked from his trance and smirked. "Why? You usually go for a spontaneous round two."

She chuckled as she dropped her bathrobe and surprised him by actually slipping some clothes on. "Sorry to disappoint you darling, but I'm not in the mood tonight."

He scooted over so that he would not be crushed when she flopped down beside him. "What's eating you?" he inquired upon seeing a sour expression similar to his.

She pouted. "I'm still a little pissed about the whole Anko thing." the pout quickly turned into a rage-filled protest. "I mean seriously; who the fuck does she think she is?" she sat up, holding her knees. "I threw myself at her, what kind of lame-brain idiot would pass up that kind of opportunity?"

"Someone who's not a total slut." He healthy laughter was instantly silenced with Ino's pillow.

"Call me that one more time and I'll be a plastic bag I put over your head!" she yells as she throws the pillow to the end of the bed.

He coughs and grins. "Right, whatever." he pushes himself up on his elbows and reached over her for the remote to switch the television on. Almost instantly the annoyingly passive voice of the lady reporter started blearing.

"…and just in; a closed case from almost three years has been reopened. Officials are being lock-lipped on the matter, but a Channel 4 source has informed us that the sole suspect is no other than Anko Mitarashi, a delinquent who has had a run into the law more than once. She is currently in the custody of the Konoha police force and will be tried if the evidence of her trial is-"

Deidara pressed MUTE and sat in silence with Ino.

"Oh God." Ino snorted. "I didn't think she was capable of something like that!"

Deidara smirked. "She's pretty badass, psychotic too apparently."

Ino shrugged. "I can't wait to see Itachi lose his shit over this."

Deidara's expression became sour over Ino's choice of words. Itachi cared more about that traitorous stranger than him; and they had known each other for years! He couldn't understand it; what did he see in her? She didn't offer companionship like he did,

The sound of a roaring engine pulled Deidara from his trance. Ino was at the window glaring at the scene below. Deidara shot up just in time to see Itachi speeding out of the Yamanaka driveway in Ino's car.

"That son of a bitch!" she hissed, pushing Deidara aside to regain some more appropriate clothing. "Get your pants on Deidara we're going to jail!"


Betrayed Me

Played Me

Slayed Me

Hurt Me Like I've Never Been Hurt Before

Disowned Me For The Only People You Decided You Wanted In Your Life More

Made Your Bed Now Lie In It But

Don't Wake Up You

Stupid Bitch…