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Page 1

~Natsu x Lucy~

'Say that again, scumbag!' Gray yelled, pushing his chair back with force as he stood up.

'What's wrong? Couldn't hear me the first time?' Natsu growled as he faced Gray head on.

'Maybe it's time for me to teach you a lesson!' Gray yelled, making his stance and using his two hands, preparing to use his ice magic.

'Bring it on!' Natsu yelled, forming fire into his hands.

'What's this?' Erza asked as she folded her hands across her chest, giving Natsu and Gray a glare. Both males froze in their actions and then suddenly swung arms around each other's shoulders, grinning like idiots.

'We weren't fighting!' Natsu gritted through his teeth.

'Not at all!' Gray added.

'Of course not,' Erza muttered under her breath.

'Eh! Look what Happy and I found!' Lucy ran towards her friends with a sheet of paper in hand. Happy flew by her all the way. Erza took the paper from Lucy's hand and began reading it.

'A mission to knock down a building… 50,000 jewels,' Erza read it.

'I know the price ain't very high but it looks like something Natsu would enjoy,' Lucy shrugged as she gave Natsu a smile.

'All right! I'm all fired up!' Natsu yelled, as playful fire burned out of his mouth. Suddenly his expression changed and he stared at Lucy. 'Are you doing this for me Lucy?' he asked.

'Gah!' Lucy jumped back at the thought of it. 'No of course not you idiot! It's not what it sounds like!' Lucy yelled at him.

'That's cool then,' Natsu grinned happily, his eyes closed. Lucy sighed in relief.

'You llllllike him!' Mirajane popped out of nowhere.

'Will everyone just stop doing that?' Lucy yelled, loosing it.

~Loke x Lucy~

Lucy walked back into her apartment, exhausted after the mission she had gone to from this morning.

'I can't believe Natsu destroyed another whole village again,' she muttered out loud glumly as she began taking off her gogo boots. 'And then Gray turned it into a competition who can destroy the most village buildings in the area!' Lucy scuffed as she took off the other boot. 'And when Erza tried to stop them, she took down a whole monastery!' Lucy muttered as she put her boots away.

'Having some trouble?' Loke asked. Lucy gasped as she whirled around, finding him sitting on her bed. She stared in shock as he lay nonchalantly on it. 'Want me to help you undress?' he asked seductively. Lucy threw the gogo boot full force into his face.

'What the hell are you doing here Loke!' Lucy screamed. Loke didn't respond as he saw birds chirping and flying around him.

'One little birdie… two little birdie…' he whispered before falling asleep on her bed.

'Loke!' Lucy yelled at the top of her voice, anger fuming out of her ears.

~Natsu vs Erza~

'Iron fist of the fire dragon!' Natsu yelled, sending a punch towards Erza. Erza dodged the attack and swiftly moved towards Natsu with her sword. Natsu counter attacked her. 'Breath of the fire dragon!' he breathed out fire at Erza. Erza jumped out of the fire's way and flew straight into Natsu, swinging her sword at him. Natsu ducked in time and flipped his legs upwards, trying to kick Erza with his flames. Erza saw it coming and dodged the attack. They stopped a few meters away from each other, waiting for the other one to make a move. Natsu stared straight into Erza's fearsome eyes. Suddenly Gray, bashed Natsu on the head with his fist, making Natsu fall flat on his face.

'Makarov just said he didn't want this fight to be happening yet… the council recently gave out about the destruction of the village, he doesn't want another destruction this week!' Gray muttered as he folded his arms.

'You… bastard…' Natsu tried to say the sentence as his face was clamped down into the ground.

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