Harry Potter

The Heir's Ring



Chapter Eleven


A wand is a minor thing,








Harry walked into his dorm room and sat on his bed and started chucking as he pulled his real wand from its location on his right wrist. Looking at the holly and phoenix feather wand his chuckle went to a full blown laugh as he remembered the look on Dumbledore's face and he fell back onto his bed, "What an idiot. Like I would really snap my wand," Harry stated to himself as he recovered from laughing as the door opened.

"Harry? What did you…" Neville asked as he opened the door to see his best friend on the bed with a wand.

Harry looked at Neville and behind him was Susan and Hannah, "Hey you three, come on in. What did you think of my prank on Dumbasadoor?" Harry asked as he sat up.

"Oh my goddess, you pranked the headmaster?" Susan said as she started snickering.

"Harry, that is so cool. The Weasley twins will be so jealous," Hannah stated as she sat on Neville's bed.

"Who? Oh those red headed twins in Gryffindor," Harry replied.

"Yes, they think of themselves as the New Marauders from what I understand," Susan said as she sat beside Hannah.

"That will never happen. There were only four Marauders and they will never get to my dad and his friends caliber…"

"You know who they were?" Hannah asked.

"Yes, my dad, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and Sirius Black formed the group while they were here. Peter was the bastard who betrayed my parents to Voldemort," Harry replied.

"How do you know this?" Susan asked.

"My dad's journals. He wrote about his time while he was here. It has all their pranks and jokes they pulled. The bummer is they lost the one great item they made. The Marauders Map when Peter got caught with it sneaking to the kitchens for a midnight snack," Harry replied as he opened his trunk to the library section and pulled a thin brown book off the shelf. Harry pulled out several sheets of parchment with notes written on them.

"These are the directions on how to make a new one, but some of the spells are pretty advanced," Harry replied as he laid them on the bed, "I think I'll be able to make a new one next year if we practice the spells this summer at your house Susan. Then we can make one of your manor property for your aunt and then next year make one for each of us so we can sneak around if we have too. The directions say that when it's finished, it will show where everyone is in the castle by using the magic of the wards."

"That is so cool," Hannah replied as she read the notes.

"Yeah it is, and with it we can prank anyone without getting caught," Harry replied.

Susan slapped Harry on his shoulder and said, "Like you could beat the prank you played on Dumbles in the common room."

Harry had a goofy grin on his face as he thought of what he'd just pulled and then replied, "You're right. I cannot top it but I can try."

"Only you Harry, only you," Neville said as he went to his trunk and pulled out a book on Herbology and sat on his bed.

"Herbology homework?" Harry asked as the door open and their head of house came in.

"Good evening Professor Sprout," the four kids said as she stepped into the room.

"Evening children. Mister Potter, why did you…" she stopped talking as Harry pulled a wand out and waved it, and then she started giggling.

The four kids watched as Professor Sprout collapsed into one of the chairs by the door. She was slapping her right knee as she trembled from a full belly laugh. The kids looked at each other in confusion and then back at their head of house.

"Professor?" Harry asked.

Pomona wiped her eyes and looked at Mr. Potter, and then caught her breath, "You are your father's son," she said as she stood up and walked out of the room laughing.

"I have to tell Min and Filius about this," the kids heard as the door closed.

Harry shook his head as Susan walked over to his trunk and opened it to another compartment.

"How about a game of Life or Monopoly?" Susan asked.

"Nah, how about scrabble," Hannah replied.

"Sounds good to me," Harry and Neville said as Neville set his book down.

"Ok," Susan replied as she pulled the scrabble game out and they quickly set it up using Harry's bed as a table.

For the next several hours until curfew, they played scrabble while up in the headmaster's office Albus Dumbledore tried to figure out how to prevent Harry Potter from leaving. One thing he knew, he didn't know how Harry Potter was supposed to contain Tom when they met because of the snapped wand. Maybe he could ask Fawkes to donate another feather for new wand.




Harry and his friends were up early so they could eat breakfast together. They arrived in the great hall and sat at the end of the table where Daphne, Tracy, Padma, Parvati, and Hermione joined them. Talking about their classes as they ate, they soon were on their way to Defense against the Dark Arts.

At the head table, Albus was shocked when he saw Harry's wand in the wand holster on his wrist. Then his shock changed from shock to anger when he realized that he had been pranked.

Harry turned and looked at the head table and noticed that Dumbledore was looking at him and he could see the anger on his face. With a smirk, he patted his wrist as they stood up and left the room for their first class.

Harry sat next to Neville as Professor Quirrell came into the room.

"Today we are going to talk about the knee-reversing hex. Remember that the spell will make your opponents knees reverse themselves. The spell is a simple point and twist of your wand like this," Quirrell stuttered through the spell and showed everyone how to work the spell on the target dummies.

Harry leaned over and whispered to Neville when Quirrell's back was to him, "Damn his stuttering is worse today. I could barely make out what he said."

Neville nodded his head as Harry yawned. Poking him in the side he whispered back, "Stay awake."

"I'm trying. We shouldn't have stayed up so late playing scrabble," Harry replied.

"Potter and Longbottom. You're up," Quirrell ordered.

Harry and Neville stood up and walked over to the testing area and tried the spell. Neville messed the spell up but Harry got it on the second try.

Harry watched as Neville tried the spell and then said, "Nev, try to add a little more on the twist."

Neville nodded and twisted his wrist just a tad more and the spell shot from the wand and hit his target.

"Good job Potter. Take ten points for Hufflepuff."

The bell rang and they grabbed their books. Harry threw his book bag on his shoulder and said, "I have to go to the owlery. So, I catch up with you at lunch."

Neville nodded and was distracted by Hannah asking him a question as Harry walked away.

Harry was walking towards the owlery to send a letter to Amelia about what had happened in the common room with Dumbledore when Draco and his goons stepped out from a side corridor. Draco sneered and said from a foot away, "Potter, I'm giving you one more chance to dump the mudbloods and blood traitors and join…"

Harry rabbit punched Draco in the nose five times and he went down crying as Crabbe and Goyle stood there in shock. Before they could react, Harry kicked Goyle between his legs and he folded holding his groin as Crabbe lunged for him. Harry sidestepped Crabbe's crude attack and tripped him and caused him to hit his head on a suit of armor. The armor gonged and Crabbe dropped to floor unconscious.

Turning Harry saw Goyle trying to straighten up and he kicked him in the jaw. Goyle went down like a sack of Potatoes as he turned back to Draco who was pulling his wand out. Harry's wand was in his hand and he said, "Stupefy."

Harry felt a wave of exhaustion in his body as the red beam hit Draco and he was out for the count. With a feral grin on his face, Harry looked around and then quickly rearranged the three boys into a sexual position and got the hell out of there before anyone came along.




Harry raced for the owlery. Once he got to the top of the tower he pulled his wand out and cast the Scourgify spell eight times on the floor cleaning away the owl droppings and to clear his wand incase it was checked. Slipping his wand in to his wand holster, he whistles for Hedwig.

Hedwig glided down and landed on the stand in front of Harry, "Hello beautiful," he said as he scratched his familiars head.

Harry tied the letter to her foot and said, "Take this to Aunt A for me."

Hedwig hooted and flew out of the tower. Harry watched until she was out of sight and then headed down to lunch. As he reached the hall he was stopped by Professor Dumbledore.

"Harry my boy. I must put you in detention for your unprovoked attack on fellow students," Albus said as he stepped out of an alcove.

Harry stopped and looked at the man and replied, "I don't know what you're talking about, Sir. I was in the owlery sending a letter off to my aunt. Which students did I supposedly attack?"

"You know for a fact that you stunned Mister Malfoy after you beat him and his friends up. Your anger and viscous attack will turn you dark. You must forgive and turn back to the light," Albus stated.

"Prove it?" Harry replied with venom in his voice.

"I have three witnesses that say you attacked them. You will serve a week of detention with Filch for your attack and fifty points from Hufflepuff," Albus said.

"I protest. You haven't proven anything. I refuse your detention and I will take the point loss to my head of house," Harry replied and stormed into the hall.



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