Harry Potter

The Heir's Ring



Chapter Thirteen





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Harry closed the book and wiped the tears away. He had read his great grandfathers achievements and losses during the war. He remembered studying the war in Muggle School, but never thought much about it. But with the words his great grandfather had penned, it brought it home tenfold. Every day from 28 July 1914 to 12 November 1918 he had penned something in the family book. Unknown he was being watched, he didn't see Cedric cross the room to his friends and whisper in Hannah and Susan's ears.

Both girls had looked over at Harry and saw the tears. Before anyone could say anything else they had crossed the room and taken him in their arms as he started crying for his family that he never knew but was getting to know though their writings.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Susan asked as she hugged her friend.

"My great grandfather Lord Brian Anthony Potter wrote about his time from 1914 to 1918 and the First World War. He wrote about his brother dying on the HMS Queen Mary, and his death with the sinking of the ship at the Battle of Jutland. He tells about the day to day life in the trenches, seeing his friends killed and maimed. The diseases that affected them and the lonely nights as he thought of his wife back here in England. Do you know, the total number of military and civilian casualties in First World War was over 37 million and that they estimate there was between 16 million deaths and 20 million wounded ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history..."

"You make it sound like there was more than one of the muggle wars. Besides, it's only muggles," Zacharias Smith sneered.

Harry wiped his eyes and looked at the pureblood, "Yes, there was. Twenty years later, a man named Adolf Hitler took control of Germany and started the Second World War on September 1 1939. My History teacher at the Muggle School I attended said this about the Second World War. It was the deadliest military conflict in history. It cost the population of the world around 2.5% of the people, that's over 60 million people who were killed. That would be every person living in the United Kingdom, including Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. So…"

"That also includes the Grindelwald war," Cedric added, "Zacharias; he was the man behind Hitler."

"You're lying; no way Grindelwald would work with a muggle. He hated them," Zacharias said with a snort.

"Well he did. My grandfather went with Dumbledore to stop him in 45, he didn't come back from the raid but they did stop him. Go look up the Grindelwald war in the library before you open your mouth and spew your garbage. And that will be a detention for calling me a liar," Cedric said as he went back to his own homework.

Zacharias stormed out of the common room and up to his quarters. They all heard him slam his door and Harry settled back into his chair.

"Harry, what is the HMS Queen Mary?" Susan asked.

"Susan, she was a Battle Cruiser in the Royal Navy, that's all I know. She was blown out of the water at the Battle of Jutland in 1916. From what I remember from my mundane schooling, the battle was the largest Naval Battle of the war and saw thousands die on each side. From what I remember it was several hundred ships fighting," Harry replied.

"What's a Battle Cruiser?" Hannah asked.

"I don't know," Harry replied.

"A Battle Cruiser was a ship that was built to carry Battleship weapons but have the armour and speed of a cruiser. They were basically the scouting force for the Battleships. Designed to run away from Battleships but have the speed to catch cruisers and destroyers. One of the Empire's most famous one was the Battle Cruiser HMS Hood, which was blown out of the water by the German Battleship Bismarck and the cruiser Prinz Eugen at the battle of the Demark Straights in World War Two," seventh year Richard Hope said from his chair in the common room.

Harry looked at the seventh year and asked, "Do you know anything about the ship?"

"No, sorry Harry, I just know of the battle and the Hood," Richard replied.

"Oh," Harry replied sadly.

"I can send a letter to my father and ask him if you want me too," Richard suggested.

"Please, and if can find a book on the ship, the battle and that other ship I would appreciate it. I'll even pay for them if you let me know how much they are," Harry said.

"Sure, I have my dad look for them and any books on the battles for you. You said your grandfather's brother was on the ship. What about your Grandfather?"

"It was my great grandfather and he fought on land at…" Harry stopped and opened the book and then said, "The battles of Ypres."

Richard was writing down everything that Harry was saying and then said, "I will get this off to my family and let you know."

"Thank you, Richard," Harry replied.

The next few days saw Harry and his friends working on their classes and not having to worry to much about Dumbledore as he had been rarely seen in the castle as he was trying to save Snape from prison. The court case against Snape was overwhelming and one morning in mid January, Snape was sentenced to five years in Azkaban for his crimes. Dumbledore would later be seen stalking through the castle in an angry fit and everyone stayed out of his way. He was able to get an appeal of the charges and so Snape was remanded to his custody but forbidden to teach potions. So Snape still prowled the school but with no power to his name.




Amelia looked up as Dumbledore came in and dropped a sheet of parchment on her desk.

"Do you know how to knock?" Amelia asked.

"Yes, I do," Dumbledore replied and then said, "Severus Snape has been remanded into my care. I want my potion professor released until the appeal."

Amelia picked up the parchment and quickly read it, "Fine, but he has no power at the school and cannot teach any classes," she said as she signed the orders and added her stipulations for his parole.

Dumbledore sighed, he wished people would just do as he said, it was for the greater good, "Yes, Amelia."

"It's Madam Bones or Director Bones to you," Amelia snapped and handed the parchment back to the man who she was beginning to hate.

Amelia watched as the man left her office and closed her door behind him. She frowned and wondered what he was up too.




The whole school was pissed when Snape walked into the great hall the morning after he had been released from custody. The three houses that saw him arrested demanded answers on why he was there. When it was explained that he was on remand until his new trial and told he couldn't take points, nor was he a professor or head of house the three houses reluctantly sat down to eat. But they swore they would be watching him like a hawk. The next several days they saw very little of the despised man.

Harry was finishing his breakfast when flocks of owls came into the great hall. Hedwig had come and dropped off a letter for him and then he was surprised when a large package that several owls dropped in front of him. Opening the letter he found attached to the package he saw that it listed the items in the box. Inside the box were nine models. One was the HMS Queen Mary, another were the SMS Derfflinger, SMS Seydlitz, the remaining four were the HMS Hood, the HMS Prince of Wales, the SMS Bismarck, and the SMS Prinz Eugen as well as a dozen books and paints and glue.

"Richard, tell your dad thank you for me," Harry said to the seventh year Hufflepuff.

"No problem. He says if you need any more books or models, just let him know and he will look and let you know the prices," Richard replied after looking up from his letter he had received from his father.

"What is this?" came the drawl of the former potion professor from behind Harry, "Contraband? I will be taking it and destroying it."

Harry turned and looked at the professor, "You think you have the right to take my mail? I don't think so."

Snape snagged the letter out of Potter's hand and glanced at it, "Muggle filth. It will be destroyed," Snape sneered.

Standing up, Harry looked at the professor and snarled back, "Give me back my letter."

"Thirty points from Hufflepuff and a week's detention," Snape replied and pointed his wand at the box.

Harry stepped in front of the box and said, "Make my day. Amelia will just love the report that you destroyed my personal property. It will be another thing in the file against you. As to point loss and detention, you don't have that power anymore SNAPE!"

"That's Professor…"

"Severus, you are not a professor here anymore. Now leave the students alone and go eat or go to your quarters," Professor Minerva McGonagall ordered.

Severus sneered and then stormed out of the dining hall.

"I'm sorry about that Mr. Potter," Minerva said as she watched the former teacher leave.

"It's not your fault Professor McGonagall," Harry replied as he sat back down to finish his breakfast.

Albus sat at the head table and frowned as yet again his weapon ignored his orders or orders through his potion professor. It had been a week since he had been remanded in to his care and he still hadn't been able to get Amelia's orders rescinded so he was stuck teaching potions. He was late for breakfast but missed the confutation between Potter and Severus.

Harry carried the package to his dorm and placed it into his trunk before grabbing his books for the day. The day went very fast and later he showed his friends the items in the package. Harry received his exam reports from the week before and was very happy receiving an O in potions, transfiguration and herbology. He just wished that the stuttering of Professor Quirrell would lessen so they could understand the man when he spoke. After finishing up his assignments for the day and then dinner, Harry cracked open his family book and started reading on his grandfather's life. He was amused that he was just like his father, a prankster in Hogwarts and that he fell in love with the most beautiful Slytherin in his year five years later. When she graduated Hogwarts, he was already Lord Potter as his father passed away when he was twenty-two. It took three more years but she finally received permission from her head of house to marry.


9 September 1939,

The Germans surprised the world on September 1st when they invaded Poland. The German forces under that madman named Hitler have engulfed the middle of the continent into war with the help of Grindlewald. German Army forces with the backing of Grindlewald have punched deep into the country of Poland while their naval forces have made several victories. I have enlisted into the RAF as a fighter pilot. Since I knew how to fly already I am being sent for fighter pilot training.

Lord Charles James Potter


2 October 1939,

I am twenty-five years old today and I have graduated to flying fighters. I am now the proud pilot to fly the Spitfire in the defense of the country. During the nights under the cover of notice me not spells, I have engraved runes on my fighter to protect it. My friend Adrian Marcus Greengrass has done the same on his fighter. We added strengthen runes, invulnerability runes to vital areas, and weightless runes to reduce the weight of the fighter as we fly it. I also added a slight modification to the ammo bays so I can carry extra ammo.

The Germans and Russians surprised us and it cost Poland their independence. Slammed in the face by the new tactics of the Germans, they swept through the west of the country and then stabbed in the back by the Russians in the east. I don't see them lasting much longer. We've already lost one of our precious carriers the HMS Courageous on the 17 September 1939 by a German Submarine.

I am not sure where I'll be sent but Dorea is worried about me. My sweet love has agreed to marry me. Dorea Belvina Black and I will wed before I ship out in ten days.

Lord Charles James Potter


25 December 1939,

The war has gone into a phony war, as the Germans haven't attacked in the west but out at sea it's become a nightmare. Dozens of merchant ships have been lost as well as the pride of the Royal Navy. HMS Royal Oak was torpedoed in what was thought to be a safe harbor. The fleet has been withdrawn from Scapa Flow until it can be made safer. The navy sank the German cruiser Admiral Graf Spee off of Montevideo which is now being called the Battle of the River Plate. I am in Seclin in France flying photo-intelligence missions for the RAF at this time. And now the war has spread as our ally the USSR has invaded the peaceful country of Finland. I need to finish this as I have a mission to prepare for.

Lord Charles James Potter



Lance of light. Used against wraiths and spirits. A thrust of your wand and a twist of your wrist while saying, Levi iaculo will cause a wraith or malevolent spirit to flee when hit and cause severe pain to the foe.

Created by Dorea Potter Nee Black.


Harry closed the book and leaned back and thought of all the wars his family had been in. It was so unimaginable to him that his family had been fighting in one war or another for the crown or for their country they were residing in, since the fourteen hundreds. Some had died, some were wounded and some had come home to write more of the family history. He wondered if the Lance of Light would work on Peeves as thought of the spell.




Dumbledore fumed as he stormed into his office, once more he had been denied having the restrictions on his potion master rescinded. The good news was Quirrell wasn't trying anything because he had Severus watching him like a hawk. He was also mad that Harry wasn't using the cloak to sneak around the castle like he planned. His tracking charms he had put on the cloak had been removed so he had no idea where it was. Another thing was the loss of the stone. How it had vanished he didn't know but it had. He wanted to examine it more to find out how it worked and when he went to get it from the third floor it was gone. He knew Quirrell didn't have it because he was still here. So he set up a fake inside the mirror to make sure Quirrell would try and steal it. His other plan of Harry confronting the possessed teacher still hadn't moved forward even when Hagrid kept dropping hints about the corridor. His original plan was to stop Quirrell from stealing the stone and then telling Nick that it had been destroyed in the battle, since he was the leader of the light the stone should be his. It was for the 'Greater Good' after all. His Greater Good, but that plan was down the cesspit because it had vanished.




The year was running smoothly, but Harry was still confused as Hagrid kept dropping hints on the third corridor. He had mentioned it to his friends and they had suggested he contact Amelia and he had done so. The letter back said that Dumbledore had been hiding a valuable magical item belonging to Nicolas Flamel and his wife but it had been removed and a fake installed. Amelia had told him to just ignore the hallway and he passed the message on to his friends as well, including Hermione who had insisted they should protect it but the girls talked her out of it as they were just first years.

Harry's biggest pains in the arses were Draco Malfoy and Ronald Weasley. Malfoy kept trying to instigate fights with him and Ronald kept trying to force his way into being his best mate as he called it and insulting his friends. One he insulted was his father's boss's niece and the howler he received personally from his father in an unused classroom could be heard two floors away.

One morning in March, Dumbledore received a letter which caused him to go flying out of the castle as fast as his feet could carry him after he read the letter.




Amelia Bones, head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement looked around as the Wizengamot filed into the room. With a predator grin she noticed that Dumbledore wasn't there as it was planned by her. She had sent most of the notices out the night before but one was delayed to this morning and the plan was coming to a head.

"Amelia, what is going on? Why did you call for an emergency meeting of the Wizengamot?"

"We have an important trial to get underway. Take your seat," Amelia ordered.

"Hem, Hem. That is the minister you're talking to. Show some respect," Deloris Umbridge ordered.

Amelia turned to the woman, if she could call her that and replied, "Shut up. Secretaries should be seen not heard."

Deloris was shocked and replied in a loud voice, "I am the Senior Un…"

The silencing spell from Amelia had the woman quiet and she leaned in and said, "Shut up. Sit down and stop making a seen."

Deloris blanched and quickly sat down alongside her boss the Minster for Magic, Cornelius Fudge.

Turning to the room she stepped up to the podium and picked up the gravel. With several taps on the stone on the podium she called the Wizengamot to order.

"Thank you. I have called you here today to rectify a wrong, but it seems our chief warlock hasn't arrived. Madam Longbottom, could I impose on you to take the seat as Chief Witch as it seems our Chief Warlock couldn't make it?"

Augusta looked over at Amelia and stood up, "I would be honored too."

"Thank you," Amelia replied.

Everyone watched as the elderly woman moved from her seat to the seat reserved for the Chief Warlock and then she turned to the people before sitting down and said, "Seal the chamber. Amelia, you may proceed."

"Thank you, Chief Witch Longbottom," and then turned back to face the members of the Wizengamot, "Almost ten years ago, a man was sent to Azkaban without trial. That man is now the head of an Ancient and Noble House. When I found out about this travesty I was angry but first I had to gather evidence. With the help of several unspeakables and aurors I was able to gather the truth but that truth still needed to be addressed before this body. With your help I would like to bring the man to trial," Amelia said.

The members of the Wizengamot were in an up rage that a head of an Ancient and Noble House was thrown in prison without trial and demanded to know who it was.

Amelia looked at everyone and asked, "Are you sure?"

The shouts of yes throughout the room had her nodding before she replied, "Bring forth the accused."

Everyone watched the door that led to the DMLE cells open and a man and woman walked in wearing the robes of the Aurors. They were followed by a prisoner in brand new robes and chains and then two more aurors.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Wizengamot I call Lord Sirius Orion Black to the chair of judgment for the case of the people vs. Sirius Orion Black for betrayal of the Potters, murder of the wizard Peter Patrick Pettigrew and twelve muggles."

The Wizengamot screamed in fear as Fudge stood up, "Bring a Dementor and kiss Black!"

Amelia whipped around, her nostrils flaring in anger, "Cornelius, I just said he never received a trial and you're trying to murder him. Should I have you arrested for attempted murder?"

Fudge latterly melted back into his chair at the glare from Amelia Bones, and with a quiet whimper he replied, "No."

"Good and sit there and be quiet," Amelia snapped out and turned around and blinked as she noticed the closes chairs to the floor were empty, "Oh sit down. He's in chains and cannot hurt you."

Amelia watched as everyone took their seats and with a smile said, "Is the prosecution ready to proceed?"

Senior Auror Alastor Moody stumped forward and replied, "Aye, we are."

"Good. Is the defense ready to proceed?" Amelia asked.

Theodore and Andromeda Tonks stepped forward and replied at the same time, "The defense is ready to proceed. The defendant is being defended by the offices of Tonks, Tonks and Macalister."

"Good, let us proceed then," Amelia said and then asked, "How does the accused plead.

Andromeda stood up from where she had taken a seat and replied, "Lord Sirius Orion Black pleads Not Guilty."

Amelia said, "Noted. Alastor you have the floor."

Alastor nodded and said, "Were here to try this person for murder and betrayal of Lord James and Lady Lilly Potter along with the murder of Peter Patrick Pettigrew and twelve muggles on October 31st 1981 and November 3rd 1981. The accused is charged with giving You-Know-Who the location of the Potters allowing the man to find and murder them while trying to defend their son, the infant Harry James Potter. Three days later he confronted another friend, Peter Pettigrew and blasted him to smithereens, leaving only a finger to be found and twelve muggles. I would call for Veritaserum to we can get to the bottom of this and get back to our normal lives but I doubt that the man would allow himself to be question…"

"Give it to me. I demand to be questioned under veritaserum to prove my innocence," Sirius demanded.

Alastor grinned and said, "Okay lady but first to verify you haven't taken the antidote."

"Healer Grimes, please give the prisoner a check on potions in his system," Amelia ordered.

Thirty-one year old Martha Grimes stood from her seat and walked across the courtroom. Pulling her wand out she started waving it over the man and then a rolled up piece of parchment shot out of her wand.

Unrolling the parchment she read, "I declare Sirius Orion Black is under no potions. His last potion was a strengthen potion, a anti-Dementor potion and a pepper up potion at five o'clock last night. He has not antidote potions in his blood at this time. I declare he can be given veritaserum to prove or not prove his guilt. So I swear on my magic, so mote it be."

The burst of light from the healer's wand surrounded her and Sirus before stopped speaking.

"Thank you Healer Grimes. Healer Grimes, you may administer the veritaserum to Lord Black," Amelia said.

Martha reached into her pocket and pulled out a small box that had the numbers 3637 on it, "Let it be known I have pulled out the box of veritaserum out of my pocket. For the record, the box is listed as 3637 and contains vials of veritaserum. May I break the seal on the box?"

"You may proceed," Amelia ordered.

Martha used her wand to slice the seal and then put her wand away. Opening the box she said, "I am now looking at five vials of veritaserum and five vials of the antidote along with two vials of detection. Madam Bones, may I have a number one through five."

"Five," Amelia ordered.

She set the box on a table that rose in front of the prisoner and reached in and pulled out the fifth vial and said, "Be it known. I have pulled out vial number 3637.5 and am placing it on the table."

"We can see that," Amelia replied, "Proceed."

"Chief Witch, can you please choose a number between one through five."

"Two," Madam Longbottom ordered.

Martha pulled out the vial and said, "May the record show that the Chief Witch has chosen vial two and I have withdrawn vial two with the number 3637.7 from the box.

"We confirm the vial," Lady Longbottom said, "Please proceed."

Martha looked in the box and pulled out a white card, "Will the Wizengamot seat holder thirty two pick a number between one and two."

Lady Griselda Marchbanks looked up in surprise and replied, "One."

"Thank you Madam Marchbanks," Martha said and pulled the vial out, "Let it be known that I have pulled vial number 3637.11 from the box.

"It shall be known," Amelia replied, and then said, "You may test the potion."

"Thank you. I am now pulling a sterile glass slide and a dropper from the box," Martha said as she pulled the five items out, "I will now test the veritaserum to see if it is veritaserum."

Everyone in the courtroom watched as Martha Grimes opened the package that contained the sterile glass and set it down on the table. She then opened the vial of veritaserum and used the first dropper and filled it with the veritaserum. She then dropped three drops on the glass and then sealed the veritaserum with the stopper. Using a second dropper she opened the vial of detection and filled it then dropped three drops on the slide with the veritaserum and those who could see the slide saw it changed from clear to blue.

"My lords and ladies of the Wizengamot; let it be known that the vial containing what is assumed to be veritaserum is veritaserum. I will now test the antidote," Martha said.

The second test passed and she then refilled the stopper with veritaserum and stepped up to the prisoner, "I will now administer three drops of the potion called veritaserum to the prisoner."

Sirus tilted his head back and stuck out his tongue to the surprise of the Wizengamot and Martha dropped three drops onto his tongue.

Martha watched as the prisoner's eyes glazed over and stepped back to the table where she said, "Let it be known that the serum seems to be working. Prosecutor Moody, you may begin your test questions."

Moody stumped around to look at Black and said, "What is your name. When is your birthday."

"Sirus Orion Black and my birthday is November 3, 1959."

"Please lie for the next question," Moody ordered.

"What house were you in when you attended Hogwarts?" Moody asked.

"Sly… Gryffindor," Sirus replied.

Moody looked at the healer and asked, "Verfy the potion, lass."

Martha nodded and stepped up and pulled her wand. With a quick spell she nodded and stepped back.

"Be it known that the truth serum known as veritaserum is working," Martha said.

"Thank you, Healer Grimes. Alastor contunie," Amelia ordered.

"When did you become a Death Eater?" Moody demanded.

"Never!" Sirus snarled out.

"Why did you give the Potter secret to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?" Alastor demanded.

"Never did."

"Why did you confess you killed the Potters?"

"I did and didn't. I said I was at fault but I never betrayed them," Sirius said as the Wizengamot members started demanding answers.

"QUIET!" Amelia ordered and when everyone settled down she nodded to Alastor to continue.

"Explain!" Moody demanded.

"I suggested to James that we use Peter as the secret keeper and so they did. I was a decoy meant to lure anyone away from Peter but we didn't know he had sold his soul to that madman," Sirus said.

"Why didn't you say so at your trial?" Alastor demanded to know.

"Never had one, I was stunned and woke up in Azkaban to find out I was in there for life," Sirius replied.

"What about killing Peter and the twelve muggles?" Alastor demanded to know.

"I didn't. Peter cast a blasting curse at the ground. He must have hit an underground gas line. The explosion hurled me and the muggles away. I saw him then cut his finger off and transform into his animagus rat form and scurry into the sewers. Next thing I know, I'm in prison."

"He is not in the book for known animagus's," Amelia said.

"Peter, I and James were animagus," Sirus said.

"What are your forms?" Moody demanded.

"James was a stag, I am a big black dog and Peter is a brown rat," Sirius replied.

"Why didn't you register? The law says you have three months to register once you have your form down," Amelia asked.

"The war but James and I told our command-control Auror Sebastian Hazelton that we were animageus. He placed it in our files and told us it was listed as confident information," Sirus said.

Amelia grabbed Sirius Auror records and turned to the back. Using her authority she opened the section that was sealed as family information.

Amelia quickly read the file page and looked up, "Auror Hazelton sealed the file on July 3nd 1979 and it list Sirius Blacks animagus form. No law was broken."

"So you say Peter escaped and is a rat animagus?" Alastor asked.

"Yes, he is. He is also missing his finger on his left hand/paw so he should be easy to find in his rat form," Sirius said.

"I have no more questions," Alastor replied.

"Does the defense have any questions?" Amelia asked.

"I do," Ted said as he stood up, "Lord Black, do you know why you were thrown in prison?"

"I think so. I think the people behind it wanted control of my godson," Sirius replied.

"Who is your godson?" Ted asked.

"My godson by the godfather ritual is Harry James Potter, the heir of the Potter Lordship."

Pandemonium erupted in the Wizengamot at those words and it would take ten minutes for everyone to calm down and then Sirus was given the antidote to the serum and his eyes cleared up.

As Sirus looked around Amelia called out, "Is there any reason we should continue?"

Amelia looked around and saw most of the Wizengamot people nodding and sitting down but a few of the darker members had looks of fury on their face.

"Well then, I will raise the three orbs. The right orb which is not guilty, the center is guilty and the left is abstained. Please cast your vote now," Amelia ordered and lifted her wand and the first bolt hit the right orb. This was followed by the rest of the members until everyone had voted.

"By a vote of fifty-nine to eight to thirteen, Sirus Orion Black is found not guilty. Lord Black may I be the first to offer an apology to you from the government for your illegal imprisonment. Do you have any requests before I turn this over to the Chief Witch to figure out how much we owe you in compensation," Amelia asked.

"Thank you, Madam Bones," Sirius said.

Augusta stood up and walked to the podium as Amelia withdrew, "Well this is a find kettle of fish we find ourselves in. How much is nine years almost ten in Azkaban worth? Lord Black, what was your occupation before you were thrown in prison?"

"Chief Witch, I was an Auror second class," Sirus asked.

"I see, and were you a good one?" she asked.

Before Sirus could respond, Alastor did, "He and James Potter were on the way up. They made second class in six months. At the time it was unheard of advancement that fast. I would have expected them to be senior aurors within a year and possibly higher."

"I see and what are the pay scales for a senior an second class aurors?" Augusta asked.

"A second class auror makes six hundred galleons a month and a senior makes twelve hundred," Amelia said.

"Thank you, Madam Bones," Augusta replied but before she could say anything else Amelia did.

"Unfortunately we cannot pay him," Amelia said.

"Why ever not?" Augusta asked as she turned to the head of the DMLE.

"Because Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge has slashed the DMLE budget in half and removed the reserve funds as well," Amelia said.

Everyone looked at the minister and saw him blanch under the stares that he was receiving.

"Why hasn't this been mentioned to us, the Wizengamot?" Augusta demanded.

"I was ordered not to say anything unless the Chief Warlock or Witch asked," Amelia stated.

"Who gave you those orders?" Augusta demanded to know.

"Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge gave me those orders as he is my boss," Amelia said as she looked at what was soon to be the former Minister for Magic.

"I see," Augusta said and her eyes narrowed as she looked at Fudge, "Where are the funds that we allocated to the DMLE?"

Somehow, Fudge got his spine back and stood up, "Now, see here. I am the Minister of Magic…"

"No you're not. You are the Minister FOR Magic not of. You are notof the magic. Now for the final time, where is the money at?" Augusta demanded to know.

Fudge refused to say and Wizengamot member Tiberius Ogden stood up and said, "I call for a show of no confidence in Minster Cornelius Fudge and for him to be arrested and questioned under veritaserum."

"Seconded," replied Elphias Doge.

With a firm nod, Chief Witch reset the orbs and the votes started tallying up. The vote was quickly counted and Fudge was removed from office and arrested and with another vote, Amelia Bones was invested as the interim minister. Amelia quickly set the date for the next appointment to meet after Lord Black was entrusted with his seat on the Wizengamot.

"Then I call this emergency meeting adjourned," Augusta tapped the stone releasing the seals on the doors.

As everyone in the room started to head out the doors were flung open and Albus Dumbledore stormed in with his wand in hand.

"What is going on here?" Dumbledore demanded to know.




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