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They had gotten through that Sunday the best they could. Edward remained slightly ticked at Roy, and called him a bastard multiple times. (As to be expected.) But he forgave him, slowly but surely. They both settled on the fact that they were together, and the other wasn't dead. They had a lot of make-up sex. Maes had no clue they had fought.

The next day it was close to normal, as close as it could get. Edward kissed Roy goodbye and brought Maes to school. Edward sat in the house and mopped around, he got fired from his job for not coming in for three weeks, despite him telling them that he had gotten frigging kidnapped.

Edward walked quietly through the halls, when he heard the door creak open. "Maes?" Edward called out. Odd, Maes always yelled back, he walked down the hallways confused. Once he got to the living room he found Maes shaking in front of Jonathan who was smiling like a maniac. He had a knife sitting on Maes' jugular vein. Edward ground his teeth in anger, "get your hands off my baby," he growled.

Jonathan laughed, "Not till I get what I want," he grinned wider. (If that was possible.)

Maes looked into Edward's eyes, tears brimming, "Dad," he moaned out. His tears falling down his pink cheeks.

Edward felt his own tears coming, he looked at Maes and he felt so helpless, "What do you want? I'll give you anything, just please don't hurt my baby," Edward whispered, his tears falling off his long lashes. Jonathan chuckled, "You," he said, stroking Maes' head. Maes shivered underneath the cold touch. Edward continued to let his tears fall and he nodded his head in submission.

Jonathan pushed Maes into the corner and grabbed a chair, he sat Maes down, "If you move I'll cut your dad wide open," he said staring into Maes' eyes, Maes nodded weakly. Edward stood and looked at Maes and smiled weakly. A look that said, I'm right here. Maes sadly smiled back, his tears dripping off his chin. Jonathan pointed at the couch, "lay down," he ordered.

Edward hesitated before doing so, and even when he did it was slow. He lay quietly on his back, preparing for the worst. Jonathan smiled, lust in his green eyes. He walked over to Edward and climbed on top of him. Edward turned his head to the side and whimpered, "please, not in front of him," he pleaded. Jonathan glanced at Maes for a moment, "He'll be fine, I always got off listening to my parents moan," he said as he licked the shell of Edward's ear.

Edward shivered and let out a choked sob. Jonathan slowly pulled down Edward's pants and underwear, the cold air harshly hitting Edward's private area.

Jonathan unzipped his fly and released his hard member, he slowly pushed Edward's vagina lips apart and rubbed the tip of his penis up and down and all around the hole. Edward continued to sob, this was the second time he had been violated. Maes sobbed as he helplessly watched.

Jonathan moaned, Edward screamed, Maes sobbed.

Jonathan pushed deep inside of Edward and began jerking his hips. Edward cried and cried, he couldn't help it. He was humiliated, and filled with shame.

"Ah...tight," Jonathan moaned as he continued thrusting. Edward whimpered and sobbed, Maes tried to look away but couldn't look away from his dad. It hurt Maes that he couldn't do anything to save his dad, he didn't want this to happen.

Maes looked around to see if there was anything around. His eyes wandered all over the room, his thoughts drowned out by Edward's cries. He searched for anything, anything to make that insane monster to stop. Maes spotted a pair of scissors on the coffee table between them all. Maes glared at Jonathan, his thoughts began to race. Maes stood up slowly, neither of them noticing. Edward still sobbing, Jonathan still pounding into him.

Quickly, and silently Maes grabbed the scissors. He walked slowly over to Jonathan, tears streaming down his face. He was hesitant and whimpering, he choked on a sob. He raised his arm with the scissors, Edward opened his eyes and gasped. Maes sobbed profoundly and shut his eyes tightly,

"GET OFF OF MY DAD!" Maes screamed as his arm came pounding down and he stabbed Jonathan in the back. Jonathan shook in shock, releasing himself inside of Edward. Edward stared at the ceiling, eyes wide. Jonathan rolled off of Edward and thudded onto the floor, the scissors ripping out as they hit the floor.

Maes threw himself onto Jonathan and began smacking the back of his head, tears flowing down his cheeks. Edward lay on the couch shaking and crying. The door creaked open and Roy walked in and stared at the scene in shock. Edward stared at Roy, still shaking.

Roy glanced at Edward's crotch, seeing that his pants were not on him. He then glanced at Jonathan who was being choked by Maes, his tiny hands wrapping themselves around the bony throat. His flaccid penis out in the open, Roy put two and two together and saw red.

Roy stomped over to Maes and gently took his arm, Maes looked at Roy, tears shimmering in his midnight blue eyes. Roy embraced his son and kissed his forehead. Maes gripped his father's uniform, and sobbed openly into his shoulder. Edward panted in distress as Jonathan began to rise slowly. His glasses lay cracked on the floor, hair scruffy.

Roy looked at Jonathan rising form and smirked, this was the end. He picked Maes up and lay him next to Edward. Roy smacked Jonathan across the face and he fell to the ground once more. Jonathan looked up at him and whimpered.

Jonathan began to charge at Roy but Roy's fist was smashed in his face. Roy continued to smash Jonathan's face in, Edward cradled Maes' head to his breast to shield him from the fighting. Edward and Maes were curled in the corner of the couch and Maes wrapped his arms around Edward's neck.

Roy sat on Jonathan and continued to beat the living shit out of him. He stopped and put on one of his gloves, he readied his hand. Edward eyes grew wide, "Please, Roy don't," he sobbed. Roy glanced at him in confusion, "But he hurt you," he said, his hand still in snapping position. Edward gave a small nod before saying, "I don't want anymore violence though, Roy! Look at Maes, do you think he likes this?" Edward continued sobbing. Roy held back his own tears and sighed getting off of Jonathan.


Jonathan had been taken back to the station, and still waited for the trial. Roy carried Edward to the bath room and filled a warm bath. Roy sat in the tub with Edward in his lap, washing Edward gently. Roy's fingers gently scooped the semen out of Edward and he wanted to kill Jonathan even more. Edward sat silently in Roy's lap, tears still falling from his face. Roy cooed sweet nothings in Edward's ear, cradling him slowly.

Edward whimpered quietly, Roy only held him closer, his uniform pants getting water logged. He honestly didn't care, Edward was the most important thing in his universe. The center of his universe.

They sat in the bathtub together for what felt like forever, it was over, finally it was over.


In the end Jonathan had pleaded insanity. Roy wanted to rip his own hair out, he wanted to kill him. Jonathan would rot for the rest of his life in prison, not nearly what he deserved. It took a few weeks but after a while things got back to normal.

They could only hope it stayed that way.


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