Author's Note: Oh dear God, what a depressing title. Ah well, it's perfect for this poem and I'm keeping it.

This is just a little poem that centers around Dally. This is my interpretation of him. Set after Johnny's death, and leads right up to his. When I uploaded it it was separated into stanzas, but FFN won't let me keep it like that. Grr. Whatever. Hope you enjoy it. Or something. Sorry if I make you cry =p. Onward you go!

Life is Death

By: Angel Wings-008

A whispered name, a gentle touch

A frigid wind that knows too much

A haunting, silent melody

A pocket full of lies that the world will never see

A cold, hard hood with a smirk upon his face

Tear-stained blue eyes filled with hate

Nothin' but a game, ain't that the truth?

A world unfit for tragic youth

Run. Run. Run from what you can't escape

Desperately grasping for a fate to dominate

For what life was worth living if it wasn't in a dream?

No more never ending're forever seventeen

A fallen angel disdains the world, for there he has nothing left

What is death, but life?

What is life, but death?


Well...I'm depressed now ;_;

Let me explain the 'fallen angel' bit. I know what you're thinking. The Dally we knew was certainly no angel, at least not in the conventional meaning of the word, but to me, we are all born just that. Angels. Innocent. Pure. Dally lost all sense of that because of the world he lived in, and that is very, very sad. A beautiful tragedy. A 'fallen angel.' I'm passionate about it, and I stand by that description.

That is all :). I'd appreciate reviews, if you have the time.