Chapter 3: After Dodge ball

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Ok, so for the last chapter I got asked what poke is but I think they meant Pokémon so ummmm I will attempt to explain what it is, Pokémon is about catching creatures in poke balls and battling with them for the most part, it's a very popular TV show/Game and most people recognize would recognize Pikachu for being the main characters loyal companion… ya

I also got asked about their secret I CANNOT tell you guys about it until the time is right….. I'll give you a hint though it has to do with Pokémon, so the story cross's over into 3 different things -Man, Naruto and Pokémon!


Tenten and Neji threw the balls at the exact same time leading to get hit at the same time, ending the game with the girls winning since Akira was still in the game they just forgot about her…

"I told you we wouldn't lose" laughed Tenten as Neji glared at her.

"Tennie, my head hurts" cried Akira softly as her eyes went big and pouted in the corner (think that she is turning into a really cute chibi who's in pain).

"Come on Akira, let's go get changed" said Sakura as she dragged her out of the gym and into the changing rooms.

"by the way Neji, don't underestimate me or my friends" said Tenten as she followed her friends into the change room, leaving him all alone in the gym.


"Where's Akira, Sakura and Tenten" asked Ino.

"They said they were going to go to the nurse and will meet us in the cafeteria" replied Hinata.

"Oh ok" she replied

XXXXXNurse's OfficeXXXXX

"Now, what do we have here" asked the nurse as she looked at Akira.

"Sugar overdose" said Sakura monotonously.

"Ahhh, I understand" replied the nurse as she gave Akira an Aspirin and a glass of water, which she gladly accepted.

"Now take those and be on your way" said the nurse as Akira downed the pill and they left.

"Teenagers" muttered the nurse.


"Sorry we're late" said Sakura as she sat next to Ino.

"It's ok; Akira how's your head feel?"Asked Ino.

"Better, thanks" said Akira.

"So what school did you guys come from?"asked Lenalee.

"Suna High" replied Tenten.

"Really?" asked Hinata.

"Yep, it was ok I guess" said Sakura.

"Ya, it was good but know were here and I like this school so much better" said Tenten

"Oh good!" said Lenalee smiling.

"So, where's the boys?" asked Sakura.

"They should've been here already" said Hinata worried.

"Don't worry Hina, they probably got attacked by fangirls" reasoned Ino.

"Oh, OK!"She said cheered up by the answer.

XXXXXwith the boysXXXXX

"Fuck, fangirls" groaned Neji as he and the rest of the boys left the change room to be greeted by tons of fangirls.

"On 3,"said Sasuke



"3"and off the sped with a group of rabid fangirls at their ankles to say the least they were screwed.

"NO! WHY MUST THIS SCHOOL HAVE DEAD ENDS?"Yelled the boys franticly as they were surrounded by viscous girls.

"OMG! LOOK A SHOE SALE!"Yelled Shikamaru in a high pitched voice as he pointed at the principal's office.

"SHOES!" screeched the girls as they all proceeded to run towards the principal's office ultimately getting stuck in the door, the boys took it as their chance to escape and ran all the way to the cafeteria.

XXXXXIn the cafeteriaXXXXX

"Well I'm going to go get some food" said Akira as she stood up.

"We'll come with you" said Sakura as she motioned to herself and Tenten.

"Ok!"Said Akira.

"Umm…the cook here is really um….different so be ready" warned Lenalee.

"Uhh ok?"Said Tenten as she and her sisters headed to the lunch line.

"HELLO! YOU MUST BE THE NEW GIRLS! I'M JERRY THE COOK!"said "jerry" flamboyantly.

"HI!"Said Sakura and Akira happily.

"Nice to meet you?" questioned Tenten.


"Uh…I'll have a chicken burger with fries and a slushie" said Tenten.

"I'll have a coconut cream pie and a slushie" giggled Sakura.

"and I'll have 2 cinnamon buns, a piece of chocolate cake, a bag of sour cherry blasters, a bagel with extra cream cheese, a bag of all dressed ruffles chips and a blue raspberry slushie." said Akira in one breathe.

"Coming right up!"Said jerry as he ducked into the kitchen to make the order.

"Thank you" they chirped in response.

"Its going to take a while for Akira's order isn't it?"Said Sakura.

"Ya" agreed Tenten.

"No it isn't, I didn't order that much" said Akira crossly.

"Sure Akira, whatever floats your boat" Said Sakura and Tenten.

"ORDER UP!"Said Jerry as he brought out Akiras major order.

"HOW DID YOU MAKE THAT SO FAST" exclaimed Sakura loudly.

"Pfft, this stuff is easy to make compared to yours you guys will need to wait for a couple more minutes" he said as he watched Akira grab her lunch and head to her table.

XXXXXOnce Tenten and Sakura got their lunch and headed to the tableXXXXX

"I wonder where the boys are they usually don't take this long" said Hinata

"Ya I know" replied Lenalee as the doors to the cafeteria slammed open to reveal 6 panting guys.

"I found them" chirped Akira as everyone sweat dropped at her oblivion.

"What are we going to do to you" said Tenten.

"Give me a chocolate bar and let me run wild in the chem. Lab" said Akira sweetly.

"No" said Tenten bluntly.


"Why is Akira not allowed to as she puts it "run wild" in the chem. Lab" asked Naruto as he and the rest of the guys appeared at the table.

"well let's just say you would only let her do that if you want a talking whale who raps Justin bieber lyrics and is made of a silly putty type substance that eats crackers" said Tenten annoyed.

"Wow…"said Naruto as the cafeteria went silent.


"BYE" said Akira and Sakura as they got up and ran to the chem. Lab.

"GET BACK HERE!"Screamed Tenten as she chased them down the hall.

"Umm good thing we have chem. Next I think" said Allen.

"FOLLOW THOSE GIRLS!"Screeched Ino as she and Hinata and Lenalee ran after Tenten.

"Hn" said Sasuke as he sat in sakura's seat.

"Whatever" said Neji as he and the rest sat down in the now vacant seats.

XXXXXIn the chem. Lab right before classXXXXX

The classroom surprisingly had a lock so Sakura and Akira spent 10 minutes trying to unlock it but the teachers came and unlocked for them.

"Heeeellllllllllooo Lenalee my sweet sister" sang one of the 2 teachers.

"Uh hi brother" said responded quietly.

"So he's your brother what's his name and the creepy snakelike one too" said Tenten.

"My brother's name is Komui and the creepy snake one is Orochimaru be careful we are certain he is a pedophile but it is rumored that he only like guys, so we should be safe." she replied as she looked at the door which held 6 slutty girls.

"Oh great the slut brigade is here" sighed Ino as she pointed them out.

(This is a diagram of how they are sitting:

Desk Desk Desk

Desk Desk Desk



So the boys are sitting in the back while the girls are in the front and Ino is just talking to Lenalee and Tenten.)

"That's great" replied Tenten nonchalantly as she watched 2 of them approach Sakura and Akira.

XXXXXwith Sakura and AkiraXXXXX

"I want his beret" said Sakura.

"Me too" said Akira as she stared at Komui's beret.

"I think we should ask for one" said Sakura as she stood up.

"Yes, I believe so" replied Akira as she too stood up.

"What do you bitches think you're doing" said one of the two sluts.

"Obviously going to get berets" said Sakura.

"Oh, well then stay away from my Sasuke-kun" she said as she turned around and left.

"And my Kanda-kun!"said the other as she followed her friend.

"Gawd and we're called oblivious" remarked Akira as she and sakura walked up to Komui's desk.

"HELLO! WONDERFUL STUDENTS!" said Komui flamboyantly.

"HI! We were wondering if we could have one of your wonderfully awesome berets!"said Sakura hopefully.

"WELL OF YOU CAN!"He said ecstatically "here you two go" he said as he handed them each a beret which they immediately put on.

"Thank you Komui-sensei" they chirped as they walked back to their desks.

XXXXXwith the othersXXXXX

"Get off of me Emi" growled Kanda as he tried to push the insane psycho fan girl off of him.

"For the last time Karin .ALONE" said Sasuke annoyed.

"Miss Emi and Miss Karin please head to your seats, class is about to begin" said Komui cheerfully

XXXXXTime Skip End of ClassXXXXX

"Andddd classssss remeberrr toooo readdd chapterrr 12 forrrr nextttt classss" hissed Orochimaru.

"Option time" said Lenalee as she stood up.

"Yup what options are you 3 taking" asked Hinata.

"Well ummmm I'm taking art while sakura and Tenten are taking Band/Music" Akira said quietly.

"Awww we won't be in the same class as you, all of us are taking Band/Music" said Ino

"Now I'm sad" said Akira as she looked at her feet (you know like when your sad and stuff and you look down).

"Don't worry about it Akira, I'm pretty sure our friends, Sai and Lavi, are in that class" Said Lenalee reassuringly.

"Ok" said Akira as she headed to her class.


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