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"Kate, what happened?" Lanie asked, trying to look calm as she walked into the hospital waiting room.

Kate smiled at Lanie. "Don't worry, he's fine."

Lanie's eyes got slightly wider. "Who's fine?"

Kate couldn't help but roll her eyes at her best friend. "Esposito, of course. Ryan's fine too, but something tells me you're not as worried about him as you are about Esposito."

Lanie sighed. She was worried about Esposito and she might as well let it be known. Kate knew about them anyway. "You promise he's fine? And how did you find out about us?"

Kate couldn't help but laugh. "You work with a bunch of detectives. Did you really expect us not to find out? We all know. And yes, Esposito is perfectly fine. Ryan got the brunt of the torture. He's got mild hypothermia."

Lanie wrinkled her forehead. She wasn't trying to argue with Kate, because she had hoped that Esposito would be fine. She wanted Ryan to be fine too, but now that she found they both weren't seriously hurt she was able to think a little more clearly. "Ryan has mild hypothermia and nothing is wrong with Esposito? How did he escape everything?"

Kate was going to tell Lanie about the marks around Esposito's neck from the noose, but she was interrupted by Castle's voice. "Really, are you going to continue calling him Esposito?"

Lanie turned to Castle and raised her eyebrows. "What happened to your hand?"

Kate rolled her eyes. "He decided to go all Chuck Norris on the guy."

"He was going to shoot you!" Castle exclaimed. He smiled at her and said in a quieter voice, "And we couldn't have that."

Lanie looked at them suspiciously while Beckett's cheeks reddened. "Is something going on between you two."

"Yes!" Castle exclaimed.

Simultaneously, Beckett replied, "No!"

"Now, why didn't I see that one coming?" Lanie asked the room.

"Are you all here for Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito?" A doctor asked the trio, stepping into the room.

"Yes, we are," Kate answered.

"They'll both be just fine," the doctor assured them, even though they kind of already knew that. "They were rather lucky. We are going to keep them here overnight, just in case complications arise, breathing problems and such, although we don't expect that to happen. If you would like to go see them, they are in room 409, down the hall."

The doctor then left the three to their own devices.

They began to walk silently down the hall to Ryan and Esposito's room. "Where's Jenny?" Castle asked, breaking the silence.

"She's on her way," Kate answered. "I called her right after I called Lanie and she said she would be here as soon as she could, she was stuck in a traffic jam."

They arrived at the room fairly quickly, it really wasn't too far from the waiting area.

As they began to open the door, Kate remembered she hadn't told Lanie about the marks on Esposito's neck. She bit her lip. This could get ugly, for everyone concerned.

"How are you guys?" Kate asked, walking into the room.

"Ready to get out of here," Ryan grumbled.

"They didn't need to keep us overnight," Esposito agreed. "The doctor said himself he didn't think anything was going to happen in one night."

Castle and Lanie had walked in behind Kate and while Castle was showing off his bandaged hand to Ryan and explaining to him Jenny's delay, Lanie was staring at Esposito. There were bandages covering his neck and she could only imagine what was under them, not that she wanted to know.

Kate looked over at Lanie and cringed when she saw the look on her best friends face. She couldn't exactly read it, but it looked to be a mix between anger, fear and repulsion. Kate knew the repulsion was not directed at Esposito, or even her, but more at the man who would put the two partners through this.

Kate began, "Lanie—"

"You said he was fine!" Lanie cried, suddenly not caring about the other people in the room.

"He is! I was going to tell you but…" Kate trailed off as Lanie swiveled on her heel and walked out of the room.

Kate turned back towards the occupants of the room, who were now bathed in an awkward silence. She didn't know what to say. She knew everyone in the room understood why Lanie acted the way she did, but she also knew no one knew what to say.

Esposito was, surprisingly, the one to break the silence. "So, you guys going to try to spring us tonight or what?"

Ryan smiled at his friend, knowing that they all needed this distraction. Lanie's reaction was only more proof at how close the situation had come to having a completely different ending. "Yeah, you really can't expect us to stay here all night, can you? This place is worse than jail!"

Kate and Castle laughed, but while Castle was willing to try some James Bond rescue attempts and a pretty interesting smuggling theory, Kate wouldn't budge. While she understood their pleas and really didn't think it was totally necessary for the two to be in overnight she would feel safer if they were being watched and she knew that between Jenny, Lanie (Kate firmly believed she would be back after everyone had left) and the doctors, the two would never be left alone for a minute.

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