Chapter 7 The End

Hailey and the twins were perfectly healthy and were released two days after they were born. Krista was the last one to give birth and just hoped that she would make it to 38 weeks. John was still out with his injury and everyone took turns checking on them and making sure there was enough food in the house for them and the girls.

John and his dad finished getting the baby's room ready and as soon as Krista hit 36 weeks she had a doctor's appointment every week. Krista and the baby were right on schedule and the doctor even suggested getting induced at 38 weeks just to play it safe.

Two weeks later, Krista's parents and John's parents were sitting in the waiting room at Harbor View Medical Center as Krista had been induced that morning. Isabella and Kylee were also in the waiting room playing and coloring. Five hours after Krista was induced, Zachary John Cena made his entrance into the world. John took the first pictures and headed out to the waiting room carrying Zachary.

"I would like you all to meet, Zachary John." John stated as he showed off the baby.

"Baby brother?" Isabella asked.

"Yes, Bella. This is yours and Kylee's baby brother." John answered as he leaned down to show the girls their new brother.

"Baby small." Kylee responded.

"He will be for a little while, but he will grow just like you and Bella did." John answered.

Soon John took the baby back to Krista who was now in her own room. Everyone was able to come in and hold the baby and see Krista for a little while. Krista and Zachary were released from the hospital the next day. Everyone was at the house waiting for them to arrive with balloons, stuffed animals, flowers and food.

As the weeks passed, the families got used to having the babies around. Kinley and Ted became a closer knit family, Randy and Hailey became closer as well and Randy took an extended leave of absence to help with the twins. Hailey apologized to the whole family for the way she had acted months ago. In a way, she admitted that she was a little jealous of John and Krista and their family. All she had ever wanted was to give Randy the family they had always wanted. Now that Hailey and Randy had not one, but two babies in their lives, made Hailey appreciate everything that John and Krista had to go through. Isabella and Kylee got used to their baby brother being in the house and were happy to help their parents get diapers, wipes and other small items.

As the weeks and months passed, everyone came together to celebrate their families at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony the following year. Superstars were there with their spouses and children and as the festivities went on, the Orton's, the Cena's and the DiBiase's all toasted to their families, their careers and their love for the business.