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Valentine's Day

Japan walked through the streets of France and saw another couple walk past him, smiling happily and muttering sweet promises of love. Today was Valentine's Day, after all. His superiors had scheduled a meeting at (in his opinion) the worst time possible. And in FRANCE, no less…

He sighed. Maybe I should get a girlfriend of my own…

He looked at a candy store window and saw Austria and Hungary, buying chocolate for each other. He stood at the window and unwittingly placed his forehead on it, attracting stares from passers-by and the shop owners. This was becoming a bad habit.

They both look so happy… He thought, watching them. "I wonder what it's like to receive chocolate like that." He sighed and saw the flustered expression Austria gave when Hungary handed him the chocolate she had bought. Hmm…would I be that troubled too?

Something caught the corner of his eye. It was France, strutting merrily and acting the way he normally did. He smiled at some passing girls and blew a kiss. In return, the girls blushed and squealed…well, the way girls normally would blush and squeal.

This wasn't the first time Japan saw France acting like this. France is so popular with the ladies. He should have received so much chocolate today… He considered doing or probably acting the way France did, but he shook off the thought. He had already tried that once and had felt terribly embarrassed and silly afterwards.

He walked home the rest of the way in silence, suffering more sights of happy couples.

When he reached his house, Japan ritually took off his shoes at his doorstep and walked inside, dropping his bags unceremoniously on the floor.

"Haaaaah…" He sighed, patting his back, "The bags have gotten heavier…" He muttered and looked at the things he bought. "Garlic, salt, cabbage…" he counted off and blinked, surprised by another object. It was some chocolate.

"…I bought chocolate for myself?" he mused out loud, wanting to laugh. But he didn't. "No…" he down casted his eyes. "I bought it because I thought I would've had the chance to give it to someone for Valentine's…" he sighed again, "Gosh…"

Placing the chocolate to the side, ignoring it, he put the other ingredients of the counter and began cooking.

It's not like I could get anyone for myself. He knew, all too well. I'm too shy. I can't talk to others as well as if I'm answering Germany's orders. He placed the cabbage and meat into the pot and waited for it to boil so he could pour the salt.

Thirty minutes. He reminded himself while he went to rest. He opened the door to his room and heard a creaking noise from it. Ah. I forgot to get some oil for my door. He thought sadly and fell onto his futon.


He sat up, rubbing the new tender spot on his head. "Funny, I don't remember putting a rock on my futon…" He looked at the hard object that hit his head.

He was surprised to see a box of chocolate. Wide eyed and a little scared, he looked at who it was from. Written in neat letters of Kanji, he read: From your secret admirer.

"…Who?" He wondered out loud.


"Japan! Good morning!" Italy yelled and roughly hugged the nation.

Japan had been getting used to the gesture lately. "Italy-kun…" he muttered, shaking nervously, "Please let go of me…"

"Ve, ve! Did you get any Valentine's presents from anyone?" Italy asked, "I gave chocolate to Germany! He didn't know what to say! He just turned really, really red! Isn't that awesome? Now I get to get stuff back for White Day!"

Japan thought it as a bad idea to tell Italy (well, not just him, but anyone else…) about the chocolate, but the sensation to tell someone would not leave him alone. "Alright, Italy-kun, don't tell anyone." He pulled Italy close and whispered it to him.


"ITALY-KUN!" Japan in turn yelled, reddening, "Please keep your voice down!"

"I have to tell Germany!"

"NO!" Japan grabbed Italy with surprising strength, "Don't tell anyone! You promised, Italy-kun!"

"I don't remember promising anything like that!"

"It doesn't matter! Don't tell anyone! Please!"

"But…but…" The younger nation shrugged, "You don't know who it is! How are you going to give back presents for White Day if you don't know who it's from?"

Japan looked like he turned green, but cleared his throat, "True, Italy-kun…but please, don't tell anyone just yet. I'd like to figure out who it is beforehand. By myself." He added the last part quickly.

Italy sighed, "Okaaay, Japan…" he walked away.

Japan gave a sigh of relief. Maybe telling Italy-kun wasn't exactly the greatest idea…

Italy walked over to Germany, acting a little on edge.

"Italy!" Germany greeted him sternly, once the smaller one came into his view. "Um…about yesterday…" He nervously scratched his head. "I've been meaning to ask you about what you would like for White Day…" he saw Italy twitching. "…Hey, are you okay? Hey, Italy!"

"JAPAN HAS A SECRET ADMIRER!" Italy finally yelled, "Haah…thanks, Germany. I really needed to get that out of my system." He patted Germany's shoulder a couple of times with a smile.

"Japan…has a secret admirer?" Germany yelled, shocked.

"Are you serious?" A new voice suddenly came along.

Germany and Italy turned to see England on the other side of a fence. "You're kidding me!" he yelled, "Even Japan got chocolate. I was looking for someone who wouldn't get chocolate for Valentine's Day and he was my first choice." He glared at the sky. "Great. Now I owe France money."

"Wait a minute, Italy." Germany said, ignoring England, "How do you know this?"

"Japan told me himself!" The other said happily, "And I think I was supposed to have kept it a secret…" He looked at England. "Hey, England! Did you get some chocolate?"

England blushed and looked away. "Yes. But I'm not telling you who I got it from."

Germany watched him, "…It was from America, wasn't it?"

"Shut up! Don't just go guessing and getting it right the first time!" He yelled and went off. "Well, I have to tell everyone else about this! Japan getting chocolate (from a secret admirer no less) is a-ma-zing!"

"W-Wait a minute England!" Italy yelled, but England already left. "Oops. Now Japan's going to kill me." He heard Germany sigh behind him.


Japan looked at the people that passed him. Wonder who I got the chocolate from. He thought as he passed several candy shops.

It must've been from a girl. Or maybe not…? Hmm…it was in kanji, so it must've been an Asian nation of some sort. Was it probably Taiwan or Vietnam? Perhaps the Philippines? He kept thinking to himself when he remembered something about the writing. Wait a minute…I've seen that handwriting somewhere before. So I must know the person.

As he continued thinking, a voice suddenly interrupted his thoughts. "Japan!" America yelled as he roughly threw his right arm over Japan's shoulders. "I never knew you had a secret admirer! Lucky you!"

The smaller nation gasped, "You know! Who told you!" He suddenly remembered. Italy-kun… he thought, spending a couple of seconds planning the Italian's demise.

"Well, aren't you very lucky?" France suddenly came along counting some money. "Would you like me to help you figure it out? I may be able to know."

Japan sighed, "You guys weren't supposed to know in the first place." He muttered quietly.

"Don't be like that." Russia said, hearing him. England was following behind the tall man. "You're our friend, da? Friends tell friends everything." He smiled, seeming somewhat irritated.

"Look, Japan," England said, "It doesn't matter. Let's all figure out who it is!"



"No!" Japan yelled. Everyone, surprised by the loudness of his voice, looked at him. "You guys…weren't supposed to know in the first place!" He spat, turning around and walking away swiftly.

"Wait a minute! Hey, Japan!" Several of them called after him, but he was already long gone.

"Well, that was just sad." Russia smiled. He seemed very angry today.

"Hey, Russia!" America carelessly asked, once again failing to read the atmosphere around the tall nation. "Is something the matter?"

Russia just smiled before answering, "Yes, actually. I gave China some chocolate yesterday…" he didn't continue. He just kept smiling.

"And my guess would be that he didn't accept it?" France guessed.

Russia's threatening aura expanded. "Well…" He said, still smiling, "If you want to put it that way…"

Everyone exchanged glances. "I wonder why." France mused. He suddenly snapped his fingers, getting an idea. "Everyone, I think I know who the secret admirer is."

"Really? Who?"

The man smiled and flipped his hair, "Oh, I'll tell you. But Russia's going to have to leave for the sake of me."

Everyone looked at the still smiling Russia, whose brow twitched. "You don't mean to tell me…?" He smiled. "…"

England shrugged, "Oh…wait a minute! I know who it is!"

Everyone else had the same reaction when they figured it out, except for Russia who suddenly had the sensation to throw a pick axe down at someone.


Japan rushed off to some desolate park not too far away and rested underneath a tree.

He gave out a long sigh. "Running away wasn't such a smart move. I must seem like such a weak country now." He muttered.

His phone beeped. He looked at his received text messages.

From America: You're so lucky to have cute, little HIM as a secret admirer!

From Russia: Very well. I admit loss this time, but you better not brag if you want to live, da?

From Italy: Waaaaah! I'm sorry, I'm sorry for saying it out loud! Everyone heard me!

From France: You little playboy, how the hell did you enchant the heart of THAT GUY no less?

From England: Hey, Russia is really pissed off, you know? Reply back, will you?

From Germany: Um…I'll just tell you ahead of time, Italy told me about the whole thing, and-

Japan flipped his phone shut. "I don't want to talk to any of them. What do they mean by 'that guy?' Do they know who my secret admirer is?" He leaned against the tree and felt something wet hit his head.

"Rain?" he looked up at the dark clouds. "…I didn't bring an umbrella." He remarked sadly. He proceeded to walking home in the rain anyway with nothing but his binder to shield him from the heavy drops.

It sounds like they know who it is. Japan thought to himself as he walked a lonely road to his house. It sounds like I've received it from a boy. His eyes narrowed. ...Who? It got colder as the wind blew. I want to know…so I can thank him…for giving me something I never thought I'd receive…

Something much bigger than his binder suddenly covered him from the rain, "Huh?" he asked and looked to see China standing next to him, holding the umbrella on top of them both.

"Hey there, Japan, aru!" China greeted happily.

Japan smiled, "China…" It's been a while since I've seen you. This is how he always talked with him. And China, as if reading his mind would answer back.

"It's been so long, huh?" The other smiled.

"Yeah…" I wonder if you received anything for Valentine's Day.

"Ha, ha, ha!" China laughed. "How was your Valentine's Day, Japan? I heard you got a secret admirer, aru!" He said merrily.

The island nation blushed, "Oh, well…" I still don't know who it's from, though…

China smiled, "You find out who it's from?"

He shook his head, letting some water drip off his hair. "Not yet…" Although everyone else seems to know.

"Everyone but you knows?" China asked, bewildered. "Wow, aru! Everyone was talking about it! It got on the streets faster than I could yell, 'Shénme dōngxi!'" He looked at the cloudy sky.

They both walked in silence for a while.

"…Japan …" China suddenly began, "…Don't you…think you know who the handwriting's from, aru?" He asked, somewhat softly.

"…The handwriting's familiar, but I really don't know who it is."

The elder nation chuckled, "I see, aru…oh!" China suddenly remembered. "Hey, Japan! Have you seen my Panda anywhere, aru?" He asked worriedly.

He shrugged, "You mean the stuffed one? I haven't seen it. You carry it around with you all the time, don't you?" I told you you'd lose it because of that…

China sighed, "I hope I find it some time, aru…"

"If I see it, I'll give it back to you, okay?" Japan said with a smile. "Think of it as repayment for walking me home with the umbrella." You live in the opposite direction, don't you?

"Don't worry about it!" China replied, his cheeks getting rosy, "Ah! Here we are, aru!" He looked at Japan's place where he was staying until he had to go back to his nation. "Nothing's really changed ever since you first came here." He chuckled, "Well, see you, Japan, aru!" He said at last and began walking home.

"Thank you again for keeping me dry." Japan waved.

He ritually took off his shoes at his doorstep and walked inside, seeing the chocolate from the secret admirer he received on Valentine's Day on the counter.

He sighed, got a towel and picked the box up, wiping his hair. I know I've seen this handwriting before…but from where? Where…?

Feeling enraged, he threw the box of chocolates at his futon, shattering the chocolate inside.

"Why did you have to write secret admirer?" he yelled at it. "Why couldn't you just tell me who you are?" he looked at the floor sullenly. "I want to meet you so I know. I can't stand not knowing who you are anymore! I can't…" Something black and white caught his eye.

There was an object on the other side of his drawer he hadn't noticed before. He walked over to it and picked it up. He gasped. This is…!

He looked at the box of shattered chocolates.

I know who it's from now.

He ran outside his house as fast as he could, forgetting his shoes. I might still make it in time! I can catch him! He looked at the stuffed panda in his hand as he ran.

China…it was YOU, wasn't it…?



China stopped in his steps and turned around to see Japan with no shoes on, panting and getting soaked by the rain.

He blinked, a little shocked at the sudden sight. "Ai-yah!" he yelled, sounding angry. "I took all the trouble to walk you home just for you to suddenly rush out here without your shoes on in the rain and-!"

"It was you!" Japan yelled holding up China's panda. "I…wanted to give this back…" He paused, catching his breath in-between. "You left it…in my room when you…left the chocolates…"

China turned red, "…You…" He sighed and scratched his skull, "Ah ha…you figured it out, huh, aru? Crud…ah ha, ha…I didn't want you to find out." Before Japan could ask why, he answered, "I thought it would be weird if you just suddenly received chocolate …ah ha…from me, no less, aru…"

Japan walked across to China, his feet making small splashes.

Said nation was still muttering to himself, "I guess it was pretty stupid of me to just leave that there…I knew I was forgetting something when I left…" He felt arms around his shoulders and found Japan hugging him.

China's eyes widened. "Um…" He began, blushing, "…I thought you didn't like hugs, Japan, aru…"

"I wanted to thank you…" Japan interrupted, depression in his voice, "I wanted to know who it was…who gave me what I thought I'd never get in my life…I wanted to know who it was so I could give back presents for White Day…" he dug his head into China's shoulder. "I thought I'd never know…but I found you…"

The elder shrugged, "Japan, aru…it's no big deal, you know? Finding the panda was an accident."

Japan got off of China and smiled at him, "You always did have a habit of forgetting things." He laughed. "I was…so happy!" He said and smiled. "So…thank you, China." He bowed.

China blushed again and shook his head at Japan's courtesy. "…You're welcome, Japan, aru." He smiled back. "Then, I'll walk you back to your house again."

"You don't have to." Japan replied, "I'll go back, it's okay."

China frowned, "Then take the umbrella, aru." He said, stretching his arm out.

"It's okay. I don't need it."

The other nation looked at the umbrella and looked at the soaked socks Japan was wearing. "Fine." He threw the umbrella to the ground and took off his shoes. "Then I'll be heading home now, aru."

Japan blinked, "But you're umbrella…"

"I'm not going to need it!" China replied happily and walked of, carrying his shoes along with him. "Thanks again for returning my panda, Japan, aru!" He gave one last smile and began to walk home, shoeless and drenched.

Japan watched him go and looked at the umbrella. He turned around to go home as well. "…The Dango I was planning to make might be burned by now…" he sighed and smiled.

I'll have to give something back to China on White Day.

Author's Note:

Shénme dōngxi! - "What the heck!" in simplified Chinese.

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