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White Day

China opened the door to his porch and stretched his aching hands out. "Ai-yah…" he whined, "Such hard work on a sunny day, aru! I should be drinking tea and enjoying the weather!" He yelled and tightened his hair. "Oh well, aru. Huh?" He saw a cat walk by.

Cat… He thought and smiled, "Oh, that's right! Japan likes cats, aru!" he clapped his hands together and ran inside his house.

He then came back outside with a saucer of milk, "I think I'll visit Japan today!" He said as he placed the saucer down. "This cat's reminded me of him. Maybe I'll bring her along too! Here kitty, kitty, kitty, aru…" he recited cutely and lured the cat over with his hand, "I have milk, aru…come here, aru…"

The cat walked to him cautiously and drank the milk.

"Wow, you're hungry!" He proceeded to pet the cat on the head. "I guess you can have some more, but first I have to make sure you don't have any disease or something-"

The cat scratched his hand and ran off.

"Ow! Hey! That hurt, aru!" China pouted and held his hand. "And I was so nice to you…you're pretty rude! Nothing like pandas, aru!"

He blinked, "'You're pretty rude…,'" He repeated. "Oh, yeah! I said that to Japan when I first met him when he was small!" He laughed. "Come to think of it, Japan acted a lot like that cat when I first met him, aru…" he smiled and stood up. "Goodness, that was nostalgic." He went inside to clean his shallow wound.

Then after finishing the rest of the afternoon work, he picked up his stuffed panda and took a pot of miso soup.

Japan probably hasn't eaten either. China thought as he got his sandals and began walking towards Japan's house. Knowing him, it's that time of the year to get the demons out from under his bed again, aru. He laughed at the thought.

As he walked through some streets and boarded a tram, he heard some Japanese teenagers talking.

"Hey, it's almost White Day!" They said excitedly. "Do you think you're going to get anything from the guy you gave chocolate to?" and they continued their talk in whispers and giggles.

Oh, yeah, aru…White Day's coming. China thought, blushing. I wonder if Japan will give me anything, aru… He liked the idea.

Then his eyes widened and he shook his head. Nah…I shouldn't expect too much. He has much more important matters to attend too. And I can't take away his time for such a silly reason, aru. Japan's probably forgotten about it by now.

As the train stopped to let its passengers off, China sighed. "Although it would be nice if he did consider it, aru…"


Japan slid open the door to his house and ritually threw some red berries onto his patio. "Demons...out!" he recited as he continued throwing some berries.

The tweeting of some birds caught his attention. The birds were colorful and were flying close together, landing on the ground here and there. They finally landed on the branch of a cherry blossom tree.

"…It must be the mating season." Japan sighed and wiped his forehead. He turned red, thinking of China. Clearing his throat and scratching his neck, he threw out some more berries.

The birds suddenly landed on his porch and began eating the berries.

Japan found himself smiling at the birds. "Oh well, they can help me clean up around here, I guess." He said.

"Japan, aru!"

"Huh?" Japan looked up to see China on the other side of his fence, waving at him with a smile. "Ch-China!" Japan yelled, shocked by the sudden coming. "You're visiting? I didn't cook anything…"

"All about pleasing your guests, like always." China smiled and pulled up the bag containing the pot of miso. "I'm not good at making Japanese food, but I tried, aru. Hope you like it, aru."

Japan walked over to the fence gate and let China in. "But China, today's the day for blessing my house…"

"Don't worry, I won't step on any berries." China replied knowingly.

"That's not what I meant…it's a mess with all of them around…"

"Then I'll help you clean up!" China yelled. "I want to spend the rest of my day with you, after all, Japan!" he smiled and ran into the house. "Sorry to barge in, aru." he muttered and took off his shoes.

Japan blushed as he watched China carefully jump over some berries. He came to visit me today…I'm happy. He smiled and gasped, "Oh, China watch-"

"Wah!" China tripped over the basket of berries.

"…Out…" Japan ran to help him up. "Are you okay?" he saw a cut bleeding on China's hand. "Hey. Where did you get this from?"

China blinked, holding his head. "What, that, aru? I tried petting a cat and it lashed at me." He added a cute chuckle at the end of the sentence. "It's fine, aru."

"It's not fine, it's bleeding!" Japan said and reached for a white cloth, bandaging the hand with it. "Be careful, will you?"

China blushed, "Uh…sure, Japan, I will."

After some sweeping, China and Japan sat around the table sitting on futons. China smiled as he poured each of them some miso soup.

"China…" I could've done it myself…

Japan blushed as he was handed the bowl. China, noticing this, just smiled. "Hey, Japan, aru," China began, pausing his chopsticks. "Do you have any important days scheduled on your calendar this month?"

Japan blinked, "Oh…I forgot to get a calendar…" He sighed, "How embarrassing for my guest to remind me like this…"

China looked at him. "…So you don't know what's going to happen three days from now?" he asked, seriously.

"Huh?" Japan stared at him, shocked at his sudden seriousness. "Is something going to happen then?" He asked with wide eyes. "Did I forget something?"

China blinked, "…Ah ha, aru…it's nothing Japan! Forget it!" he laughed. …Japan really did forget after all …

Japan watched him go back to eating his miso. That was weird…

They continued the rest of their meal in an awkward silence before Japan suddenly spoke, "China…"

"Hmm?" China asked.

Japan looked at him with sad eyes. "That laugh you just did…" His eyes narrowed, "You only laugh like that when you know something's going on. So what is it?"

China covered his mouth. Oops… "I already told you, it's nothing, Japan, aru-"

"It's not nothing." Japan shot back, startling China. "Why won't you tell me?"

There was a tense moment between their eyes and China finally stood up. "…If you really want to know …" He said, darkly, "Remember the reason how we got together in the first place, aru." he spoke, his voice resonating. Then he stomped out of Japan's house.

Japan watched him go, angry, sad and confused. China…?

China, who was now getting back on the tram he had used to get here, sighed as he leaned against the doors.

Oh, no, aru… He thought desperately. I shouldn't have done that…I already told myself that I shouldn't expect too much from him, aru… He knocked his head with his fist and saw the white cloth Japan had used to wrap his hand up with. He felt tears running down his cheek.

I was happy just to see him…and now… He sighed and covered his face with his hands. I could've ruined our friendship just like that, aru…

Japan wiped the table with a wet rag and sighed. "…Did I forget something important?"

"If you really want to know…remember the reason how we got together in the first place, aru."

Japan paused his cleaning and thought about those words China threw at him. "…What did he mean by that?"

The next day…

"Germany-san!" Japan yelled, running into Germany's house and over to the tall blonde who was in the kitchen making something.

"Ah, Japan, you're here! Help me with this recipe, will you?" Germany said when he saw the small Asian.

"Uh, sure…" Japan read the cook book. "…You're learning how to make pasta?" He asked.

Germany shrugged, "I-It's for Italy! He likes pasta after all…" he said with some minor blush. "H-Hey, did you ever find out who your secret admirer from Valentine's Day was? You never told me or anyone else…"

"Uh, yes I did!" Japan replied, turning red. "Which brings me to ask! Is there anything going on two days from now that I should know of?"

"Whoa, whoa." German began, actually putting his hands up. "You don't know?"

"I forgot to get a calendar…" Japan answered, embarrassed.

Germany stared at him. "…The day after tomorrow is White Day." He explained as he turned back to his pot on the stove. "So you should be making something for your secret admirer who gave you chocolate on Valentine's Day…Japan?"

Japan was staring into space with this horrified expression on his face.

China…that's why he yelled at me…forgetting about White Day after he went through so much trouble confessing his feelings to me on Valentine's Day…

"Japan?" Germany asked and snapped his fingers in front of Japan's nose.

That's right… Japan thought, not noticing Germany. It's almost like saying that I don't care about him… Quick as a mouse, he turned around and ran out of Germany's house.

"Hey! Japan!" Germany yelled, shocked.

"I'm sorry, Germany-san! Thanks for everything!" Japan yelled. I have to go and apologize to China! He quickly ran towards China's house.


"China, you've been drinking too much." Hong Kong said to China seriously. "You're going to get drunk, and you'll be hung over the next day."

China just looked at him with a sour expression and sighed.

Hong Kong frowned and looked at the white cloth around China's hand. "China …did you get that from Japan?"

China's eye twitched at Japan's name.

"I knew it!" Hong Kong yelled, noticing China's forehead move. "This is all Japan fault isn't it? Whenever you drink, you're depressed! What did Japan do to you this time?"

China sighed, "…You're too loud, Hong Kong, aru…" he rubbed his forehead.

"I don't care about that! It's because of Japan you've become depressed! You should stop seeing him!"

China shrugged in fear of that thought, and Hong Kong noticed it, but he continued on, "The only thing you'll get out of Japan is drama! He's a guy who doesn't deserve to be with you! He's nothing close to-"

"Stop it, aru!" China yelled at him and held his head in frustration. "You don't even know…you don't even know half the man Japan is, so you can't just go judging him, aru!" His words were slightly slurred and he suddenly fainted.

Hong Kong, shocked at how stern China could be when drunk, stared at him who was passed out on the floor. "…I told you you'd get drunk." The doorbell suddenly rang.

"China! Are you home?" Japan yelled outside of China's door. "Please open the door!" He knocked several times.

"Perfect, just the guy to show up," Hong Kong muttered and placed a blanket over China. He walked out of the kitchen and opened the front door.

"China!" Japan yelled with a smile, but it disappeared the moment he saw Hong Kong. "Oh…" He muttered. "Where's China-san…?"

"China is hung over because of you and I don't think he wants to see you." Hong Kong answered sternly.


"Look," Hong Kong stepped out onto the porch with him and closed the door shut behind him. "China is at a very fragile mood right now. What did you do to him?" He asked, arms folded on his chest and angry.

"…I…forgot about White Day…" Japan said sadly.

"No wonder." Hong Kong replied. "He doesn't deserve a guy like you."

Japan glared at him.

"If you're going to take care of China," Hong Kong began, "Then you need to make sure you give him the things he deserves when he deserves it. You forgetting about White Day really crushed him." He explained. "And now he's getting drunk to feel better."

Japan's glare turned into a look of guilt. "…I'm sorry…"

"Don't tell me you're sorry, tell him you're sorry." Hong Kong sighed. "It hurts me to see him like this, as well, you know?" He said with bitterness in his voice. "Tell him you're sorry with some present for White Day, got it?"

Japan gave a small nod, "…Yeah."

And with that, Hong Kong walked back inside and slammed the door shut in Japan's face.


What should I get China? Japan thought as he walked down the marketplace. He suddenly saw France who was walking through a flower store. Typical France… He blinked. Maybe he can help me…


France turned to him, "Ahh, Japan. That small caterpillar that's now become a butterfly!" He said dramatically with a rose in his hand.

"Right, um…"

"So tell me, good man," France suddenly said, sliding a hand around Japan's small shoulders, "Have you gotten China in bed yet?"

"WH-WHAT?" Japan asked, red. "Why would you ask something like that?"

"So you have?"

"No! I…"

"You haven't?"

"France-san, that's not-"

"And what are you getting lucky China for White Day?"

Japan, relieved to get on the second subject, sighed, "That's what I'm trying to ask! What should I get him for White Day?"

France blinked and thought a minute, "Well…" he smiled, "Give him the true meaning of love. A rose and several other blossoms will do." He explained.

"No! No! No!" England yelled and suddenly came around. "That's not how you give back to the one you receive chocolate from!" He yelled. "You should treat him or her to dinner! And then pay for the whole thing! You shouldn't give him something that just withers and dies and creates a mess later on."

"Quiet, fuzzy brows!" France yelled back.

Japan sighed at the both of them. "This isn't exactly what I meant…" He left the now arguing England and France to find some help.

What does China like? He likes pandas…should I buy him another stuffed panda?

Suddenly, he bumped into someone. "Oh, excuse me! I'm sorry." He said and looked at Hungary. "Oh, Hungary-san…"

She smiled at him, "Hello, Japan-kun…something wrong? You looked troubled."

Japan looked at the floor. "Well…actually…"

Hungary stared at his face, noticing something else besides his dark eyes. "Let's go talk about it?" She asked with another smile, and before Japan could refuse, she had already dragged him along.

They sat on a bench in the park, eating some shaved ice.

"Ah, I see." Hungary said with a smile. "You forgot and he's depressed." She laughed as if she'd been though this thing so many times. "I know both how you and China-san must feel."

Japan sighed as he ate a spoonful of flavored ice. "I don't know what to give him to make it up for White Day now…"

Hungary looked at the sky. "You know what? The best thing you partner would want is something homemade." She explained.


"My dear Austria is making a piano solo just for me. And that makes me happier than anything else in the world. That he would take his time to write a song for me and show me how much he loves me." She smiled, "You think about it and fix it up, Japan-kun. You're a very clever guy." She said and picked up her bag, "I'll see you soon then? I have to get going."

"Oh, sure." Japan waved as she left. He thought about it in silence. "I should make something homemade for China then…" He said with some hope and began to walk to the store.


Japan placed the ingredients on the table, "Okay…sugar, chocolate powder…" He counted them off, making sure he wasn't missing anything.

He put an apron on and began to melt the chocolate. "China likes sweets, so I'll make some chocolate for him." Japan said out loud. "But…I've never made chocolate before…" He sighed. "Oh well, I'll just have to trust my guts for now."

An hour and a burnt pot later…

Japan sighed as he looked at the failed candies he planned to make. "Already half the ingredients down…" He muttered. "I can't do this…maybe if I make something else like a scarf…?" He blinked.

No…I want to make him chocolate… Japan straitened his apron and looked back at the oven. "I have to stick with this idea! It's the only thing that will make me feel like China's happy!" He went back to the recipe book and continued from step one.

Hong Kong said that China's drunk because of me and I hate that… Hungary-san said that the best thing is a something homemade with everything you have in it…

This is what I want to make for China!

Two days later…

China sighed as he swept his front porch to keep himself busy. "Ai-yah, aru…I want to drink again…but if I do, Hong Kong will yell at me …" he sighed again. He blinked at the sight of two lovebirds that had landed on his fence.

Love birds… He thought of Japan. "NO! No, no, no, aru!" China grabbed his head, letting the broom fall, "Hong Kong said I couldn't think about that guy! It'll only make me feel sadder and then I'll get drunk and then I'll feel like I want to die the next day, aru!"

"What's this about dying?" A voice suddenly interrupted his flip out.

China looked at who said it and saw Japan on the other side of his fence. "Japan, aru?" China yelled; "Y-You're here…" he blushed.

"Um…yeah…" Japan looked away shyly, "China, can I come in?"

"Hong Kong isn't around, so sure." China answered. "Why are you here, aru?" He asked as Japan let himself in.

"Why else?" Japan asked and handed him a small bag with candy inside.

China looked at it, "What's this, aru?"

Japan smiled, "Open it, and you'll find out."

China took note of the rare excitement in Japan's voice and undid the pretty bow that sealed the small bag. He took out a piece of chocolate with the shape and details of a panda bear. He blushed, "Japan…" He noticed bandages all over Japan's hand, "What happened to your hands?"

Japan laughed and hid them away behind his back, "Um…I burned them while I was…uh…"

"Did you make these, aru?"

Japan looked at the floor, "Um…yeah…sorry, it's not really anything like the fancy chocolate that you can buy at the stores so…" He looked up and was shocked to see China crying. "Wh-Why are you crying?" He asked, concerned.

China smiled, "I'm so happy, aru! You remembered White Day after all!" He jumped and wrapped his arms around Japan's neck, making the island nation blush.

"You made chocolate for me?" China yelled, as it if were too good to be true. "I don't know what to say, Japan… 'Thank you' won't explain how happy I am…"

Japan frowned and wrapped his arms around China gently; "I'm so sorry I forgot about White Day, China…" he began, resting his head on China's shoulder.

China laughed, "I'm sorry I just suddenly yelled at you, aru. I was acting so selfish…"

"No you weren't." Japan said back, looking at him. "I was stupid at forgetting such an important day." He said pulling the elder nation near, possibly squishing him.

China smiled hugging back, "Thank you, Japan, aru…"

Japan smiled too, "You're welcome, China."

And not too far away, hiding behind a tree, Hong Kong smiled and thought, Good for you guys. He looked at the gift he would give Taiwan today. And now…it's my turn. He began towards his destination and left the two to their moment.


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