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This is Pokemon Heroes: Uprising, an expanded interpretation of what happens after the movie from my point of view. It picks up approximately five years after the original events, after Ash has completed the Sinnoh League and is on his way home in preparation to leave for Unova.

In a world where peace is frail and violence is made of steel,
And fate and history is forged by the triumphant,
The soul will reach for the definite truth,
The Uprising will soon loom over the horizon.

-Soldier of the Future


Flames of the Omen

"Pokemon are nothing more than tools-we humans mastered the art of controlling them, and we will keep it that way. No government, no rebellion, no savage nor any pest with an attitude will change that."-Anonymous UAAF Agent

"The raging sea of inferno generated by malice, desire, and corruption will rise."-Anonymous

"Life is a gift. What you make of it is the true challenge you have to meet."-Cynthia, Sinnoh Champion

Booting main system
Please enter password.
Password accepted.
Please scan fingerprintfingerprint approved. Welcome Professor Oak.
Retrieving filessearching main data baselocatedawaiting retrieval permission
Permission grantedwelcome back Professor.
Classified files codenamed "Project Space Strain: 01302011" now accessible
Warning: Hacker detected. Defective fingerprint detected. Commencing server shutdown. Main power offline. Severing auxiliary power.
Warning. Warning. Sensitive document theft detected. Immediate attention and assist-
System failure.

"Excellent. The files are hacked. This is almost too easy."

The world of Pokemon has always prospered for years. With Pokemon willing to live in harmony with humanity and mankind in return capable of giving their companions in their everyday life the loving care and attention they need, both parties ushered the world into a new age where it is not uncommon to see both sides taking active roles in the daily lives of everyone. Pokemon have grown extremely obedient of humans, while Homo sapiens have taken this gift as a blessing for their great knowledge of being able to understand their partners that take part of their lifestyle.

But with every great event comes someone or something ready to take advantage of it. Team Rocket's stunt and attempt of trying to capture Latias and Latios was just one of them, but this event was significant for a reason. While legendary Pokemon have often suffered for the mistakes of mankind while assisting those who had good hearts and a benevolent motive in their minds, there was one incident which forever changed the world, with the death of Latios and among other legends alike. Even worse, Pokemon began to rise in violence in sporadic numbers without a proper reason.

There was one thing that perked the scientists and investigators' interests, though. A new type of highly dangerous poison was discovered to be affecting these Pokemon-in a way, and whatever it was, it was deemed to be more lethal than the most vile toxins ever created on the surface of the Earth. Samples of it could not be acquired and stored through proper means, considering it was gravely volatile and corrosive of anything it came into contact with. The more unfortunate researchers fell to the toxin and eventually died a horrible death from their work.

The rebellions and acts of violence from both factions, starting from minor incursions to full-scale battles began to rise, with casualties suffering from both sides. It seemed that something had to be done.

The United Aerospace Armed Forces, a corporation specializing in military products and combat and compromised of the best soldiers, captured Pokemon and trainers in the world, was formed as a result of these events. Their goal was simple: to quell the uprising of both Pokemon and humans throughout the world via any means necessary. Whatever the means didn't matter, as the conflict had to be calmed down before the conflicts rose to a region-wide scale. Led by Donald Zetta, the organization brought forth promise for a rapidly failing world. The fear of a Pokemon-dominated realm was quickly extinguished rather quickly.

Or so it seems. All of this was a lie that lived within the shadows, out the eyes of curious and prying eyes.

What the world didn't know was that the UAAF had its own plans. To raise an advanced military force composed of both humans and Pokemon not to bring an end to violence, but rather with an twist of their own. The Pokemon would either be under complete control via fusion of the human mind with the Pokemon in question or influenced by a mysterious virus that destroyed their minds completely. With an arsenal of warfare technology and powerful Pokemon under their control, their plan was to assert complete control of all government-based assets, bringing forth a new superpower nation-essentially doing what Team Rocket failed at.

The Modern Day…

The conflict has waned, at least for the time being. However, it was difficult to imagine that the problem had disappeared entirely. Some believed the events were blamed to be a natural cause, others thought of it as an artificially made problem. The answer may be never discovered.

There was a logical explanation for the increase of aggression among wild Pokemon instead of just their hatred built against humans, and the answer could be led to the very own organization that the world entrusted to for their defense preservation of the relationship between us and the creatures that live among us in our lives.

It is clear that the UAAF were the ones who started this, but this is only a hypothesis. There is no evident proof. Yet. But being the top researcher in the field of Pokemon, I believe the UAAF may not be as benevolent as we all thought them to be, especially given some traces of their alliances with Team Rocket and other criminal organizations.

I, for one, also believe that this poison was a byproduct of the UAAF. Only science and time will tell the truth. But time is not on our side. It is running out and it is only a matter of time before I predict a great disaster curtaining across our beautiful blue planet.

-Retrieved from the official log of Professor Oak as of the year 2008

"Area is secure, ma'am," one of the police troopers announced before continuing his analysis, "the document is inside, surprisingly in one piece with nothing missing. I guess whoever broke into the databank only wanted to take a quick glimpse of this…"

Approaching the table that had the document scattered across the woodwork, they had finally reached their first clue.

The police picked up the report, seemingly undamaged at first glance. "Wow, so who stole this? It's some sensitive classified document that was retrieved from Professor Oak's computer, but…why would they leave it? This is considered to be a military secret. No one is supposed to know this."

"Only one would guess," Officer Jenny spoke, wondering if the document that had remained classified for two years had been compromised.

One of the SWAT officers raised a hand. "Could it be Team Rocket? Cipher? Magma?"

"We don't know. I wish I could provide a straightforward and clear answer Sergeant," Jenny answered. "For now, at least this report is not damaged. Let's return this to the Professor on the double. We may also have to contact the Pokemon Ranger Corps and Kanto Defense Force regarding this. This is a very serious situation that we have here, being a high-profile scientific document theft attempt."

The officers placed the document in a steel briefcase, locked the case shut, and took it out of the warehouse. None of the officers knew that within the message, there was a hidden log from an ancient script that had survived the test of time. It spoke of an ancient threat that even Arceus himself would quiver in fear upon being mentioned.

It was the very same threat that nearly drove the entire universe as we knew it on the brink of termination.

Alto Mare, Several Hundred Years Before the Modern Day

The apocalyptic battle that potentially spelled doom for all of existence and freedom soon approached its end, and amidst the ruined city of Alto Mare, with bodies, damaged structures and blood freshly spilled across the once beautiful streets. Buildings were burning, the canals glowing red with human and Pokemon blood combined, and the sky was burning from the endless war. At the heart of it all laid a single extraterrestrial entity, its body heavily damaged and maimed from continuous draconic and psychic attacks from the defenders of the city that descended upon to answer the desperate prayers of the people as their extinction drew near.

The slithering Deoxys, his body maimed and heavily wounded with lobotomized scars and marks, continued to expel fresh blood over the cobblestones on the ground, the corrupted liquids literally causing the terrain to rot away as his Phazon blood corroded the stones to nothingness. He licked one of his tentacles in delight before sipping the blood of a freshly killed Latios, who was gravely wounded by his overwhelming dragonhead cannons and Phazon scythes before ultimately falling to a blow to the head from a spear generated from his many appendages.

"And there goes the last member of your Elite Cadre, Siegfried!" the alien virus laughed, a tone of mockery and venom clearly present in his speech.

A single Latios that remained and survived the endless onslaught aided his mate, a Latias, to her footing as he panted after the excruciating and endless crusade. The alien gave him one sickening glare at the couple of dragon/psychic-type beings before letting a small cackle escape his lips, the surrounding area littered with multiple corpses of the Eon Pokemon species. From cover, the few surviving humans that had lived through the fight looked on with terror and fright.

"Your days of terror ends here," the defiant Eon Pokemon declared, the tone of fear absent from his voice. "It was bad enough you decided to devastate the humans that reside in this peaceful settlement, but you did not choose to let my faithful species live in peace and attempted to subvert our haven to your own desires."

"And you think you can stop me, you foolish insect?" the virus mocked in a diabolical voice, eager for another fresh kill. "I've slain dozens of your own kind, and you along with your pathetic mate, will be next! You will all be food and slaves for my bidding! Arceus may have repelled our invasion, but he won't save you here!"

Coughing, the one Latios that withstood the invader's assault smirked through a bloodied face. "I don't need Lord Arceus's assistance. If I don't stop you, he will ensure you will exist on with the worst form of punishment possible."

"Just try to buy your time, you fleshling of an insect. With every moment you stall, you give me the opportunity to become even more powerful than I already am." He licked his lips in delight before taking another bite from the slain Latios before spitting out the decorative armor he had chewed off from the flesh of the deceased legendary.

The lone Latios's heart raced with fright and anxiety. He didn't fear about his own life, for he expected to die on the battlefield along with his other comrades in arms who were all slaughtered by the cruel tentacles and hands of this vile monstrosity from the cosmos. What he feared for was the well-being of his beautiful and kindhearted mate. She bore the children of the future and was already ten months pregnant with her offspring, and the lone male Eon dragon wasn't about to let his love or his future successors die in vain like this. He promised himself that he would not back down, no matter what the circumstance.

"Laia won't survive if I let this monstrosity molest her with his vile tentacles…" the noble Pokemon thought quietly in his stressed and collected mind. "And I will definitely not let that occur."

The commanding alien of the invasion returned to his footing, his tentacles dripping with a disgusting type of liquid that corroded the cobblestone-covered streets inches below him. "I know you cannot defeat me. Even if you doI'll make sure you perish along with me."

"You may slay my own kin, destroy the sanctuary built to worship us, or devastate Earth with your vile poisonsbut sooner or later, our descendants will put an end to your race's terror," the Latios spoke, blood dripping from his graceful and tranquil-looking facial features after sustaining unthinkable damage in his struggle against the invader. "It will end here today."

The Latias that accompanied him could not bear to see his departure. "My dear, you can't do this! Please, we still have unborn children to take care of!"

"Hahayour useless mate speaks the truth. If you die now, you will not witness your precious children of a doomed future become successfulunder MY reign!" Lashing his tentacles against the ground like a whip in a fierce manner, the lone extraterrestrial invader prepared for the final blow.

Bringing his beloved wife's head to his claws, the Latios affectionately gave her one last kiss on the forehead as tears streamed down the female Eon dragoness's like waterfalls. "My dear Laia, do not falter in courage and hope. Bear our children with success and protect the future at all costs. Forgive me for this." He sighed and looked at his beautiful mate's face one last time before pushing her aside and charged at the living virus entity with all his might. "IT ENDS HERE!"

His body began to glow from deep within and his entire state steadily transformed into a comet-like state. With the last of his life energy, the Eon Pokemon smashed the Deoxys right in the gem of its chest, breaking and shattering it into tiny glass fragments.

"NONO! I CANNOT BE DEFEATED NOR WILL I BE VANQUSIHED! NOT TO A BAND OF MISFITS LIKE YOU TWO!" The alien screeched in pain and disbelief as blinding light overtook his body, burning every vile cell in his body as the holy light of purification eradicated the virus entity.

"You will cease to threaten our existence once more." The Latios announced with a tone of calamity and pureness before his life force vanished and the Pokemon fell limp.

Confident in his abilities to retain his powers for a second invasion some other time, the Deoxys unleashed one last ultimatum before being imprisoned by the pure psychic energy that the lone Latios attempted to contain him with. "HahahaI may be defeated on this day, but this is only the beginning! The nightmare has only begun and you mortals will be at my mercy one day, once more!"

With that, both the Latios and the Deoxys were teleported to a secluded island somewhere in Hoenn, where the latter was forever locked away until the seal was broken once more.

The invasion was over-for now. Alto Mare had survived, albeit in ruins. The children of those whom died wept in sorrow and agony, not able to accept the reality that their loved ones had all passed. There was opportunity for reconstruction for the once prosperous and thriving city, but the current state was a testament of the near damnation that both humans and demigods had once come so close to.

"Whywhy did you have to leave me?" the lone Latias by the name of Laia uttered. She turned to the stars, her eyes overflowing with tears. A final telepathic message was sent to her by her husband before his life force completely vanished from the plane of existence she was living in.

"Grow strong, my dear wife. Prepare our children and their allies for the next wave. Prince Shogo will take care of you, and Raiden will protect you from the shadows."

Clutching her claws to her chest, she squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lips in a complete state of emotional wreck. Nevertheless, she took her husband's final request with a promise, and ensured she wouldn't let her children down.

It wasn't an option. The viral Deoxys eventually broke from the psychic prison, ready to wreak havoc on the world once more, but it needed a viable tactic, excuse, and time to prepare for its glorious return.

Unfortunately, Laia didn't live to see that day for she had died of birth complications, nor did her children have any knowledge of the impending disaster that was to surface within the next 500 years or so. The people of Alto Mare mournfully gave her a funeral and constructed the Latias and Latios statues outside the DMA, the defense system that would transform the city into an armored fortress in the event of cataclysmic disasters, as a method of honoring the great Latias for her sacrifice.

Both the Latias and Latios, being mere children with little experience, were later taken care of by the Great Lady Ho-Oh before she entrusted two humans, Bianca and Lorenzo, to adopt them once they came to age. Lord Rayquaza acted as a surrogate father in the event the Rainbow Pokemon was too preoccupied to look after the baby Eon dragons.

Being the elder brother of Laia, he was bitterly darkened by her death, not to mention failing to aid her in the battle of Alto Mare. In addition, the Dragon Emperor's actions of doing nothing and letting so many of his brethren and comrades die (since he was caught up in other campaigns in terms of repelling the sudden invasions of Deoxys and their slaves led by Entity Three before his downfall) was also something that left a mark of guilt on his heart of steel.

Unfortunately, for all of Earth's guardians, a new age of an ancient uprising was about to descend upon planet Earth. All of the ancient battles and forewarning that the ancestors of the modern day humans and Pokemon had provided for its successors were all but a lost message to an age where technological prosperity reigned the globe. The legendaries that safeguarded the blue planet could only do so much. They needed the assistance of the humans and all those who lived alongside them too.

A single message was sent from the sealed Deoxys, his sinister and ominous voice reaching into all the hearts and minds of his allies, dead and alive alike. "Rise up, my legions. The time has come for our Uprising. We shall not fail our Great Lord Entity Three's wishes."

Like the old saying goes, history repeats for those who choose to either ignore or not learn about it

Alto Mare Secret, Garden, Modern Day

"Big Brother, why? Why do you have to leave me? Is there not another alternative that will bring you back to life?"

"My dear sis, I don't want to depart, but I feel so lightheaded and exhausted. I don't think I can take another breath now. My time has come to leave and now, it is your turn to take over the role as the sole Guardian of Alto Mare. I want you to accept that task while I am away. Do not worry, for our parents, along with myself, will always watch over you in our absences."

"That's not the point! How can I ever hope to know the meaning of happiness if you are no longer at my side?"

"Happiness comes and goes, my dear sibling. I have to go…but I will forever live on as a memory in your heart. Never lose hope, Latias…"

"Brother…please…don't leave me, we've always been forever…please!"

"I'm sorry, my beloved sister. Goodbye…"

The words echoed in her mind as she watched the water trickle over the waterfalls and splash into the various rivers that ran into streams, and out into tunnels that led into the various regions of Alto Mare. Just listening to the environment of the sacred garden made Latias think about her past experiences. Why did her brother have to leave her? Why did the young man with the Pikachu leave her there? Was there ever a point of existing to begin with, where you live a life with no friends, no companionship, and no purpose? All she did was watch over the garden and its crown jewel and heart of the city: the Soul Dew, the soul of an Eon Pokemon materialized into a crystalline orb.

And once her time is up, a new guardian will take her place, presumably a descendent of the dragon girl. But that distant future was by far no means close.

She hovered over to the fountain that held the orb, and looked into it with a teary eye. But she realized there was no point of dwelling in the past. She looked at the sole swing in the garden that hung from a very old tree.

Cooing in loneliness, misery and heart-wrenching emotional pain, she envisioned the time where she played with Ash on the swing, only to learn he had to make his departure moments later. Aside from a small family, the young Pokemon Trainer was the third and only human she ever felt a connection to. He stepped up to protect her from two agents, and later on, her brother from their evil grasp. In the end, it resulted in her older sibling perishing to save the city from being doomed to a watery grave.


The voice of a young girl interrupted her thoughts, and she turned to the direction of the noise. A familiar figure sprinted towards her, and Latias flew over and greeted her with a smile.

"I was looking all over for you, but then I'm sure you were here," Bianca, one of the few humans that befriended the Pokemon, smiled as she met the Pokemon with a tone of comfort. "I was just bringing you lunch!" She handed Latias a delicious-looking sandwich from her backpack, and the dragon happily ate it with glee thus temporarily relieving her of the depression she was going through.

Both decided to spend their afternoon in the garden together and alone, relaxing in the cool breeze. Bianca decided to break the silence a few minutes later after taking a notice of her friend's gloomy expression of sadness. "Why are you so sad? You're normally a very cheery individual!"

The Pokemon gestured at the stony steps that led to the pedestal with her right claw, frowning in a tearful manner.

Sighing, Bianca looked at the Soul Dew resting in the fountain with a slight feeling of angst. "It's been so long since your brother passed…but I don't really want to dwell too much on that subject." she sat under a tree and viewed at the sunlight that bathed the garden from the trees above. "But if there's one thing my father taught me, it is that legends never die no matter how long it has been." The famous words were often reflected by famous individuals of all kinds, from doctors to soldiers to Pokemon Masters. No matter what happens, a legend never dies as long as there are those who are there to remember it to begin with.

The Eon Pokemon turned back to the distant past, hoping what her best friend's words that were spoken were indeed true. She lowered her head in disappointment.

"Hey, it's not your fault," Bianca stroked her head gently. "I do not blame you for his loss, and I'm very happy that you're still here and alive for me. I know he no longer physically exists but he lives on…in us. In our hearts and minds."

"If you can hear me, brother…we will all remember you for your sacrifice," Latias thought deeply as she gripped her claws tightly, trying not to cry. Whenever she thought about the deceased Latios, a surge of agony and sadness would sweep her heart harder than anything she could possibly think of. She looked silently at Bianca, whom was starting to sketch something on her sketchpad. The Eon Pokemon didn't want to pressure and disappoint her human friend with any more of her constant mourning of the past. It was time to move on, but to her, without Latios at her side her life had almost no meanings to begin with.

"Do you miss Ash?" the human asked, thinking about the times when Ash Ketchum came to Alto Mare and accidentally stumbled upon the Secret Garden, where he eventually befriended the two Pokemon that inhabited it along with the humans who were responsible for taking extensive care of the sanctuary. Bianca knew Latias had feelings for the trainer, but she wasn't positive if Ash felt the same in return.

Latias nodded.

"Oh, I just hope I could get in touch with him somehow…" she placed the sketchpad on her lap and gave a heavy sigh. "I know you miss him very much, but it's been 5 years and we still haven't heard from him. Please forgive me. I've done everything in my power to try and contact the trainer, but it's impossible to know where he currently is given his traveling plans. He always heads to a new region every year."

"It's okay Bianca. I don't blame you," Latias telepathed in reply.

The Pokemon looked away, trying to suppress tears from flying out of her eyes in complete misery. She was just so lonely. She had no family and friends, with the exception of Bianca and Lorenzo. She wanted to see Ash and her brother again, and every day she prayed to the bottom of her heart that there would be that one day where she would see their smiling faces once more.

It was not long before night fell, and Bianca returned to her house while Latias was left to sleep wherever she wished in the garden. But without her brother, it was just totally different.

Later that Night…

Snuggling up comfortably in a tree, the Eon Pokemon tried to sleep, but without her loving brother at her side, it felt like sleeping without any pillows or blankets. Not that she needed one to begin with.

"No friends, no family…what's the point?" She tried to get the thoughts out of her troubled mind and tried to catch some sleep underneath the starry moonlit sky, where crickets chirped and the waterfalls trickled gently, giving a feeling of a natural world with no human intrusions. "Pleasegrant me one wish. I want to see them again. Oh, father, if you can still hear metell Ash and my brother that I miss them dearly. I want to see him again."

She promptly fell into a deep state of slumber due to her tiredness, but it was not for long before a foreign being intruded her living space and brought her back to her senses.

About a few minutes later, she picked up the noises of someone that made their way into the garden. She curiously hovered out of the tree and scouted the area, unsure of who was in this sanctuary. Regardless, those who had entered were probably not friendly to begin with. Looking around, it was not long until she spotted a tall bear-like figure that gave off a faint glow of orange due to a ring of fire around the back of its neck.

"Hey!" she called out, disposing of all thoughts of safety and security upon realizing she was potentially endangering herself.

The being turned around, its eyes glowing red as if it was angered by its call. It did not answer and it approached Latias, its emotions seemingly to be invisible. That is, if Pokemon had emotions to begin with. Which they certainly did, but it was impossible to tell from the extreme darkness.

"Come on, give me an answer why you're in here, at least!" Latias continued. She didn't want to spark a conflict with any stranger who was potentially dangerous. At the very least, she had stealth and limited combat capabilities on her side.

"None of your business," the Pokemon replied in clear human speech.

Latias was amazed that this Pokemon was able to convey its thoughts using clear human speech. Those were extremely rare and were often one-of-a-kind beings. "But this is a location where only few are allowed into! You can't just barge in here!"

The mystery Pokemon laughed. "That's not what the humans think…correct? Remember what they did to your brother? Remember how they simply barged into your little crib? Hm? Riddle me that, Latias."

Latias's heart sank as thoughts swirled all back into her mind. Because of two selfish humans and their greed, their acts have nearly altered the lives of all those innocent people living in Alto Mare, not to mention they had to take her brother's life away. While they were in jail for a very long time, why does it matter? Latios was no longer with her, and she was just too powerless to lead anything in her life without guidance. He had been there for her, but now, gone forever, there was no point. But what really surprised her was the fact that this mysterious Pokemon had knowledge of something few realized to be actually true.

"They killed him. Just so they could acquire a treasure promised to grant them eternal beauty and wealth…" The Pokemon shook his head in disgust and pity. "Humans…none of them can be trusted. Every one of them is a foul vile creature that will dispose of all morals to accomplish their selfish needs."

"…how did you know all this?" Latias asked curtly and with curiosity.

"I'm a dweller in this town. Lived most of my life stealing from humans ever since I was abandoned by a trainer just because I didn't meet his expectations. Apparently he doesn't know fire is doomed when facing water types. Ever since that fateful day, I've been living wherever life takes me, even if it means staying in a cardboard box in a raging thunderstorm," the Pokemon spoke before revealing itself to be a Typhlosion, the final evolution for the Johto starter Pokemon known as Cyndaquil that was issued to most trainers starting out their journeys in that region. The gruff-looking bear like Pokemon sat down underneath a tree, picked a berry, and ate it. "Sorry, I haven't eaten in days. Stealing in this town is getting difficult. And I forgot to introduce myself, the name's Typhlosion, by the way, but you can call me Krakatoa or Jimmy if you wish. I mean no harm, so no need to get too defensive on me." He kicked back against a tree trunk with a sick-looking smile plastered on his fierce-looking visage.

Latias, enraged at such a selfish being for stealing from a race which she deemed friendly, immediately flew into a rage. "How can you do this? The humans love us! They train us, house us, feed us and give us the attention we need! Is this how you repay someone by thieving under their eyes?"

Jimmy laughed at the naivety of Latias. "Please. You call yourself the Guardian of Alto Mare with your naivety? The last human I lived with didn't exactly give me the same treatment, so shut it."

She couldn't believe this creature. Here he was, giving her a lesson of distrusting humans when he treats them like trash to begin with. "You can't simply leech off them forever! Fate will repay you one day! And vengeance doesn't solve problems."

Laughing, the other Pokemon scoffed at her foolish nature. "What a naive one. There is no morals or whatever of that worthless claptrap anymore. It's just a life where everyone takes advantage of each other, regardless." "I don't care. If I have to live my life as a dirty bandit that has fire for fingers, fine by me. But let me tell you this…it's not safe for you to hide here. In fact, no one who is capable of combat is safe. I wouldn't go anywhere that's inhabited by humans. And what should I do, barbecue that snot's food as a thank you for ditching me!" Typhlosion tightened the bandannas that were strapped around his paws as a testament to continue fighting no matter what the cost.

"How do you know?" Latias asked, unsure. "I mean, Bianca would never betray me…"

"Humanity is something that isn't to be trusted these days, but each to their own." Swallowing the last bite of the fruit, he burped a bit and wiped his lips with some leaves. "I'd best be going. Be sure to watch your back."

Latias was lost. Out of nowhere, this one Pokemon knows about the location of this secret garden, but comes in here with no intent to fight or capture her and at the same time gives some word of advice she could only take with a grain of salt. "Hold on…how do you know so much about me?"

Typhlosion turned around with a grin. "I…used to be a human being. Until I was involved in some freak experiments with the wrong people. And I happened to be the one boy who happened to read about all you and your brother's legends" Turning around, he prepared to leave before Latias stopped him again with another question.

"Wait! Where are you going?"

"Nowhere. If I had a ticket off this island, I would…but I'm stuck here forcing myself to steal. I just want to live a life of freedom in the wild, not in an urban setting," Krakatoa sighed before promptly resuming his statement, "if only he didn't abandon me in this town…it's not like you can help me to begin with."

It was when an idea popped into Latias's brilliant mind. "I can help you, on one request. If you refuse it, I will not be able to assist you considering you can't fulfill your side of the deal."

The fire-type turned around and stared at Latias skeptically. "Yes?"

"Let me join you on an adventure!" she spoke cheerily, hoping to see the outside world for herself and hopefully look for her crush.

"How's that going to work?" the Typhlosion raised an unsure eyebrow. "Aren't you a Guardian of Alto Mare?"

"That doesn't matter anymore," Latias sighed sadly before continuing her statement, "But come on, I'm sure we can get something done!"

Mt. Coronet, Forest

"I think it went this way!"

"WELL? Don't just stand there like a useless piece of fat! GO AFTER IT! Our employers want it dead or alive, no questions asked!"

Leaves rustled in the forest as a dark figure the shape of a hammerhead shark flew overhead, leaving nothing but severed branches in the wake as the creature rocketed through the forest. Fleeing from her pursuers, the dragon entity had a burning desire for revenge against those who had taken all her children and community away from her. But today was not the day for revenge, for she was greatly outnumbered, hungry, and weakened. She would attack them in their weakest spots, such as when they were on their lunch break in the field.

It was not long before she came to a dead end. Halting and landing, she witnessed the huge wall of rocks and boulders that obstructed the path, disallowing anyone to continue towards the mountain range. Glancing behind her, she noticed three agents riding on various Pokemon catching up to her.

One of them hopped off the back of a Salamence and chuckled. "End of the line, Garchomp. Sooner or later, you'll be another member of the glorious United Aerospace Armed Forces. Give it up, or else we'll have to dispose of you the…violent way."

Garchomp roared a deafening tone, threatening the agents to stay away. It stood in a menacing posture, as if it was prepared to kill them. It had done so before in the past, and it certainly wouldn't pull any punches here.

"What did it say?" One of the agents asked.

"This translator will do the trick," his ally grabbed a device from his belt and activated it. Moments later, the machine had translated the threat, and it promptly displayed "the day I die is the day I fall to you dirty human scumbags!" on the screen in bold text letters.

"Empty words. We've taken everyone that's dared to resist us, and you'll be next. Remember what happened to all those little innocent Gibles we flushed out of the caves with our freeze guns? Like taking gold from a fool with no knowledge on currency value."

Garchomp edged back. She remembered exactly every single moment of it. Her husband and children were simply preparing to move into their new cave and the next thing they knew they were being blasted out by chills of cold air, forcing them to evacuate from the cave in panic. After that, their children were taken from them and her husband urging her to escape. The event of that fateful day scarred her mind, as it left her guilt of debt she owed to every member of her family. Maybe if she stayed behind, her loving significant other wouldn't have to face the vicious agents alone.

The agent riding on the back of a Charizard hefted a missile-launching tube of some sort, and fired it at Garchomp. The Mach Pokemon promptly leapt into the air, dodged the missile as it exploded on the rocks behind them, and unleashed a fireball on the hapless agent, knocking him off his ride and setting his jet-black Special Forces jumpsuit ablaze with fire.

"GAHHHH! Get it off! Get it off!" the agent screamed as he ran around ablaze on fire. He rolled on the stony ground, attempting to set the fire out.

The other two agents immediately tried to help him and sent their Pokemon into combat. Garchomp stomped on the ground, ready for their challenge. "Are you ready, fools? You foolish drones know better than listening to humans."

"I'm living the easy life, girl," Charizard laughed. "You're the one that's picking your dinner out of garbage cans. We get spoon fed for simply disposing of those who oppose the great United Aerospace Armed Federation." The accompanying Fearow tried not to snicker.

Garchomp laughed in response to their sloth-like attitude of being under the care of these agents. "You'll never learn, fools."

"Finish her!" one of the agents ordered. Salamence immediately faced off against Garchomp, while Fearow and Charizard took positions around her.

"A 3 on 1…this isn't going to end well. Regardless, what needs to be done has to be accomplished."

Fearow immediately struck her in the back with a drill peck attack, but a swift bash from her heavy tail sent the bird Pokemon crashing into some rocks and knocking it out, but not permanently. The mere distraction, however, was just what they had in mind.

Charizard followed up with an air slash strike, and the blades created out of thin air struck Garchomp, but her intensive scales made the attack nearly useless to begin with. She proceeded to blast the attacker with a dragon rage attack, a massive wave of purple flames scorching her opponent and doing impressive damage. The shockwave sent the fire lizard flying straight right back at the agents as its bulky body crashed at their feet with a loud slamming noise. It was out, but it believed it had weakened her enough.

"Alright Mence, do your stuff!"

Salamence immediately raked Garchomp with its massive claws, sending pain and torture through every vein of the dragon's body. Injured but strongly driven by a desire for a counterattack, she immediately fought back against her greatest rival by charging right into Salamence with all the strength she could send through her body. This promptly sent the fearsome salamander back, although he immediately stabilized himself with its massive, imposing red wings.

"You cheaters…you can't take me on one on one? I expected you all to be made of stronger stuff," Garchomp laughed as the wounds on her body began to show her weakness. But even with the injuries it didn't stop her from fighting back.

"Psh, who cares about honor and playing fair…" Salamence laughed. "I'm only in this for the food, the comforts, and the entertainment! Now how about we finish this once more? Everyone, get her!" The Fearow and Charizard immediately recovered themselves and rushed all headlong at the lone dragon Pokemon.

Garchomp prepared for the worst. She could easily take down any opponent in a one on one fight, but against her biggest rival and two agile adversaries, it was difficult. Fighting against the natural rival was bad enough, but now two supporting cowards that didn't know how to fight their own battles without being Salamence's attack dog?

"We know you are terrible at defending yourself!" Salamence laughed.

Both the Charizard and Salamence unleashed a blazing jet of fire at her, sending her on the defensive with her two wings as they shielded the flames. While she tried to withstand the heat, the Fearow immediately followed up with a skull bash attack, and the head-on melee smash had sent her flying and crashing into the mountainside. When the smoke cleared, they realized she was down and was no more.

"That's it. Alright, let's bag her! The President will be proud! Get it while it's down!"

The agent in charge of the operation loaded the bazooka with a net warhead and prepared to capture the downed dragon with it.

It was not long before someone who was observing the whole fight immediately jumped in. Four blades of pure psychic energy came from the sky, three directed at the attacking Pokemon and one aimed right at the bazooka weapon. Before anyone could react, the blades slammed into the agents' Pokemon, and the last one sliced the bazooka into two-it was nothing more than a mere tool used to hammer nails. The agent holding the weapon gave a face of surprise as the tube fell to the ground with a clunk noise. Meanwhile, the three Pokemon were knocked out again.

Garchomp opened her eyes, and witnessed a humanoid figure standing in a fighting position in front of her. An imposing helmet covered the being's head, while its slim body was accompanied by two intimidating blade-like arms.

"A 3 on 1 isn't fair now, is it? Shall we settle this the noble and old fashioned way?" the Pokemon announced in a clear human voice, seemingly not fearing the competition despite the odds.

"…did that guy just talk?"

"Sure did," the agent nodded, keeping a steady eye on the odd Gallade.

"Who cares, he'll be our soon just like that other one!"

The agents, while hindered by this small interruption and rather surprised by a Pokemon that could speak the human language, were nonetheless determined to capture this newcomer willing to challenge them. They knew who it exactly was and weren't going to pull any punches in terms of taking the mysterious defender along with them as loot for their bosses.

"Salamence! Charizard! Fearow! Attack now! Looks like we'll be receiving double pay for this bounty!"

All three Pokemon were back and ready to rumble, although the newcomer, a Gallade, knew better to make a hasty retreat with a teleportation move. His eyes glowing faintly, both he and the Garchomp vanished into thin air almost immediately, right before the three Pokemon could pile them down. The three marauding Pokemon swirled their heads around in confusion, trying to find where they had escaped to. They were nowhere in sight or any of their ranges.

"Uh, what just happened?"

"I don't know. But our boss sure won't be happy…" the trio, along with their Pokemon, eyed the valley cautiously, unsure of where their quarry had escaped to. "Let's get out of here, I think we've seen enough chaos for one day."

Recalling their Pokemon and carrying their injured team member, the three hurried out of the valley and off the mountain empty-handed.

"Why did I get a stinkin' Fearow?" one of them complained.

"Because you failed the test, yet the academy sergeant allowed you to pass regardless! If anything, they should've regulated you to janitor duty!"

"Oh shut up!"

The three personnel flew out of the valley on their Pokemon, rather empty handed and feeling shameful of themselves losing despite they clearly had the advantage with them. At the back of their minds, they wished that their superiors wouldn't execute them for their incompetence, for failure was highly not accepted in their ranks, no matter what the nature was.

A Short Distance Away…

The two appeared out of thin air, and both landed on a grassy patch of terrain about a few hundred meters away from their point of origin. Gallade surveyed the area and confirmed there were no more hostilities, the psychic/fighting-type giving a quick breath of relief that there was no more company, at least for the time being. "Ok, we should be safe here. For now, at the very least."

Garchomp got to her feet, although the injuries from the previous battle and lack of stamina prevented her from mustering more strength to fly. Grunting, she held her head a bit with her left wing. "Ugh…who were those people? And why did you rescue me?"

"Because no one deserves to be slaves to that corrupt organization. They make Team Rocket look like a band of heroes with their horrendous experiments, but that's a different story for another time."

"I was about to finish the fight, so I didn't really need your help…" she tried to look strong, seemingly because someone weaker than she was had jumped in to steal the show for themselves. "I was about to trash those bandits if you didn't jump in."

"Foolish. You'd be another slave doomed to serve them if I didn't jump in. Didn't you see that Salamence? It was prepared to kill you because it listened to every order the human was ready to give it. You're in no shape to fight anyways, so don't go heroine on me." Gallade sat in a meditating posture and quietly thought to himself. "Humanity is prepared to dispose of us all. They believe only them-and humans along with the Pokemon with complete obedience to them-are the superior species. We, the sentient ones born and raised by a harsh nature, have to fight for our lives."

Curious, Garchomp decided to question her new ally some more. "Why do you do this?"

"Because I don't believe in serving the species when they're the ones who throws the knife in your back and leaves you to die."

"So…you used to be a Pokemon for a trainer?" she assumed the humans betrayed him in some way.

"Precisely. But like all sentient minds, betrayal and desertion doesn't mean the end. The world is full of opportunities especially if you've gained enough experience and knowledge. Hmm, it looks like it'll be night soon. Don't worry, you can rest here. Tell me, what drove your instinct to fight against them? I've never seen any wild Pokemon defend themselves in such impossible odds."

Garchomp struggled over to the foot of a tree and lied down to recover her wounds. "The loss of my children and husband. I can still remember…the same men in those uniforms were the ones who took them away. They drove us out of our home first and then attacked when we were at our most vulnerable. I'm trying to find them, but...I don't know where to start."

"Hmm, I see…interesting story," Gallade concluded before he closed his eyes. "Well, better to get some rest. We'll find a way, don't worry. I'll keep watch."

The two slept under the trees that night, crossing their minds that no human patrols would possibly catch them off their guard as they rested. None of them were in any shape to fight if a powerful adversary discovered them.

United Aerospace Armed Forces HQ

The top brass of the UAAF observed the whole battle in a secret briefing room and the result of the fight left them in disappointment. Rage was not common. As they targeted to go after powerful Pokemon using mostly inexperienced agents (the veterans were reserved for real emergencies) failure was not uncommon.

"They failed to capture the subject, sir. Looks like one of our boys sustained severe burns. He'll be brought back to base on the double for immediate treatment."

"Well, not a surprise. It appears we have a rebel on our hands. That savior used to be one of ours, but it seems it's operating against us."

"Plans, sir?"

"We seek him out and bring him to justice. But for now, we observe their movements to see where they can possibly lead us. Call those agents back on the double."

"Right away sir."

One of the officials walked out of the room to carry out the order, leaving the man in charge chuckling to himself. While normally angered at failures, he wasn't this time. Perhaps it was because of the successful operations they had been running and achieving recently.

"Entity Three, we may be expecting some delays. Please forgive me for the setbacks."

Alto Mare, Secret Garden

Latias took her time to inform about Typhlosion about her new plan via telepathy, with the Volcano Pokemon nodding and mumbling "mhm" all the way.

"Your plan is to get your human friend to pretend I'm her Pokemon, and then we hitch a boat ride out of the city and back to the Johto region?" Jimmy asked, lost and unsure. "Sounds brilliant, but you're going to need a boat ticket first. The cargo ships here only come once a year so I guess sneaking out in a container won't be an option." It was one of the oldest tricks in the book. The cargo ships that came once a year to the water capital would be like a smuggler's ticket home, or a ticket to paradise, depending on what the illegal traveler chose to begin with.

"Not to worry! I know someone who can help us!" Latias replied cheerfully.

"Lead the way," the fire-type grunted. "By the way, how come you can't speak?"

"I was born a mute due to birth complications," the Eon dragoness telepathed. "I can speak via telepathy, but not through normal language, not even Pokespeech. Odd vocal noises are all I can do, unfortunately."

"That's most unfortunate." Krakatoa commented. He was rather shocked that such a gorgeous and cute Pokemon could not even utter basic words, but nevertheless treated her normally.

A short while later, the two departed from the garden and Latias transformed into an exact human-lookalike of her human friend, and the two immediately wandered towards the house where Bianca and her grandfather lived. Glancing to ensure the coast was clear, she quickly wandered under the cover of darkness.

"Coast is clear. Come on! We shouldn't waste anymore time."

"On my way," Typhlosion nodded hesitantly. "I don't know what I got myself into, butmaybe this is a chance to get a new life and start over with a fresh slate. Better than nothing."

The two quickly wandered towards the house and through the front door into the gondola workshop, where Lorenzo, Bianca's grandfather, was still up late at night working on homemade boats made of wood. Sleeping wasn't necessary for him considering the fact he was fairly energetic even for an elderly man at his age.

"Hm?" he heard the creaking of the door opening, looked up and saw his daughter along with a Pokemon. But since he was well aware Latias could transform into a human being and the fact that Bianca had lone gone to bed hours ago, this was no surprise to him. "Did you bring your new friend here to introduce him to us, Latias?" He asked in a gruff voice.

While Latias couldn't talk physically (not even Pokespeech, save for simple words like "la" or coos), she could utilize mind communication to talk to human beings. Focusing her energy, she talked to the elderly man. "We need to see Bianca immediately."

"She's probably asleep, but I'm not sure. What do you need?"

"We need a boat ticket so we can take this young Pokemon home. He's wild, but this place, a city, is no place for wild Pokemon. And one like this definitely cannot live in an environment like this. I plan to go with him, but I'll return. This is really urgent. We can't have a stray Pokemon like him running around here when he doesn't truly belong in Alto Mare."

Lorenzo sighed, coming to the fact that he had no control over the youngsters that had lived at his side for all his life. "What can I do to stop you? Youngsters these days shouldn't be confined to living just one life. Talk to her tomorrow morning. I'm sure she'll approve of it."

"Thank you," Latias smiled a bit and turned to Krakatoa. "you see? Humans aren't all that bad. Maybe if you opened up your heart a bit, you'd be able to befriend them with ease."

"Not the ones I run into," the fire-type Pokemon crossed his arms and scoffed with a very distasteful look "trusting them will only lead you closer to your end," he curled up on a rug in front of the fireplace and made himself comfortable while yawning a bit after not sleeping for over 48 hours, but that's what happens when one is constantly on the run from hostile humans and search for food. "If you don't mind, I'm catching some shut-eye. See you both tomorrow morning."

"Did that youngster understand what I really said?" Lorenzo asked Latias, seemingly surprised at how he responded in an upset tone at his statement. "And did he just…" He was dead positive that the Pokemon had just spoken to them in a perfect human language, not incomprehensible barking and other types of noises the creatures would generally make when they were trying to communicate.

"He's not what you believe he is, but that's another story for another time."

The last question of thought puzzled Latias's mind. How is it possible that a Pokemon could know so much about her history and background? Not to mention how is it that Typhlosion could speak the human language clearly and fluently?

"Some things are just hard to find an answer for," the puzzled Eon dragoness thought in a rather clueless manner.

Ferry, en route to Vermillion City

The sun began to set over the horizon of the Pacific Ocean as the ferry began to embark its route from the northern regions of Sinnoh to the major port of Kanto, Vermillion City. On the vessel's top deck stood Ash Ketchum and Brock, both individuals gazing out at the dimming orange-colored sun as it began its descent over the western horizon, casting a faint orange/crimson-red colored glow in the dusk sky.

"So Brock, what you planning once you get back to Kanto?" Ash asked. His Pikachu was perched on his shoulder, as always, as he observed the sparkling seas with a curious face.

"I don't know," the middle-aged teen responded, "Perhaps I'll spend some time with my siblings before I depart to Hoenn. What about you?"

"Not sure." Ash replied with a grim face.

"Still upset about that loss?"

"Somewhat, but I'm getting over it."

He wasn't exactly worrying about losing the Lily of the Valley Conference to a trainer with legendary Pokemon. Deep in his mind, however, he felt lonely. He was going to lose yet another good friend, as Brock was going to a medical college in Sinnoh to become a Pokemon doctor. Some would say it was the fact he was always infatuated upon seeing Nurse Joy in the Pokemon Centers, but it could be another reason.

"First Tracey, the Misty, then May and Max, then Dawn, and now, the one friend that has been with me ever since during the start. I'm really going to miss each and every one of them," the trainer surmised in a rather negative mood. "It's difficult to see a close friend depart like that, but I'm not one to control and guide their futures through force."

Ash just couldn't grasp at the fact of his closest friend leaving, who had been with him all the way except during the Orange Island tour, where he temporarily left his circle to study a bit with Professor Ivy. But now, he was leaving permanently…sure, he was an individual that kept his views on the optimistic and positive side, but the feeling of loneliness was beginning to wear into him.

"There's just someone missing, but I can't seem to get my tongue on it. If only Arceus gave me the ability to think more effectively regarding these things."

"Hey, cheer up Ash!" Brock interrupted his thoughts rather abruptly encouraged his companion after noticing his disappointed mood. "I'm sure you'll meet more new friends and witness new sights along in your adventures!"

"Oh geeze, thanks for encouraging me Brock," Ash mumbled sadly. "I wish I could say the same about you."

"Don't worry!" The teenage man encouraged, wishing his friend would cheer up at the very least. "Your journeys have always been successful despite the rough bumps you come across, am I not right?"

The black-haired sixteen year old boy sighed. "You're right about that. But I never traveled without you."

"The Orange Islands?" Brock reminded him, being the only time where he didn't stick by Ash.

"That was for only a while or so. I must be thinking too much. I'll try to get my mind off such things," the trainer answered dully.

Keeping his eyes on the departing continent of Sinnoh that began to disappear over the horizon, the young Pokemon Trainer began to allow his memories to drift off into the setting sun. A new adventure was beginning, but another one was coming to a close. "Wonder what new adventures await me once I head for Unova, but I can't help but visit some places I've been in the past first before leaving my homeland for good," he pondered, tracing his fingers across the railing of the cruise ship as it continued its path across the sea.

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