The Feynman Lectures on Physics

Based upon Stargate: SG-1

Chapter III: Influence on a Mass Causing in a Change in Momentum, or "Force"

Author's Note: I know that in the "Alternatives" story, Daniel is single (based on his comment about Freya coming onto him), but just roll with it. Its fanfiction, do you REALLY care that much about continuity?

- . - - - . -

Janet was walking to the door of O'Malley's, her arm intertwined with Daniel's. They paused before the driveway for a truck to pass. It was First Sergeant O'Neill, there was a woman in his car with him.

"Dan, did you see that?" she asked, looking up at her husband.

They had met at college, being in the same ROTC unit and had gotten married shortly after commissioning. She stayed in school to get her medical degree and he applied to be a parachute jumper. Over twelve years of marriage, they'd only lived in the same place for about three. She didn't take the job at the Mountain because Daniel was in the program, but it had been the greatest bonus she could have asked for.

"I did. Shirt's got a date," he said with a smile as they continued on their way in.

"It's about time, if you ask me." She said before thanking him as he opened the door for her and followed her in. They waved at the hostess, who knew them by face, if not by name as well, and showed themselves to the bar where several SGC personnel already were.

"General!" Dan greeted General West, who was enjoying a beer with Lieutenant Colonel Harriman, Teal'c and Major Reynolds.

"Major, Doctor," the General greeted them in kind, "glad you made it out this evening."

Janet smiled. "We don't turn down dinner on the Air Force."

The General opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by Colonel Harriman. "Oh my God," he said, staring past Janet and Dan towards the door.

Janet turned and her mouth dropped open. First Sergeant O'Neill had arrived with Sam. Now that wouldn't have been too unusual, except that he had his arm around her. They were making their way over with smiles on their faces. Sam's smile faded slightly, no doubt at their expressions, but O'Neill's grew.

"Good evening, Gentlemen," he said in a typical grandiose manner. "Ma'am," he nodded to her.

"Good evening, Shirt," Dan said in a flat voice, obviously stunned.

Thankfully, the waiter came up and interrupted the stunned silence. "Can I get anyone anything?"

"I'll take a beer," Dan said.

"Me too," Janet replied.

"Two here," Shirt said, holding up two fingers.

Janet glanced back at him, he had just ordered for Sam. Were they really there together, as in together?

After a short while of standing around, they all found some tables and ordered dinner. Janet and Dan sat in a large booth, along with Sam, Shirt, Reynolds, and Teal'c.

Shirt still had his arm around Sam's shoulders. Janet found it hard not to stare. She could tell that Dan was having trouble as well, as was Reynolds. Though, Teal'c seemed to be relatively unaffected, or was just much better at hiding it. She suspected the latter.

After they had eaten and everyone was getting up to form new groups, watch any of the games on the TVs, or play a few rounds of pool, Janet and Sam made their way to the ladies room.

"Um, Sam," Janet said, fixing her hair in front of the mirror.

"Yeah," Sam replied, applying copious amounts of soap to her hands.

"I couldn't help but notice O'Neill's arm around your shoulders." Janet watched Sam's reflection blush.

"Yeah," she replied, seemingly fascinated by washing her hands.

Janet leaned against the counter. "So? Does this mean you two are a thing?"

Sam looked up at her with a smile showing through her blush.

Janet smiled back. "Really?"

Sam nodded.

"I did not see that one coming."

Sam grabbed a few paper towels and dried her hands. "Neither did I."

"What do you guys talk about?" Janet asked, genuinely curious, while following her back to the bar.

Sam smiled an innocent smile that Janet knew not to take innocently. "Physics."

- . - . -

Sam was leaning against one of the tall tables in the bar area, watching one of the football games they were showing. Her beer sat in front of her, not completely finished, but she wasn't much of a beer drinker to begin with and she had already finished one with dinner. She looked up when she heard Jack's voice. He was coming over to her.

"Hey," he whispered in her ear before stepping close behind her and resting both his forearms next to hers on the table.

She tensed. It wasn't that he hadn't touched her like this before, it was that they were in public.

He nuzzled some of her hair out of the way and kissed her neck. She thought he was going to stop at one kiss, he didn't. He continued to suck on her skin.

"Jack," she said in a low tone.

He murmured in response.

"Jack, they're looking at us."

"Let them look," he said softly, continuing to kiss her neck.

She gripped his wrist tightly and he pulled back a little. "I'm making you uncomfortable, aren't I?"

Her head bobbed up and down with an emphatic yes.

He moved from behind her to next to her and took one of her hands in his, interlacing their fingers. "Better?" he asked with a gentle smile, one that relayed his apologies.

She nodded slowly, releasing the breath she had been holding. "Yeah."

He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it once, before laying it back on the table. "I can take you home, if you like," he offered.

She glanced around the bar, people were still looking at them, but they were trying to be subtle about it. "No, we can stay a longer."

He smiled and kissed the back of her hand again. "Okay."

She got nervous when he was so . . . affectionate in public. He usually wasn't, at least not in public. She liked it when he kissed her. She was all about his affection, but not public displays of it.

- . - . -

Jack picked up his cell phone, vibrating at his hip. "O'Neill," he answered.

"First Sergeant O'Neill, this is Eric from Carrington's."

Jack's breath hitched. "Yes."

"The item you ordered is in and ready for pick up."

Jack tried to contain the smile on his face. "Great. I'll be there in a half hour, maybe sooner."

"Excellent, First Sergeant. We'll see you then."

Jack took a deep breath and smiled to himself, heading towards the elevator. He pressed the call button and waited, trying to wipe the giddy grin off his face. The elevator doors opened to reveal Major Jackson.

"Shirt, there you are," he stepped out of the elevator. "I've been looking for you. We need to talk."

Jack skirted him and entered the elevator. "Actually, Sir, can it wait? I have a short errand I have to run."

"Right now?"

"I'll be back in an hour."

The Major nodded. "Alright. But you and I need to have a discussion when you get back."

"Yes, Sir. I'll come see you as soon as I get back."

"Don't dawdle," Major Jackson said as the doors closed.

Jack was too preoccupied with his errand to take notice that the Major seemed upset.

Jack made his way to and from Carrington's in record time. The item he had ordered felt heavy in his pocket, despite its actual size and weight. He headed straight towards Major Jackson's office, remember he had wanted to have a discussion. Thinking back on their conversation earlier, the Major had been upset about something and Jack felt he was responsible. He didn't know why.

He knocked on the door and let himself in. Major Jackson looked up. "First Sergeant," he said.

That was another clue. The major rarely called him by his full rank, usually just the customary "Shirt." "You wanted to have a discussion, Sir?"

Major Jackson put away the file he was looking at. "I couldn't help but notice, as everyone else did, your very public display of affection towards Doctor Carter on Friday evening."

Jack didn't respond.

The Major stood. "Now, technically, I can't get you for fraternization because she's not in the military. But, I'd rather not have two members of my team . . ." he paused, no doubt thinking how to describe it delicately, "involved in an irresponsible relationship."

"It's not irresponsible, Sir," Jack said quickly, almost blurting out the words.

"You can't honestly think this is a good idea?"

Jack sighed and thought for a second. Major Jackson thought he and Sam were just fooling around, just having some fun, just . . . fraternizing. What would have made him think any different?

It was his job to make sure that his team didn't fall apart. That's what would probably happen if two of them were sleeping together and suddenly broke up or had a falling out. But that wasn't what was happening with him and Sam. After a moment, he pulled the item out of his pocket and handed it to the Major.

Major Jackson took it and opened the small box. As he examined the single diamond flanked by two sapphires, his expression softened. He looked up at Jack, then back to the ring. "She does have pretty eyes, doesn't she?" he asked in a quiet tone.

"The best I've ever seen."

Major Jackson met his gaze. "She's going to say 'yes?'" he asked, snapping the box shut.

Jack smiled and forced a short laugh. "Dear God, I hope so."

The Major handed him back the ring box. "She's going to say 'yes,'" he said, making the statement a fact.

Jack smiled and took the box back.

"That's it, you can go."

"Aye, Sir," Jack turned around and started to leave.

"Jack," he paused at Major Jackson using his given name for the first time. "You better be good to her."

Jack smiled. "I swear on my life, Daniel," he said truthfully.

"Then, congratulations, Shirt."

Jack smiled again. "Thank you, Sir."

Jack headed back towards his office, trying not to grin like a giddy idiot. There was an engagement ring in his pocket, but he needed to get a grip on himself. When he made it back to his office, he looked up a phone number and dialed it.

"General Carter's office, Lieutenant Marshall speaking, how can I help you?"

"Yes, Ma'am, this is First Sergeant Jack O'Neill. Is this the General in?"

"Yes, First Sergeant, he is," she replied.

"Could I speak with him, Ma'am?"

"May I ask what this call concerns?"

Jack smiled. "He'll know."

"I'll patch you through."

"Thank you, Ma'am."

He waited a moment before he heard General Carter on the other side of the line. "Carter."

"Yes, Sir, this First Sergeant O'Neill," Jack said.

"I know, my aid told me. She also told me that I would know what it's about. That means it's about my daughter. So, what do you have to tell me?"

"Sir, I regret to have the conversation over the phone, but I wasn't able to fly to Washington any time in the near future. And, frankly, I didn't want to wait."

"Spill it, O'Neill."

"Sir, I'm requesting permission to ask your daughter to marry me."


Jack was met with silence, which was not encouraging. Not encouraging at all. He wasn't really requesting permission. He was going to ask Sam anyway, but he would have preferred her father's approval.

"Say again," General Carter finally said.

"I would like to be your daughter's husband, Sir."

"That's what I thought you said." Again, there was a moment of silence. "You didn't get her pregnant, did you?"

"Excuse me, Sir?" Jack couldn't believe he had just heard that. Jack knew that the Carters were old fashioned and, therefore, pregnancy out of wedlock was something that just wasn't done. But he couldn't believe that the General would accuse him of what he considered a dishonorable action, not to mention the fact that he was accusing his daughter as well.

"Is that why you don't want to wait? My daughter, my little girl, is pregnant?" General Carter hissed.

"No, Sir," Jack said forcefully. "She most certainly is not. I didn't want to wait because I am in love with her. And, frankly, Sir, I resent the accusation. If you think your daughter is that irresponsible or that she and I are involved in some . . . tawdry affair, perhaps you don't know her as well as you think you do and I shouldn't be asking you for anything."

Again, there was a short silence. Jack could almost hear the General smile.

"I like you, O'Neill. I know I've been . . . well, I've been an ass to you. I had to make sure that you were a good enough man for her."

"Did I pass, Sir?"

"After a call to General West, and what you've said today, you did pass, Jack."

Jack smiled, relief washing over him. Sam did love her father and his approval would be important to her, so it was important to him. "I do love her, Sir," he said, as if to ensure that General Carter understood.

"I know you do. Call me Jacob."


"When are you going to ask her?"

"As soon as I can work up the courage."

- . - . -

Jack lay on his La-Z-Boy with Sam reclined against his chest, a bowl of popcorn on her lap. They were watching the new romantic comedy they rented from the video store. Jack would have preferred to watch that new western with that guy he liked, but she practically squealed when she saw it. How was he supposed to say 'no' to Sam when she was grinning from ear to ear and he had an engagement ring in his pocket?

He mentally grimaced, that ring was still sitting in his pocket, and the woman on his lap was blissfully unaware of its existence. He kind of wanted to make some overly romantic gesture because that was what she expected. She did like all those chick flicks. But that kind of required a speech, and he wasn't much for speeches or eloquent words.

He shifted beneath her, pulling the ring box from his pocket. She shifted with him, but settled back down once he had the box in his hand. He gripped it tightly, trying to think up the right thing to say.

"Sam?" he asked.

She mumbled an absentminded reply.

"Would you do me a favor?" he asked.

"Sure," she said, still paying more attention to her movie than to him.

"Wear this for me?" he held the little box in front of her.

She stared at it for a second, not saying anything. After the longest seconds of his life, she put the popcorn bowl on the table next to the chair and took the box from his hand and opened it. She gasped and turned in his arms, kneeling between his legs, causing the chair to rock forward from its inclined position. She had a big smile on her face.

"If you want to," he added quietly.

Sam nodded. "I do," her eyes widened as soon as the words left her mouth, those were the words. "Want to, I mean," she said quickly and then took a deep breath. "I want to, and I will."

He smiled and took the box back, pulling the ring from it and tossing it on the floor. He slipped the ring on her finger. She laughed and kissed him before leaning back a little and examining her hand with a giant grin.

"Let me see," he said.

She held her hand out to him and he smiled. He looked up from her hand to her eyes. "Gorgeous," he whispered. She blushed, but leaned down to kiss him anyway.

He pulled the lever on the chair, swinging them backwards. She let out a small shriek of surprise, but he gripped her tight so she would feel safe. She rested her forearms on either side of his head once the chair settled and kissed him slow.

Leaving his hands on her hips, his kissed Sam back. His fiancé. He kissed his fiancé back. He smiled beneath her lips. They were going to get married.

- . - . - A Suitable Engagement Later

Jack watched Sam hug her father. "Congratulations, kid," the General said.

"Thanks, Dad," she smiled and released him.

"Well, I'm up way past my curfew," he said, stretching his arms to emphasize his point. "Good night everyone."

They all said good night and watched him head towards the elevators of the hotel and head up to his room. After a few minutes, Doctor Fraiser stood.

"Alright, Sam, let's get you out of that dress," she said.

Jack smiled a boyish smile and wiggled his eyebrows. "I thought that was my job."

Sam blushed, Major Jackson chuckled, but Doctor Fraiser glared at him. "I'm not letting you ruin her wedding dress because you can't be patient."

"Don't worry, Janet, I'll keep him down here until you two can extract Doctor Carter from that monstrosity and store it with the proper containment protocols.

Doctor Fraiser smiled and took off her heels, tossing them to the Major. "I'll be back." She helped Sam to her feet and they, too, headed towards the elevators.

Jack watched them leave. He knew, from his first marriage, that simply moving a wedding dress from Point A to Point B was a massive undertaking; just shy of the scale that required heavy machinery and permits. He glanced back at the Major, noticing he was being watched.

"How do you feel, Shirt?" he asked.

Jack inhaled, not knowing how to answer at first. "Like a freshman asking the head cheerleader to homecoming."

"You've done this before," Major Jackson reminded him.

"She hasn't," he said. "She's trusting me with a lot here."

"Doctor Carter trusts you with her life on a regular basis," Teal'c said.

Jack smiled. "That's different."

The Major nodded, his hands fiddling with his wife's little shoes. "Yeah, it is," he agreed.

They sat in silence for the next several minutes. Jack jumped when the elevator doors slid open and Doctor Fraiser emerged.

"The monstrosity has been contained," she announced before taking a seat on the arm of her husband's chair.

Jack didn't move. He just stared at her.

"Shirt," she stage whispered, commanding his attention. "That's your cue."

He smiled, standing up. "Yes, Ma'am." He got in the elevator and pressed the correct button. As the door closed he saw Doctor Fraiser offer Major Jackson her hand and they started to head his way, followed by Teal'c. They would wait for another elevator, he let the doors close.

He started grinning to himself and by the time he was standing in front of the door to the bridal suite, an idiotic grin was plastered across his face. He was married to Samantha Carter.

He used his key to open the door and let himself inside. He immediately kicked off his shoes and hung up his uniform jacket, and loosened his tie. He walked into the room looking for his wife, his smile tweaked, his wife.

He found her in the bedroom, standing next to the glass door. She wore an off-white robe that reached mid thigh. He couldn't be certain, but from where he was standing, it looked as if it was made of satin, maybe silk. His smile softened, she looked beautiful.

Jack walked over to her and she turned when he got behind her. She wrapped her arms around his neck loosely, so he slung his arms around her waist. He leaned in and kissed her.

"Jack," she said, pulling herself from his lips. She glanced down her a second before meeting his gaze. "I've never done anything like this before."

"I know," he said quietly. He shifted his arms to hold her hips, gently but firmly. "Just tell me when you need a little force."

"What?" she asked as he slowly danced her over toward the bed.

"Force," he repeated, kissing her neck. "An influence on a body that causes a change in momentum."

She released a small laugh and threaded the fingers of one of her hands into his hair. The other slowly worked the buttons of his shirt.

"And since something can't spontaneously gain or shed mass, it causes a change in velocity." He tugged at the drawstring of her robe, causing it to fall open. He caught a quick glimpse of her lingerie, knowing that he could admire it later. He kissed her lips again. "Change in velocity, also known as acceleration."

She smiled and pushed his shirt off his shoulders, forcing him to release her for a split second so he could shed the shirt. "You mean, just tell you if I want you to slow down or speed up."

He flashed her a patented O'Neill grin. "In layman's terms, yes." He returned his lips to her neck.

"I love physics," she whispered into his ear. She said the word much the same way he did when he first asked her out.

"I love physics, too," he said, not really talking about physics and he knew she knew he wasn't. He slipped his hands inside her robe.

"Good," she almost moaned. "Because there is so much more for you to learn."

"Like what?"

"We still have most of the Feynman Lectures to go through, but we can start with something easy."

"Like what?" he asked, slowly loosing the ability of speech.

A wicked grin covered her face as she fell back onto the bed and yanked him with her. "Oh, I was thinking something basic. Like friction."

- . - FIN - . -