Victory Declined

Chapter1 A strong breeze blew. A ship shouted FULL CANVAS! To crystalline port! Aye captain! Said the vice captain. Back at crystalline port the lookout shouted pirate ship ahoy! What ship is it said the general? I Dunno said the lookout. Wait let me get a closer look! Said the lookout. It's, it's, the Golden Eagle!Said the lookout WHAT! Said the general blowing the lookout. SET UP A FORCE TO KEEP THESE PIRATES OUT! So the general went and set up a force to keep the pirates out. The force had 400 swords men, 50 archers and 1 connoneer. When blue bell came with 534 men and the ship with its broadsides cannons ran out. Blue bell said do you surrender? The general said "no".

Chapter 2

Attack! Said the general Open Fire! Said captain bluebell. After captain bluebell said open fire smoke stated to fill the air leaving behind a big boom with soldiers flying across the air blood falling out of the soldier's body parts. Boom after boom from the cannons firing. After the soldiers were dead blue bell was walking up to the general the general ran. Whelp that whole fiasco is done said captain bluebell. So bluebell and his crew went further along until he saw the hottest girl of his pirate life. Captain, captain, CAPTAIN! W hat! Said captain bluebell. Are we going to rob the cannon shop said chocolate. Oh yea. Well get in that cannon shop and rob it! Aye captain! So bluebell and his crew robed it and upgraded it. Okay men let's ship out! Aye captain! As the wind started to fill the Golden Eagle's sails started to fall gentally to the deck. A gentle drift started the Golden Eagle moving. After the ship started to gently move through the water Captain bluebell saw red and white sails bluebell said HOLY CRAP! Run out the cannons! So the crew scattered like angry ants and manned the 100 cannons on each side. A crew member said we await your order. Bluebell said steady, steady, steady OPEN FIRE! BANG! All the cannons fired after one cannon. Then again smoke filled the air while splintery wood flew high in the air. All the navy ships started to sink quickly. After the war was over the golden Eagle barley took any damage. Bluebell said ha not even the biggest navy ship could sink this 3 football fields and 11 stories high ship. True dat! Said a crew member. Full canvas towards Cuba so I could get some alcohol! Said bluebell aye said a crew member.

Chapter 3

While aboard The Black Eagle the arch-enemy of the Golden Eagle Lucky day captain of the Black Eagle said out loud WE NEED TO FIND MY ARCH-ENEMY!But sir we've been looking for the Golden Eagle for 5 years said a crew member I don't care I want Captain Bluebell dead! Said lucky day. Aye said an crew member the Black Eagle was in the south pacific ocean while the Golden Eagle was in the exact spot were the Titanic sank.