Claire didn't take much notice outside after a while as the dusty brisk winds merely picked up sand and stone occasionally, but what did steal her attention was p particular house. Rather than a normal house of any countryside, this one was an entire ranch. Nothing too fancy, but the amount of land that could be seen was quite plentiful -if not strangely empty-, a clay-colored set of bells jingling out in the open near the entrance of the door, upon which a grand dream catcher took place. Claire marveled at such a simple yet intriguing design of a home that this…babysit-ee could possibly be fortunate enough to live in.

"Here we are ma'am." The chauffeur announced as he stopped in front of the house, going over and opening the door for the TerraSave member before heading over to the trunk to retrieve her luggage.

Claire continued looking on, as for a ghost of a thought she swore there was a silhouette at the top left window before she turned to the gracious driver, gently gripping at her jacket as another breeze came by at bit at her at her exposed cheeks and nose.

"Would you know who happened to live here?"

"Hm, why yes. This is the Lumin Residence, home to one of the best engineers of the area, and as you can see, one of the only ones. Very charitable family though."

"Hm…nothing suspicious about them?" Claire was skeptic; then again, considering she kept reminding her self was on the job, it was hard not to be.

"Not that I know of, and I just came here on last moment's notice. Seems the previous fell ill from spring fever. According to him, it's just been quiet without the rest of the family around. Well, good luck then Ms. Redfield." With that said, the driver immediately made his way back to the limousine, driving away in moments.

Claire took in a deep breath before knocking on the door once, twice. The sounds of footsteps followed, along with the jiggling of the knob and the opening of the door. Claire was puzzled to find no one in sights first, but a slight angle of depression from her head and lo-and behold was a much petite girl.

Despite the height, Claire could tell the girl was more than at least thirteen years old, chestnut colored that fell to her shoulders, a mass of somewhat messy bangs just above her eyebrows. Attire included a normal set of jeans, a black t-shirt that was inches above her knees. Curious hazel eyes behind lucid glasses observed Claire before the girl stuck her hand out with a greeting smile.

Claire smiled back, shaking that hand. "Hello. It's nice to meet you…"

The girl merely gave a nod, motioning her wordlessly in with a small bow.

At first Claire pondered as to question such, but she merely gave a 'thank you' as she went through the home, and boy did it seem bigger than it looked on the outside. As the babysit-ee carried the luggage off, the babysitter was more interested in the inner scenery. To her surprise, for a friend of a friend, there didn't seem to be much of interest that he could have possibly had. There was little to no furniture that stood out, pictures and portraits were nowhere to be seen, any of which having a translucent layer of dust. Open and closed cardboard boxes, small and large alike, were filled with paper-wrapped unknowns by unknown likes, and only few ornaments adorned the walls, native western line art that resembled rough drawings on cave walls and leather.

'Well, I can't say it's the warmest welcome...'

"I can't recall being in a house like this…if ever." Claire wondered out loud, though the girl didn't respond. Only footsteps did. She looked curiously behind her, the girl continuing to go back and forth without a word, finally coming over with a notebook. An ordinary looking laptop that didn't look fancy nor wrecked, though certainly not new, and a black hand-sized tape recorder on top of it. Again, the girl spoke not a word, sitting over at the leather arm chair, as if observing her.

"…is there something wrong?"

Again, not a word. Only motions, that of mainly pointing at the recorder and shaking her head a bit.

"You want me to play it?"

A nod. Well, seems silence is golden in this situation. With a small sigh, Claire pressed at the triangle, the wheels the cassette beginning to spin with a deep male voice.

"Greetings. To the babysitter hearing this, if you are present, I thank you for sparing your time to take care of my adopted daughter. Her name is Raelyn Lumin, and she is mute. I'm sure she's in the same room right now, listening to the recording with you."

'That explains the quietness...' Claire absently looked in her direction, but continued to listen.

"I'm on a business trip at the moment if you haven't been told, and in the process of moving to a new home, but I believe there may be something strange going on in the town we live in. I've no solid proof, but the people are acting quite strange at the moment. I contacted you because I heard you've specialized with this sort of situation" –Claire could immediately tell the man in the recording was trying to avoid speaking over specifics, especially if he knew well enough that even his adopted child was close by listening close and well- "and though I wish to be with her myself, I'm afraid that isn't possible at the moment. It should only be a week's time or less before I return. There are leftovers in the refrigerator for such a time, and Raelyn has the money to pay for take out to mix things up a bit. She can take care of herself well, but these are precautions I take either way. Raelyn may 'speak' to you in sign language, but should you not understand, she should be more than glad to provide pointers. I'm sure you will do a great job."

With that, the recorder ended with a click, Claire looking over to Raelyn who was still looking in her direction, giving a small shrug. Her expression was so casual it almost seemed as if she was expecting all the reactions Claire would make.

"…well, guess it's going to be quiet for a while huh?"

Raelyn gave a nod, opneing her laptop and with a series of quick clicks and pauses then turned the laptop around in Claire's direction.

"Yeah, I'm really not up for the sign language thing, but I am up for playing some video games right now. Knowing your number wouldn't be a bad idea either for this kind of thing don't you think?"

Claire blinked a few times at the screen before looking over the grinning girl who just seemed so relaxed there.

"I guess so…"

It seemed very awkward speaking to a mute; almost a paradox, as if one didn't need words to communicate and vise-versa. Though there was still more to the text of course.

"So, you wanna get some rest or have some take out? I just got some Chinese."

"I'm feeling up for some Chinese."

Well, aside from the possible imminent doom of another biohazard, what farm could a 'break' do having lunch with a mute young teen?

'But if the situation was a s dangerous as it seemed, why leave her behind to begin with?'

She had no answer to her question for the time being.

Name: Leon S. Kennedy

Occupation: United States Secret Service Agent

(what a mouthful…)

But with a mouthful of a title comes only the greatest honor ever?

Not much really. Yeah, working for the president himself sounds like a big deal, but really…there wasn't much to say about it. He was of no use if bioterrorism was so low; rather, of lesser use, as he could still be a police officer, like he had planned to be so many years ago. Well, look how well that turned out.

Raccoon City, of course no infected population of civilians was going to turn into zombies and go after you, and mad scientist? What's that? Surely not someone who could make a WORSE virus, haha! And escaping nuclear explosions are easy right?

Leon gave a heavy sigh as he leaned back against his arm chair in thought. The plain white walls of the hotel room were darkened by the darkened day where he was, where it was pouring cats and dogs. Despite bioterrorism not being as much a problem as it was years ago (hopefully), the world was at large with much more now. An unstable economy, wars of little to no reason between countries, society deteriorating to mass of conflict and xenophobia. Though it seemed normal from a perspective of their own, it was still a conflict that was harder to deal with than just using weapons…ironically, that was part of the cause.

Even right now, it seemed this is how it's supposed to be…and in a way he was almost disgusted. Almost as disgusted as the idea of people doing experimentations with others for the 'sake of science' with no regard for life whatsoever…almost.

A knock at the door interrupted his deep thoughts, getting up as he stepped over yesterdays newspapers with a crinkling sound. About to serve his coffee too, but he could wait a moment longer, going over to the door.

"Who is it?"

No response.

Leon cracked the door open a bit, looking about for anyone, only to find a pile of mail and a package on the floor. Though he barely heard the sound of footsteps fading, he opened the door anyways, picking up the mail from the floor.

'Huh. More stuff from the government probably. They're the only ones who know I'm here.' Not to mention offered him with one of the best rooms, but he declined the offer for the sake of being inconspicuous.

Let's see, bills, bills, a notification letter; it was all typical stuff. Working for the president was a much private matter, as usually an official he knew would come over themselves to personally give the parcels and such. It's strange they decided to get out of site so quickly.

'Wonder what's up with them.' Taking his mug of coffee with him as went back to him arm chair going through the letters. Bills mainly, not much of a surprise. A notification letter, no doubt either a note to say he has another mission or can finally have a real break…hopefully not the President's daughter trying to ask him out on a date yet again.

He curiously looked to the yellow-wrapped package. No address to or from. No stamp even. Curiosity over priority, he decided to check it out first, beginning to get the packaging paper off. Beneath it all was a black box. Again, nothing special about it. Just a roughly sanded black box. Neither light nor heavy. Undoing the small turning key, the lid flipped back, immediately revealing some pictures.

But not the kind he'd ever expect to see. Turning on a lamp to make sure his eyes didn't fool him, he was careful to pick them up. Not one, not two, but more than shocking pieces of evidence he'd never expect to see in picture form.

The first was seemed to be a distorted figure in a tank. In fact, a Tyrant. A flip of the page and it even said so on the back:

July 1998: T-002

Last seen: Arklay Research Facility

Status; Eliminated

And the next was similar, as so was the one after, and the one after. Each one in a different year or different time of that year. T-003, T- 103, Nemesis T-type, Tyrant T-0400, was unbelievable. Leon had abandoned the rest of the mail on the floor and even ignored the presence of his coffee that continued getting colder. Eve if he only encountered one and heard of the others from research, he was nonplussed on who could possibly attain such data.

Those weren't the Tyrant were much worse; the victims of G. That's right, that ugly virus that reared its head years ago at the airport that had a habit of taking it's victims by an unstoppable mutation. Pictures of the four stages of William Birkin's transformation, Los Illuinados specimens, Operation: Javier, even Curtis…

"How is it possible?" Leon finally brought his thoughts aloud. Though the most disturbing was yet to come, as beneath all those pictures was a thick glassed tube; a syringe almost, but inside was a DNA like spiral, both that were a thick blood red color. Beneath it was a note that made Leon scrunch his eyebrows in worry and ghosting anger.

You've done well enough so far these years. Do you think you can keep it up?

If this didn't make Leon think of too many questions in one time, then clearly he was going to need more than a break.

"So it's started."

"About time."

"Are we actually gonna go through with this without Wesker?"

"Who now?"

"Exactly. He is not important to this situation. He has decided to play cat and mouse with his old friend and rival, and that is all there is to it."

"But the ones we do need involved need to deal with him first, and until Wesker is defeated, that isn't going to happen."

"Oh, don't worry about that. That's the reason we have already have non-B.S.A.A. members of society in our sights. They should be in their expected areas now."

"You still haven't explained what this all is going to lead up to."

"Now, why would we want to do that, hm?"

"I suppose you have a point. But I expect you all to do as you promised to keep this compromise."

"We have no reason to back out now. Like you said, the fun's just started."

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