Title: On an Altar

Fandom: TDWP

Pairing: Miranda and Andy

Rating: NSFW/Mature/NC17

Summary: A gift from an aunt inspires changes; among other things.

Words: 29500 +

Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction, which pretty well guarantees that " ownership, " of the characters belongs to others (Lauren Weisberger and 20th Century Fox) and that this work is entirely based on affection. This is not-for-profit, but for praise or at least enjoyment.

Beta Readers: Thank yous go to - Melanacious, LadyDragonstorm and Bonnie - my extraordinary friends.


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A/N - This is a one shot, "get 'em together," short story.

A/N - This fiction likely draws from several TDWP sources for inspiration - it mostly follows movie canon as a starting point, however.

A/N - I hereby label this story AU. Just in case. Because this may involve magic. And while I personally believe that magic exists, there are those among us who need this disclaimer. So for purposes of respect to the cooperative multi-verse in which we live: *stamp* AU *endstamp*

A/N - I have decided, just for my sanity, that family names and really good friend names shall remain generally consistent. Thus, Andy's father's is Richard and her mother is CeCe, etc. This will go for Miranda's family if they ever reveal themselves. Also, just for purposes of declaration, I've been working on two other longer-term Devil Wears Prada fan-fics for months and months. They are unfinished, and I haven't decided to post them. They are not "On A..." They actually came first. However, the family rule, shall remain consistent. Which means I may have to go back and do some editing...

A/N - This story has may have angst, but it ends well.

A/N - Series talk: I did not intend to write a series. But, two stories does not make a series, whereas three stories may complete one. So, for the sake of completion, a new story.

A/N - Other stories in the series: On a Train, On a Tractor

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