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Author's Note: this is based on my lovelife right now. all names have been changed for their safety :)

Chapter 1.

Baylee LeBLanc sat on the corner of her best friend Haley's bed, flipping through her text messages from the past two days. She felt her heart thud as her eyes skimmed the words that supported she and Mikaela Rogers' entire conversation.

The main argument between the two had been of who was prettier. Baylee had always thought her best friend was far prettier than her; whereas Mikaela thought that Baylee was beyond gorgeous. There was the slightest bit of flirting in between arguing messages. Mikaela had told Baylee that her favorite one that she had sent Mikaela was one that read 'if i was a boy i would make u my girlfriend, micky'.

Mikaela had always despised her nickname "Micky". Every time someone would bring it up in school, be it teacher or student, they would be granted the death glare for a few seconds. When Baylee used it, though, it was in a joking and casual manner. Mikaela never was upset with Baylee.

Baylee was tall and thin with an athletic build and an olive skin tone. Her hair was a soft honey color with lighter streaks within the gentle curls. Baylee had clear skin, besides a few light freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose. Her eyes were the brightest of greens and held anyone who gazed into them long enough in a hypnotic trance which could only be broken, or Mikaela considered strengthened, by her soft laugh.

Mikaela Rogers was slightly taller than Baylee, maybe by an inch. She was not as skinny as Baylee, but close to her size. She had a pale complexion and dark black hair. The amethyst color that crowded around Mikaela's pupils was one of Baylee's favorite colors. Not alot of people got to see them, due to her glasses, but Baylee had grown accustomed to them.

They had both recieved an invitation two night's before to attend Haley's birthday party at her house, followed by a sleepover. Baylee glanced at the time on her screen. "Only 10:13?" she muttered to herself. She flopped backwards onto Haley's bed and looked up at her ceiling. When the door slid open, Baylee jumped slightly.

"Gosh, Bay, why so jumpy?" Mikaela giggled from the doorway. Baylee felt a smile spread across her face and propped herself up on an elbow. "Well, I don't know. Maybe because the last time we were here, you jumped on me?" she teased. Mikaela rolled her eyes. The gesture was counteracted by her gentle smile as she sat beside the blonde.

"Whatever. Haley wants us to play this game that she found online." Mikaela bit her lip and blushed, brushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "She already explained it to me." She had a habit of doing that whenever she felt even the slightest bit of embarassment or uncertainty. She had also come to do it when she was nervous.

"Oh yeah?" Baylee said sitting up. She took Mikaela's hand and smiled at her. "Is it that bad?" Mikaela's worried expression dissolved as she glanced back down at her best friend. "Well," she began. "I'll let her explain it. Now come on." She tugged on Baylee's hand, dragging her out of the room.

Baylee glanced quickly around the room at all of her best friends. In front of her sat Bethany. On her left was Taylor, and her right was Haley. The best, out of the four sitting in front of her, was probably Taylor. Baylee had met her on the first day of kindergarten when Taylor had nowhere to sit. She had allowed Taylor to sit next to her for the rest of the year and ever since then they had been best friends.

Two years after that, Mikaela, Haley, and Bethany. came along. They were both new students to Baylee and Taylor's school that year. They all had matching necklaces stating that they were best friends forever. 'Biffles' as Baylee liked to put it. She had come up with that term when Taylor had texted her that she was her 'bffl' or best friend for life. Baylee had tried to sound it out and said 'biffle' and then it had become a word.

The three charms of the necklace that hung on the silver chain were of a small dogtag that had 'Best Friends Forever' engraved on it in cursive, a silver five-pointed star, and a silver circle with a large heart cut in the middle of it.

Baylee pressed her thumb and forefinger to the dogtag and slid the charms back and forth along the cold chain as she listened to Haley speak. "I found this game online, so bear with me. One player lays on their back on the floor and another player lays their head on the first person's stomach. A third person does the same, and a fourth to form a square. We all take turns going around and counting off. Like, person one says 'one' and the second says 'two' and so on. Got it?" Haley said with a grin. "Oh, and you can't laugh!"

Baylee looked over at Taylor who was supressing a laugh. She, too, found herself biting back a giggle for some reason. "Ok, Baylee, lay down." Haley said and pushed Baylee's shoulders so that she was on her back. Mikaela's hand shot up in the air. "I call ab-pillow!" she said as she layed her head onto Baylee's abdomen. "Oh, my gosh." Taylor said, releasing the laugh that she had tried so hard to hold back.

Taylor rested her head on Mikaela and Haley layed back on Taylor. Baylee's head was on Haley. Bethany didn't want to play, so she sat down on the couch and watched TV. "Awkward." Haley said sarcastically, making everyone laugh.

"Uh, ok. One." Baylee said. Before Mikaela could speak, she quickly said: "One is the age that Mikaela lost her virginity!" The group howled with laughter. "Two is how many seconds it takes Baylee to have an orgasm!" Mikaela choked out. "You would know!" Baylee countered through a laugh. The entire group was rolling on the floor with laughter. "Three is how many times Haley's raped my mother!" Taylor said.

After they calmed down a little, it was Haley's turn. "Ok. Four is how old Taylor was when she had sex with Baylee." Baylee forced a laugh. She blushed and looked away from Taylor, allowing Haley and Mikaela to finish laughing.

"Oh, wow, Haley. I hate you so much right now." Taylor said to her. "Ok." Baylee said. "Five is the number of minutes until Mikaela realizes that she wants me." The girls all giggled with joy of their little game. Time seemed to freeze as warmth shot through Mikaela's body and she turned her head to face Baylee. Her gaze was locked on the girl's beautiful features. Wide eyes, full lips, high cheekbones... wait. What was she thinking? Did she feel something more than friendship with Baylee? Dare she say... love her? She shook the thought from her mind when she was brought back to reality.

Through the whole game, Mikaela payed little attention to anything else but the slow, rythmic falling and rising of Baylee's abdomen beneath her head as she breathed. It was a calming movement.

Baylee, without realizing it, had been gently running her slender fingers through the ebony hair of the girl laying on her stomach. She had been surprised that Mikaela hadn't sat up quickly and stared at her in shock with those tear drop eyes. Instead, she was just laying on her, seeming to enjoy the gesture.

When, finally, they had realized that Bethany had fallen asleep, the girls were half asleep. "Hey, Taylor?" Baylee whispered to her best friend. "What?" Taylor replied sleepily. "Sleep with me, ok?" she said. "I already promised Bethie I would sleep next to her. I'm sorry, Bay." Taylor said back. "Boo, you whore." Baylee whispered playfully back to the brunette. Taylor laughed silently and crawled on her elbows towards Baylee.

She kissed her quickly on the cheek. "Goodnight, slut." she said to her. Taylor got up and walked over to where Bethany was laying and layed down next to her with a blanket. "Micky?" Baylee said, thinking she heard a light snore coming from Mikaela. "Yeah?" she said back. "Will you sleep with me?" Baylee asked with a smile.

Mikaela sat up, allowing Baylee to do so as well. "Of course." Mikaela replied. Baylee's eyes lit up as she stood and walked to Haley's door. "Why doesn't Haley sleep in here? It's pretty cool." Mikaela said, subtly grabbing hold of Baylee's hand. She felt a spark, but ignored it. Baylee shrugged and pulled the blankets down so that the pair could climb between the sheets.

Mikaela propped up a pillow behind her head and stared at the foot of the bed. Baylee copied her action. "What's wrong?" she said. Mikaela had been considering what the power of the spark that occured when she barely brushed Baylee's hand before grabbing it had meant. It had been more powerful than any spark she had had when she held hands with her boyfriend.

"Nothing." Mikaela replied, turning towards the blonde laying next to her. Her eyes shone from the moonlight coming in through the drapes covering the window. Her skin was a glowing silver as she layed her head on Mikaela's shoulder. Baylee gazed up at her best friend with an agitated expression. "Did Dylan do something to hurt you? I swear, I'm gonna hurt that boy." Mikaela let out a small laugh.

Her boyfriend, Dylan, had hurt her a few times before, and he had in turn gotten hurt right back. The first time, Baylee had just flicked him on the back of the ear and scolded him. It was a few months before the second time came around. Then, she had kicked him in the shin. That had shut him up. For about four months.

The third time was over all the worst time that Dylan had gotten hurt. It was when Mikaela was waiting on the bleachers for Baylee's cheer practice to be over in eighth grade.

Mikaela had been sitting on the bleachers waiting for Baylee to come and get her to drive her back to her house so that they could study. While she was waiting, she watched the cheerleaders in their red, white, and blue school cheer uniforms. "Lady Patriots" was embroidered across the chest of all of the cheer shirts.

She had yet to inform Baylee of the fact that she and Dylan had broken up a little less than an hour prior to her current activity. When Baylee and the team had finished, Baylee walked over to Mikaela, tossing her long ponytail over her shoulder handlessly. "Hey, Micky." she had said. She had reconsidered her word choice with a slight pout of her lip. "'Hey, Micky, you're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind, hey, Micky!'" she sang.

Mikaela had smiled and told her about Dylan. By the time she had finished, Dylan was striding over to where they sat. A nervous halfsmile was plastered on his face. "Hey, Micky?" he asked. Both she and Baylee had shot him an icy glare before he corrected himself with a cough. "Mikaela. I'm really sorry about what happened." he said.

Baylee jumped from the second row of bleachers to the gym floor in front of Dylan. "Listen, Dilly. She doesn't want to talk to you, ok? So just go away." she said. "No. I want to hear it from her." he snapped back. Their bickering continued for a long while, until Baylee finally just clenched her jaw and punched him in the nose.

He had fallen to the ground, hands covering his nose. When he pulled them away, bright red liquid stained his palms and face. "You p-p-p-" Dylan stuttered. "I 'uh-buh-buh-buh'! No shit, Dillhole!" Baylee laughed.

Mikaela laughed slightly as she explained to Baylee that she was just tired. "Then go to sleep, dork." Baylee said playfully. She sat up, allowing Mikaela to thread her arms around Baylee's thin waist and cuddle up against her shoulder. Baylee rested her head on Mikaela's.

Mikaela let out a small cry of loss as she felt Baylee's body heat detach from behind her, only to regain her speeding heartbeat as she stepped in front of her. The raven-haired girl reached out to Baylee, who took her hand.

Baylee slowly closed the distance between the two. She paused about an inch in front of Mikaela's face and looked deep into her eyes. She spoke cautiously. "Malus sum, et mundis. Nos esse non potest. Non sic." Without another word, Baylee pulled away from Mikaela, leaving her to swallow her sadness.

Mikaela sat up in bed. Her hand was still entwined with Baylee's. Her blonde friend was snoring lightly. Her brows were pulled together slightly as if in frustration. Baylee's eyes fluttered open. She sat up as well. Reaching over the edge of the bed, she turned on the lamp.

"What's wrong?" she asked. Mikaela shook her head slightly. "Nothing. I thought I heard something outside." Mikaela lied. "Oh." she said. "Dylan!" Baylee called towards the empty tree outside the window. "Go away, you chester!" Mikaela giggled and layed back down on her pillow, looking up at her best friend.

The blonde was wearing a tight black tank top. The blankets had fallen from around her body when she sat up, so they were resting on her hips. Mikaela knew that beneath the covers, her blonde best friend wore only boy shorts to match the tank top.

"Goodnight, Bay." she smiled up at her. "Night, Micky." Baylee returned the smile and bent down to kiss Mikaela gently on the cheek. Mikeala's hand rose slowly to her cheek where the spark lingered. She looked up at Baylee, who had noticed the spark as well. Her middle finger and her ring finger were pressed against her closed mouth and her eyes were wide.

"Y-you felt that, too?" Mikaela stuttered. Baylee nodded without removing her fingers from her lips. "I'm sure it was nothing." Mikaela said. Baylee nodded and slowly took her fingers away and turned off the lamp on the side of the bed. "Goodnight, Baylee." Mikaela repeated. "Night, Micky." Baylee replied.

At first, they had their back to eachother, but then decided against it. They both slowly turned on their sides so that Baylee was looking Mikaela dead in the face. A loose strand of hair was hanging in front of her bright blue eyes. Baylee brushed the ebony lock behind Mikaela's ear. She slowly reached behind her own ear and pulled out a wavy strand of hair from her ponytail. She draped it over her eyebrow. Mikaela laughed and pushed it back to where it came from.

Baylee held her hand in front of her face with her fingers spread apart and her palm facing the dark haired girl. Mikaela mirrored the blonde's image and they laced their fingers together between their heads. Mikaela's heart thudded loudly in her ears as she calculated the mere inches between their lips.

The inches decreased to centimeters as Baylee closed the distance between their faces and pressed her soft lips to Mikaela's. Mikaela's heart was thudding even harder than ever as Baylee moved her lips against hers. They were blissfully unaware that both of their eyes had slipped shut.

Mikaela's hands had entwined themselves in the blonde's gentle curls, trying by any and all means to pull her closer. One of her hands slipped free and found its way to Haley's headboard for support.

Mikaela pulled away when she recognized her rough breathing becoming shorter and even more forced. "This isn't happening." she muttered breathlessly. She opened her eyes to find that she was on top of her best friend. Baylee propped herself up on her elbows and elevated her body up towards the dark haired girl. "But it is. It's called almost-sex. You should try it sometime." she said suggestively.

Mikaela looked at her dissapointedly and Baylee sighed. They took advantage of that moment to catch their breath. Mikaela rolled over onto her back and gazed up at the cieling trying to process what she had just done. Mikaela Rogers had just lesbigayed it up with class-A hottie Baylee LeBlanc.