Commencing Sequence 1

2 weeks later after the events of the Gardner incident

Rebecca Weiss, EX FIA solider looked over to her new partner, Jim Corbin, also EX FIA. She held the gun closely and smiled to him and turned to shoot from cover. Just a standard set of militia men were left in their way. Rebecca darted out from the wall and ran over to a ledge closer to the men. She shot her Cobalt, her standard handgun of choice and picked off another solider. He went down to his knees, and Rebecca shot a signal from her ear piece and hacked the solider. A blue glow illuminated through his armor. He then started to shoot the other soldiers, that he was once fighting for.

"Sniper" Jim yelled over to Rebecca.

Jim maneuvered himself into cover behind a pillar. He caught sight of a mech, and quickly hacked it. The little mech, shaped like a roomba rolled across the battlefield and snuck up behind the sniper. The little mech blew itself of taking the sniper down with it. Jim pointed his PB shotgun around the corner and shot it at the last reminding solider.

"Nice work Jim" Rebecca called running up to him.

"You too" He said laughing.

"Good work guys, hurry up to the chopper, it's flying in from the west" Came in Fernandez over their mics.

"All right" Rebecca said nodding her head.

They both hurried off down the courtyard. Jim pointed into the distance.

"There!" He called pointing to the helicopter.

The helicopter landed, and they hurried into it. It took off and they headed back to their new headquarters, the R.O.G.A.H, The Resistance of Gardner and Hack. It was a secret building located outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Their base was in the works with the good people of the FIA who weren't mixed up with the bodies. Most of them were bow on their side, but they didn't let anyone know their secrets, because they hadn't gained their trust yet.

After the helicopter ride...

Rebecca laid her coat onto the couch in the office. The only people in the office were her and Jim who was on the couch watching the news. The government had covered up the infiltration they had succeeded in doing with some absurd story of some bad mech problems. Only when they had more proof to bring the company to dust would they let the people know what they had done.

Jim had something bugging him. It was about Marie and her death and how Rebecca had been tailing her, and how she said that he or Lyle had snapped. Rebecca reminded Jim of Marie so much, an unnatural connection to her. What were her secrets laid behind that smile that reminded him so much of Marie?