Initiating sequence 2

A light is filling the hall with a golden haze, and it continued throughout the rest of the hallway. Jim shielded his eyes from the early beaming sun. He felt someone tap him on the shoulders from behind. He turned around to see Rebecca. She handed him a cup of coffee and they continued down the hall. All had seemed well, until they noticed a signal from their new un-NERKAS headsets. The signal had meant a wanderer was afoot.

"Be on the lookout Jim." Rebecca said looking behind her shoulder.

The room led them into the office of a Mrs. Heather Laughlin. One of their newest allies, who is help them bring down the FIA along with NERKAS. They seated themselves to the chairs in front of her presumed desk. A large black chair spun around and revealed Heather.

"The data you need is in the envelope, it contains the information you seek" Heather Laughlin said pulling her hair from her face.

Heather smiled and walked out Jim and Rebecca out of the office. Jim tightened his grip on the envelope in his hand and hurried out of the building with Rebecca. They walked across the street to the restaurant where they had parked their car.

A young woman, dark hair, dark eyes, wearing a blue shirt gasped for air, and then seemed to be in a trance. She held a gun, what seemed to be an issued Midas. The short spurt of bullets flew Rebecca's way. Jim grabbed his shotgun and blasted at the lady, who did not seem to take any physical damage.

He shot again, and this time the women fell to her knees. Rebecca came up and pressed the button on her headset. A blue wave of energy came from the mic and ejected the red from her. When the women regained conscience she ran away from Jim and Rebecca.


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