Hi there everyone. I've recently started re-watching the Teen Titans series, and I'm noticing a heap of subtle BBRae hints that I didn't notice the first time, which has got me re-obsessed with the pairing. This story came to me a couple of nights ago, and, though I'm not completely sure how good it will be, the plot bunny wouldn't let me sleep until I wrote it. So...here's the first chapter.

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Moments like This

Chapter 1


To an outsider, Titans Tower, and the young heroes inside of it looked like they would on an entirely normal day. Robin was outside, training. Starfire was in the kitchen, cooking a traditional Tamaranean dish which she seemed to think smelt nice, though the smell was rather repulsive to any normal person. Raven was levitating cross-legged above the roof of the T-shaped tower, meditating; and Cyborg and Beast Boy were sitting on the couch, racing each other in a video game. But that was where things were not normal. Cyborg was trying as hard as ever, the game being rather intense for him, but Beast Boy wasn't thinking of the game at all. He wasn't even hearing Cyborg's teasing comments as the part-robot beat the "green bean". He was still thinking about their most recent fight with Cinderblock. It had been almost a week, but it was still on his mind…

"Titans, go!" yelled Robin, and the five teens flew, or ran at the concrete structure. The fight was fast and somewhat difficult to keep up with, but it looked like the Titans were winning. Cinderblock was putting up a pretty good fight, though. As he advanced on them, Robin had to yell "Titans, move!" and they all had to get out of the way. Raven flew backwards a little, but remained floating in front of him, hood up, eyes glowing.

"Azarath, Metrion Zin-AAH!"

A large, concrete fist came down on her, stopping her from finishing her chant and knocking her to the ground. Beast Boy saw it first; he saw her falling, saw her hit the ground with a sickening smack! And then he saw a concrete foot above her, about to crush her.

He reacted without thinking, letting his instincts take over as he shifted into a large rhino. He charged towards the concrete villain, and collided with him head first, with enough force to knock him backwards. Once he was on the ground, it was easy enough for Robin, Cyborg and Starfire to finish him off.

Raven was barely conscious when Beast Boy got to her. She had hit the ground hard. He tried to help her up, and she murmured something incoherent, before passing out.

Raven remained unconscious for the rest of the day, and the night, as her powers worked to heal her of any injuries, both internal and external. Each of the Titans checked on her frequently, but Beast Boy stayed with her the entire time, ignoring all the other Titans when they told him he should eat something, or get some rest. He refused to leave her side and just sat there, watching, waiting for her to wake up. He dozed off a couple of times, but not for long, and when Raven did awaken the following morning, he looked like he had gotten no sleep whatsoever.

Beast Boy didn't know why he was still thinking about it a week afterwards. Raven was fully recovered and perfectly healthy, and no one else had been injured. The thing was, while she was unconscious, they weren't sure if she would make it through the night. Her powers were strong, but her injuries were bad. She had hit the ground head first; she may have had damage to her brain and internal bleeding. And while he sat there beside the bed in the medical room, thinking of the possibility of losing her, he realised how important she actually was to him. She was more than just a team mate; she was a really, really close friend. He might have even liked her, as in like liked her. It didn't feel the same as when he had liked Terra; he had fallen for her instantly and couldn't help but blush when she was near, but it didn't feel like it would if the injured girl was "just a friend".

"Yo, BB?" Cyborg waved his hand in front of the changeling's face, bringing him back to reality. "I just beat your little green butt. Aren't you going to demand a rematch?"

"No." Beast Boy slid off the couch and began to walk away to his room.

"BB? What's up, man?" Cyborg sounded somewhat concerned.

"Nothing," Beast Boy answered over his shoulder before the door slid shut behind him.


Beast Boy lay awake on his bed, doing something that none of the Titans thought he was actually able to do: thinking. He thought about Terra, about how he had felt about her, and then thought about Raven. He was entirely over Terra. Yes, he missed her, but only as a friend and nothing more. It had taken him a while to get over, but he did.

Raven. He had known Raven for years. He fell for Terra instantly, but he never thought of Raven as more than a friend. Well, he hadn't consciously, anyway. Now that he was thinking about it, he always had thought she was pretty. Really pretty. Maybe even beautiful. And he always tried to make her smile or laugh – with anyone else, if they didn't like his jokes he'd shrug it off, but with her, he'd keep trying. And he cared about her; anyone who had seen the fight with Cinderblock and the events afterwards would know that. Were these symptoms of a…of a crush? Was it possible that, deep down inside, he had a crush on the mysterious, somewhat creepy empath that was Raven?

For a second, he actually considered asking her out on a date. He remembered Malchior; he remembered how Raven had actually felt loved when she was with him…or, when she was with who he pretended to be. As much as she would deny it, she was just like any girl, just like any person in the world – she had that human desire to love and be loved. But there was no way Raven actually liked him. There was no way she would agree to going on a date with him.

But it was worth a try.

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