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Lucian stared sadly at his beautiful Sonja as they waited for their trial's. While they waited Lucian begged for Sonja's forgiveness blaming himself for her plight. But she assured him she did not blame, that it was not his fault and that she loved him.

It was a few seconds later the door swung open and a handsome dark haired young, servant/guard vampire, had come through the door. Sonja was surprised at who it was. She recognized him by his face, but she did not know his name; she had only ever seen him around the palace. She looked past him to see if there was anyone else there, but he appeared to be alone so the trials couldn't be starting yet.

Lucian watched as the young vampire pulled out a key to Sonja's cell and opened the door. "Get up" he said flatly but Sonja was too unsure to respond.

"NO!" yelled Lucian. "WHAT IS THIS?"

But the vampire just ignored him and yanked Sonja to her feet roughly. "Your coming with me." he said without emotion. And dragged her out of the room by the arm.

Lucian could only stare after them helplessly.


But the vampire didn't answer he simply dragged the fear ridden Sonja from the room and shut the door behind him.

The vampire led Sonja down a corridor to what appeared to be the weapon's room. Sonja felt helpless as he shoved her into what she believed to be an empty room, terrified at why he might have brought her in here.

He shoved her in and shut the door behind him. Sonja watched as he lit some torches. He approached her and surprisingly unlocked her binding's.

"Milady." he said kneeling down "I have done what you have asked."

"Good" said a female voice that made Sonja jump. She spun around to find that she and the young man where not alone. Standing behind them was a young woman, a beautiful woman. She was very small and pixie like, with long auburn hair and green eye's.

"Lady Sonja." she greeted her as if they were acquaintances who had not seen each other in a long time.

"Who are you?" said Sonja in her defiant tongue trying not to show fear.

"My name is Therese, I am a Titanian. An ancient race that lives on the island of Vail."

"Yes I've heard of your kind." Said Sonja in the same tone. "What do you want with me?"

" I want to save your baby." Therese answered.

"What?" said Sonja shocked. " How?"

"I have certain abilities. One of which is the ability to speed up the growth of a child in its mother's womb. I could make you have your baby this very night."

Sonja's eye's widened.

"If you do this I will take the baby to my home, I will love it as if it were my own, and I will make sure it will possess the strength to one day avenge its parents."

"But wait. How did you know about this to begin with?" asked Sonja.

Therese gestured to the young vampire beside them. "Noah here acts as my eye's and ear's. I like to keep a watch over thing's in this realm, so I had Noah become a vampire when he was dying of the plague. He informed me of what was happening, and something in my heart told me to interfere. What do you think of my offer?"

Sonja looked at her unbelieving then suddenly she tear's came down her eye's. "Save my baby."

Therese nodded her head "I will, but it is important you do not tell Lucian, no one else must know."

Sonja nodded and Therese gestured for her to sit on the ground. She did so and Noah knelt down bedside's her. Therese placed her hand on Sonja's belly, closing her eye's she began to make circles with her hand's. Before her eye's Sonja could see her belly slowly getting bigger and bigger. When it was at its biggest Sonja suddenly felt the pain's of labor. Noah held her upward, and had her bite a piece of cloth so as to keep her from screaming. Therese who had not taken her hand off of Sonja's stomach, used her power to help speed up the delivery as time was of the essence.

After an hour Sonja heard the healthy cries of an infants wails.

"Its a girl." said Therese holding her up. Sonja stared at the infant, tear's welling in her eye's. Therese used a knife in her belt to cut its cord and then wrapping her in a blanket she handed her to her mother. The look on Sonja's face was one of unbelieving love, she looked down at the tiny infant, she was overwhelmed by how beautiful she was, holding her with one arm she used her free hand to smooth the small fuzz of the hair that was the same shade as hers.

"What will you name her?" asked Therese.

Sonja, thought for a moment then looked up to Therese. " Sonja, I will call her Sonja, my name is all I can give her to prove my love for her."

"Alright, Sonja it is." said Therese smiling.

"My lady's please." Said Noah trying to be as gentle with his words as possible. " We must hurry the trials will be beginning soon."

Sonja looked down at her beautiful child one last time, she placed a tender kiss on the infants head then, reluctantly, handed her over to Therese. She stroked the infants head one last time then spoke to Therese.

"She's yours now."

A few moments later Noah escorted Sonja back to her cell. As they approached the doors Noah stopped her. "M'lady please believe Therese will keep her word."

Then he pulled something from the pouch on his belt. He opened his palm to reveal a necklace identical to the one Sonja wore around her neck. Sonja looked at him confused.

"Its an exact replica." he explained. "I had Therese use her powers to make it. I thought perhaps you would like to switch it with the original, so your child might have it as a keep sake of you."

Sonja looked up at him surprised, then nodded and took the chain from her neck and handed it to him. Then put the copy around her neck.

"Your name is Noah?" asked Sonja.

"Yes, that's right."

You'll help Therese won't you. What I mean'll help make sure my girl is safe and happy." She said feeling tears well up again.

"Of course." Said Noah as if surprised she had to asked. Sonja just nodded in thanks before he opened the door to the prison and shoved her back in her cell roughly so as to keep up appearance.

"Clean yourself up." he said throwing a rag at her and walked out the door.

When Lucian looked at Sonja, he saw the state she was in. She was sweating, her hair messed up and there was blood on her, she looked as though she might cry. He could only imagine what had happened.

"What did he do to you." he asked panicked.

"He helped me." She said almost dreamily as she cleaned herself with the rag.

But before he could ask what she meant the door swung open and Viktor's guards came in.

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