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Uzumaki Naruto was pissed. No, beyond pissed. That smug bastard had landed him in detention! The only good part about it was that he didn't go down alone. At least the bastard would have to attend with him. If Naruto was gonna go down, he would take someone down with him.

So he took Uchiha Sasuke down with him.

That was to his satisfactory so he gave a big grin as he waited for his father to pick him up.

Of course he was really excited to be alone with Sasuke. Don't get him wrong, he wanted to string the bastard's guts for getting him in trouble. But it was Sasuke, the finest piece of ass to walk the earth. And Naruto had openly admitted to his friends that he had a thing for him. Not to his parents. He squealed like a fangirl about the Uchiha to his friends, he bitched about Uchiha to his parents.

He had already come out of the closet to his parents and they accepted it, and his friends happily supported him as well. And he didn't have a problem finding guys. The problem was his dad.

You know how dads are. They're overprotective and want the best for their children. Well Naruto was an only child so his father, Minato, wanted the absolute best for him. And every guy that the blonde had brought home survived being 'assessed' by the older blonde, but always left after one date. His dad was just too overbearing when it came to him and dating.

All the guys just couldn't handle Minato if they drove Naruto home. He was a nightmare when it came to his son's love life.

But back to the bastard.

Naruto had a cruch on him for the longest time. Well pretty much since the beginning of their first year in high school.

He had accidently bumped the raven on his shoulder while walking through the halls on his first day and was immediately stricken with how gorgeous he was. It was a shame that the impression Sasuke left him was an arrogant smirk and a superior scoff, "Dobe." Naruto immediately judged him as a teme.

A sinfully, gorgeous teme…

He shook his head and put on a pout. Focus Uzumaki! Uchiha Sasuke is a bastard and get ready to bitch to Papa about how he landed you in detention!

Right, that was the way to go down.

Seriously though, Sasuke really did get under his skin.

He almost never… wait scratch that almost part out. He never called Naruto by his name! He didn't even give him the dignity of calling him by his surname! It was always dobe, usuratonkachi, or dumbass. But it was okay, Naruto had his own arsenal too like teme, bastard, prick, and asshole.

But dammit the way he insulted him and the way it rolled off his tongue perfectly almost made it okay with the blonde to be insulted. Almost.

But oh, what he would give to just be called by his name by the raven.

He would die a happy death.

He shook his head again. Stop daydreaming about that gorgeous son of a bitch! Remember, you are pissed! Dammit he was having a hard time focusing on how angry he was about Sasuke landing him in detention.

At the corner of his eye he saw a car approaching. And through the windshield was a bright yellow head of hair that he had inherited. He was grateful for that. He loved his mother's red hair but he would probably look like a disaster if he had inherited that gene. Yikes….

The car pulled up and the blonde hopped in. He threw his bag into the back and fastened his seatbelt. "Hi Papa!"

Minato smiled at his son and drove away from the gates of the school. "Hey son, how was school?"

Naruto leaned back in his seat, pouted and crossed his arms. Minato chuckled at the expression. His son's angry look always came out cute instead of angry, which only made him more angry. "I got an after school detention today…" he muttered.

"You got what?"

"An… after school detention." He said a little louder, "but it wasn't my fault! It was the bastard's fault!"

Minato sighed inwardly. Ah yes…

"He made a smart ass comment again and I tried to make him shut up!"

"And how did you do so?"

Naruto blushed and muttered out, "I slapped him…"

"You slapped him?"

The younger blonde nodded and lowered his head in shame. He didn't know why he slapped him, that was just his first instinct. He should have said he punched him in the gut instead.

The older man chuckled at his son and spoke up, "And what did he do?"

"… He called me a dobe and knocked me off my chair. But at least I brought him down with me." Yes when he meant brought him down with him, he meant it literally.

Another deep chuckle and suddenly the blonde found his air being ruffled. He waved away the hand and grinned at his father. "Alright. Attend your punishment tomorrow but afterwards, you and I are gonna have a talk about this 'bastard' alright?"

Naruto smiled and leaned back in his seat.