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Naruto awoke and rubbed his eyes. His eyes slowly shifted around the room, trying to remember what had last night. The place was unfamiliar but when he tried to sit up and get a better view of the room, a sharp pain ran up his back.

He groaned and laid his aching body on the bed. He looked to the side to see Sasuke sleeping peacefully, absolutely calm. He craned his neck to look at the bedside table and saw that there was a little digital clock. The red numbers flashed 1:05 am.

"Ahhh!" Naruto screamed.

Sasuke shot up and looked around the room in alarm. "What? What happened?" he asked in a frenzy.

"Sasuke it's one in the morning!" Naruto shouted, practically jumping. But the pain brought him back down and he landed against Sasuke.

The raven groaned and set the blonde on his back. "Dobe, remember we went back a day. We're not in Tokyo anymore. Now shut up, there could be other people that are asleep." Sasuke groaned, having covered his spouse's mouth with his hand. Naruto nodded silently and sat up slowly.

The blonde sighed and rubbed his eyes. "I really hate jet lag…" he commented.

He heard the raven grunt in agreement. Two pale arms hooked around his waist, careful not to put too much pressure on him. "Hm, we're awake now. We should explore the town, shouldn't we? I hear that Paris has some interesting activities during the night time." Sasuke whispered against his ear.

Naruto shooed Sasuke off and muttered, "I guess. Just let me check something." Naruto slowly reached over the bed, his rear end rising up for the raven's viewing pleasure. He felt the small pinch on his left cheek and quietly cursed Sasuke. He rummaged through the nearest luggage, wanting to find his phone.

Knowing his parents, they probably left him a message. He sat back on the bed and finding it empty. He figured that Sasuke must have gone to the bathroom to wash up. He turned the phone on and saw that he had several text messages and quite a bit of voicemails. He ignored the text messages, deciding to read them after he listened to the voicemails.

He laid his back down and put the phone to his ear while his other hand absently traced his belly button, playing with the stud a little. He went through the voicemails one by one, laughing at some and cursing others that embarrassed him.

It was the usual stuff; Kushina telling him to have a good time, Minato ranting and letting him know that it was okay to call him if anything happened, Tsunade drunkenly congratulating them, Jiraiya telling asking for any sexy details, and…

Sasuke jumped when he heard Naruto scream again from the other room. He rushed into the room to see Naruto hunched over and moaning, but not in the good way.

He rushed over and put his hands around the blonde. "Naruto, what's wrong? What happened?"

For his answer, he got a fist in his gut.

He grunted back and clutched his stomach. Naruto glared at him and pointed at the raven. "I told you we shouldn't have left the reception early!" Naruto shouted.

"I told you to be quiet Naru. And I can't believe that you're still on that. Now please just-" Sasuke said in a strained voice.

"Neji proposed to Gaara at the reception!" Naruto shouted, waving the cell phone around.


Naruto tackled Sasuke to the ground, this time ignoring his back pain and glared down at the raven.

Sasuke sighed and pushed himself off the ground, sitting up with Naruto straddling him. It would have been pretty erotic except for the fact that the blonde was pissed at him and looking like he wanted to rip him apart. "If we hadn't left early, I would have witnessed it! Thanks to you asshole, I missed it! Ugh, I fucking… ! Words can't even express how much I wanna punch you in the mouth!"

Wanting to soothe his wife, Sasuke leaned in and nuzzled his nose against a tan neck. "Okay, I can understand why you're upset. But can we please not fight about this? When we get back, then we can fight about it."

Naruto pouted and contemplated his husband's words. He wanted to be pissed at Sasuke but they were on their honeymoon. Honeymoons were not meant for fighting.

"Hmph! Fine bastard! But when we get home, we're fighting about this and you're sleeping on the couch!"

Sasuke hummed, not really paying attention. Now his thoughts had roamed elsewhere, along with his hands. He heard Naruto clearly but blocked out the part about sleeping on the couch. He would find a way around that. "Sure sure… anything you say babe."

"Teme! Stop putting your hands there! I thought you wanted to explore the town!" Naruto squeaked, hardening a little as Sasuke's hands ran up and down him.

"Maybe in the morning… We'll be here for about two and a half weeks so we got plenty of time." Sasuke answered, not even fazed when Naruto tried to push him off.

Naruto's fists hit Sasuke's back but they were no good. "No bastard! We just got done doing it and… ah!"

It wasn't until about 12:46 in the daytime did they leave their hotel suite and decided to go touring around. Naruto knew that being married to bastard Uchiha Sasuke wasn't going to be easy but it would be a hell of a fun ride.


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