Chloe opened her eyes and looked around the tiny, bleak, gray cell that was to be her home on the last night of her life. Tomorrow she would face the guillotine for her refusal to accept Nicolae's mark.

Tears filled her eyes as she thought of her little boy, Kenny. Her mind filled with memories of his sweet, innocent, baby aroma as she had lifted him into her arms and kissed his soft, silky blond hair when he had been smaller. She thought of Buck, his easy smile, the sparkle in his eyes that she knew was just for her.

She knew that she would see them both again at the Glorious Appearing, but oh, how her heart ached to see and hold them and tell them how much she loved them just once more.

Take my hand

Tell me what you are feeling


This is just the beginning

Although I have to go

It makes me feel like crying

I don't know when I'll see you again

Suddenly, Chloe became aware of another presence in the cell. She looked up and saw a very tall man wearing a white robe standing before her. He seemed to emit a vibrant glow, and his face shone like the sun. He had long golden hair and piercing blue eyes. Shocked, all Chloe could do was to stare wordlessly.

"I am Caleb." His voice was deep, rich, and clear as a bell. "Fear not, Chloe Williams. I am a messenger of the Most High, and He has sent me to rescue you from the clutches of the Evil One."

He beckoned to her, and wordlessly, she stood to follow him. He opened the door to the cell effortlessly, and they silently crept into the hallway. Silently, she followed him past the other cells to the door at the side of the building, which he opened just as effortlessly as he had her cell door. They walked away from the building and into the night, and presently they arrived at a train station. Chloe turned to thank Caleb, but he had disappeared.

Darling leave a light on for me

I'll be there before you close the door

To give you all the love that you need

Darling leave a light on for me

Cause when the world takes me away

You are still the air that I breathe

I can't explain, I don't know

Just how far I have to go

But darling, I'll keep the key

Just leave the light on for me

Back at the bunker, Buck silently went about his daily tasks, but his heart wasn't really in them. Since they had taken her away, he hadn't been able to feel anything except the ache in his heart that grew deeper every day.

"Where's Mommy?" little Kenny Bruce asked. God, how did you tell a child of his age that he wouldn't see his mother again until the Glorious Appearing? Although Buck knew that the time when that event was due to happen was merely months from now, to a child Kenny's age, that period would seem like a lifetime.

"I don't know exactly where she is right now," Buck truthfully told his son. "But I do know that she loves you very much, and that we will both see her again very soon."

"I want my Mommy now!" little Kenny cried, kicking and thrashing. It broke Buck's heart to witness his child's grief, but he could think of no further words of comfort to offer him.

Yes I know

What I'm asking is crazy

You could go

Just get tired of waiting

But if I lose your love

Torn out by my desire

That would be the one regret of my life

Buck became aware of movement outside the bunker, and his heart nearly stopped. Had the GC finally found his hiding place? How would he warn the others? And yet...what if it were someone seeking help? If that were the case, he couldn't just leave them to die out there, or to be captured by the GC...

Almost against his better judgement, Buck opened the door leading to the outside of the bunker.

No, it couldn't be...And yet, it was. Thin, pale, tired, and weak as she was, there was no mistaking her face.

Just like a spark lights up the dark

Baby that's your heart...

"Buck!" With her last ounce of energy, she called his name.

"Chloe! Oh, my darling..." He ran to her, embraced her, held her up, helped her into the bunker, eased her onto the sofa.

"How did you escape and find your way back?"

"There was an angel. His name was Caleb. He led me to the train station. I rode the train back to San Diego. From there...I followed my heart."

They heard the sound of light footsteps in the hallway, and a few seconds later, Kenny Bruce appeared.

"Mommy!" He ran to her and she gathered him into her arms, clinging to him as if she would never let go. She buried her face in his hair, content just to be there with the man she loved and their child.