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"Hi, I'm Ming-Ming Yaguchi. I'm your normal college student, well normal by the standards of a meta-human. That's right, I'm a badass super hero. My power? Super strength …and some pretty gnarly equipment. Now I don't wear all that shiny spandex, but I figure I can still make a difference in the world. I'm Ming, and this is my story"

I'm not completely sure how I got my powers. Unlike most I was born

with them, but genetically neither of my parents carry the meta-human trait. The powers have always been sort of an ice-breaker, and they've allowed me to make new friends. Of course most of them are terrified of me. I'd be afraid too if I was friends with a girl who could break my spine in with a backslap. They've also allowed me to get some pretty cool scholarships to Met-U in Metropolis. Well, not entirely, my grades also contributed to that. Anyway, I'm a college student now. I really like it, but my grades have been slipping lately with all of the unwanted attention I've garnered. Recently a columnist for the "Chinatown Garden Gossip" saw my abilities. I hit this robber with a little to much zeal, and wouldn't ya know, she saw. She followed me home, and kept asking me questions. Against my better judgment, I answered almost all of them. Including, my e-mail and phone number.

There is a silver-lining. I recently got a private e-mail from "Savior

Core". A kick-ass organization full of super-heroes who travel all around the world. They said they'd be interested in testing me out in some battle simulations. Imagine if I could take on the Joker or Sinestro! That would be freaking amazing. These thoughts cloud my head throughout Biological Warfare. I can't even pay attention to my professor, and I just spend my time doodling. It doesn't matter anyway, he's been doing a lesson on defusing a radioactive bomb all week. Talk about simple. Anyway, the bell rings and I almost make my way out the door.

"Ms. Yaguchi," I hear my professor call to me.

"Yes, Mr. Grahm?"

"A young man in strange get-up dropped this by my desk earlier before you arrived. He asked me to give it to you. I'm not sure what it is, and I promise I haven't looked." Mr. Grahm is one of my favorite professors he can be pretty funny when he wants to be, and he always makes me feel better.

"Thanks, professor. I've gotta go!" I run off. It's back home for me. I've got an hour before work. It's no problem though, I live right downstairs from my mother's Ramen Shop, and across the way from my father's equipment shop. I'd prefer working at my father's shop, but after I accidentally knocked over and destroyed a whole shipment of electronical goodies, I was "grounded" and by grounded I mean fired, and rushed over to my mother's shop. She's a bit smarter than my dad, seeing as I stay in the back the whole time here.

I get to my house after taking to a few rooftops, and gliding the rest of the way. My super strength can actually allow me to cling onto air currents and glide. It's pretty cool with a little bit of a "Winnie the Pooh" vibe. I head upstairs too quickly for my mother to send me on an errand. I head into my room, lock the door and tear away at my latest acquired item. I proceed to opening the box and see what appears to be a watch or some sort of wrist communicator, and an instruction manual. Normally I wouldn't need the manual, but this was advanced, even for me. I follow the instructions and press the corresponding buttons to gain access into whatever network I was supposed to be accessing. I heard some static, and then a voice.

"I see you've got it up and running. Excellent. I'm Oracle, and this is your communicator. Consider it a token of appreciation for that robber you apprehended the other day. I and other heroes will be contacting via an encrypted signal only accessible by heroes. We will relay messages, briefings, and missions to you through this. It will also serve as a projector screen for important information. The communicator can scan your physical aura and analyze your abilities, possible upgrades, current statistics, and items you've acquired. It also has a GPS navigator equipped into it. The map is equipped with a voice module that will guide you in the right path should you toggle a waypoint. The communicator's two most important features are it's teleportation and equipment programs. Through the teleportation program, you will be able to teleport via the communicator to a rally point set up by other heroes, or to the Justice League Watchtower. For now, your signal is blocked off from accessing the tower. Finally the gear you collect throughout your travels can be equipped via nano-technology. The abilities or statistics, whether higher or lower, from the equipment you gain will be transferred onto you if you choose to equip them. However, through technology created by the Green Lantern, Batman, and myself, you will be able to gain the statistics from the gear without actually wearing it. It's tricky to explain, but the communicator is capable of projecting energy similar to that of the Green Lantern's. This energy is channeled through gear by the communicator. It reads the equipment's statistics and equips you with said statistics with or without wearing that gear. It's quite impressive if I do say so myself. So, any questions?"

I look on at the communicator in awe. I'm practically drooling over how amazing this technology is. "Just one….is there a blueprint for this device? I'd spend the rest of my life recreating it! It's amazing!" This stifles a laugh from Oracle, but I'm only half kidding.

"No, sorry, but maybe we could get together some time and start a project. For now you're needed at the Midtown Police Station. Just show them you're communicator and ask to speak with Agent Miles."

"Yes ma'am, but I have work. No offense, but I'm way more afraid of my mother than Superman…"

"Okay, I'll get right on it" within a blink Oracle's face and voice is gone. I wonder what she mea-

"Ming-Ming!" I hear my mother scream for me as the power goes out. I hear her stomping up the stairs. For some reason she always thinks I'm the reason for power outages, so my last few inventions caused a power outage for four blocks, it's no big deal. Then I hear more static.

"Hurry, run!" With the sound of Oracle's voice I bolt out my window onto the rooftop. I get a good distance from my house before I stop for breath.

"I've never ran so fast in my life." I look down at the watch to see Oracle laughing.

"Nothing some equipment and upgrades won't fix. For now, get to the police station. Try accessing your Navigation Hub or Nav Hub." I follow her directions and press a button. A large map of Metropolis appears as a hologram. I touch it, and to my surprise it interacts. A few more times of trial and error, and I've set up a waypoint to my destination. A red light shines on the communicator projecting a small red light that points in the direction of the police station. After some voice navigation I arrive at the police station. I make my way inside.

"Ma'am if you'd like to file a report I'll have to ask you to take a seat over there." I look on at the secretary. She seems to be middle aged with signs of wrinkles and grey hair withering away at her youth. I show her my watch, but she just stares blankly at me.

"Cool watch, now take a seat." I follow her directions, and await Agent Miles. What seems like an hour later I hear some static.

"Ming, what are you doing?"

"I'm waiting at the police station." I look down to see Oracle once again.

"No, you're waiting at a Law Firm for an Agent Miles who isn't even there."

"That would explain the crappy service." I stick my tongue out at the rude secretary who spent the entire time looking at me weirdly and obnoxiously typing away at her computer. She looks over at me talking to my "watch". "You were right it is a pretty cool watch," I say as I march out of the office rather triumphantly.

Ming- 1, Villains - 0