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Harrison James Potter-Black stepped off of the plane at the Baltimore Washington International airport carrying a sleeping five-year old Teddy Lupin Potter-Black over his shoulder. Harry was dressed in a black fitted muggle suit, the jacket off and wrapped around his son, revealing a red silk button-up and black tie, all slightly disheveled due to the long flight and his sleeping son.

Harry and Teddy had left France the day before, after receiving his next assignment from the ICW (International Confederation of Wizards) whom he had been working for since for three years. After the final battle, Harry had been instrumental in the clean up in the country. No longer wanting to be an Auror, he helped to gather the last of the fleeing Death Eaters, made sure they had fair trials, and helped make sure Hogwarts was back in shape. Even with magic, all of that took nearly two and half years. During that time Harry had been working with members of the ICW who were helping him and Britain in the clean up effort, and Harry had learned the word liaison. The more he learned of the position, the more he fell in love with idea, helping the world through understanding and cooperation instead of violence and death. As soon as the operation was done, Harry put in his application for the job. He wasn't quickly hired, he had to go through the same training and testing as the other applicants, and he was thankful that he had to prove himself instead of being given the job simply for his name.

After his parents death, Teddy was placed in the custody of his grandmother Andromeda, with Harry acting as uncle and babysitter as necessary. It was on the night of one of their sleepovers that several Death Eaters decided to show they were still out there, alive and well, and attacked Diagon Alley. Before the Aurors were able to round them up, they had killed many bystanders, including Andromeda. After her death, Harry gained custody of year old Teddy, although many of the Wizengamot members raised their eyebrows at the 18 year old.

Harry's social life had been extremely slow the last five years, having ended his relationship with Ginny shortly after gaining custody of Teddy. She'd been absolutely dead set against it from the moment they had been told of Andromeda's death. She'd treated Teddy nearly as bad as the Dursley's had treated him, but it wasn't until he heard her telling Hermione that she wanted to put Teddy in an orphanage that Harry finally put an end to the "relationship". Ron and Molly had been furious with him, acting as though he'd betrayed them. Hermione, as Ron's fiance, had sided with him. As had the majority of the Weasley clan. The only ones that had taken his side had been the Fred and George, and Fleur. It had put a great strain on Bill and Fleur's marriage, Bill only seeing that his baby sister had been heartbroken, wanted to kill Harry, but Fleur, having been good friends with Harry since the Triwizard Tournament listened to Harry's side of the story and immediately agreed that he'd done the right thing.

He'd lived with Fred and George above the shop until he'd been given his first assignment from the ICW. During that time Harry discovered that he was bi-sexual, although his preference leaned a bit more towards men. He found dating to be absolutely difficult, for many reasons. The first being who he was, most people weren't interested in knowing him, but in gaining his fortune, and to be famous as The-Boy-Who-Lived-And-Killed-Voldemort's lover. After eliminating those from the queue, only a handful were willing to put up with a child. Harry had lost count of the number of men and women that turned tail and ran after learning that he had a young boy to take care of.

Hoisting his carry on bags higher on his other shoulder, Harry walked out to the waiting area, searching for the man he had been told would be there to pick them up. A man wearing a similar outfit to Harry's (what Harry had been in formed was FBI standard) was holding a small poster board his last name printed on it, and looking right passed him.

Harry smiled and began making his way over to him. The man had a somewhat stocky build, despite the fact that he was a bit taller than most of those in the vicinity, and nearly a head taller than Harry's 5'6". As Harry approached, the man stopped several older gentlemen, and seemed to be getting more and more upset when none of them matched the name on the poster. Harry snickered quietly as he saw the type of man that he was expected to be. Each of those stopped were at least 35, some even graying, looking poised, and (Harry was pleased to note) all in good shape.

Tapping the man on the shoulder, he noticed that his tie was definitely not FBI standard, though it didn't break dress code, with several cartoon characters splattered on it. The man's eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at Harry, though he put a polite smile on his face.

"Can I help you?" he asked, politely, as though used to helping people. Harry smiled warmly at the man, and barely restrained himself from laughing aloud, he was certainly not what this man was expecting.

"Hello, mate. Officer Harrison Potter-Black, at your service." Harry held his free hand out to the Agent, his grin widening at the brief look of horror on the man's face before it was quickly smoothed back into a polite smile.

"Special Agent Seeley Booth, nice to meet you."