Abosolute power corrupts absolutely."
- Lord Acton, 1887

The world fears me.

This is not a statement; it is a fact. Whenever someone approaches me, even one of my own children, I can practically feel them quivering in fear. They treat me as though I were a cobra, poised and ready to attack. Truly, I could not bring myself to deny the accuracy of that comparison even if I desired to do so.

It was not always like that.

In fact, many would be surprised to learn the truth about my life, where I began. My story is one of power. Raw, unbridled power. Few have ever rivaled what I have accomplished. Almost all who did - they were Cahills. For once, I can proudly say that I have no Cahill blood flowing through my veins. I do not possess their extraordinary abilities. Still, I have risen to a position that no one before me ever has. Even Cahills tremble before me.

If you know anything about me, you may wonder how I ever could have risen above the fate I was born into. Yes, it is true, my life began pitifully. It is also true that I am not British. India is my homeland. The land of exotic spices, silk, and treasures that countless seamen have lost their lives in search of is my own. So, what is the secret to my success? Some have started rumors that I am an Indian prince, one of royal lineage and was destined for greatness since the start. Others have claimed that I am a son of Vishnu and possess supreme powers. Tales like these make me laugh. As much as I wish that I had been born into a life of luxury and special privileges, I could not honestly admit that as being the truth. Everything that I am, everything that I have, it is the result of years of hard labor and many, many sacrifices.

Would I do it all over again? I honestly could not say. Despite my vast power, I am a slave. I have chosen a path that now controls my every motion. I am restricted like a man clad in iron. Still, despite this, there are many regrets that have resurfaced as my days left on this earth grow fewer. The only way to come to terms with what I have done and how I have lived is to go back.

I once tried to ignore my past. I acted as though it had never happened. I even tried to run away. Now, though, as my last sunset steadily approaches, I will face what I have tried to avoid doing for so long.

I will face my past.

Kabra. An Indian name of unknown origin. Ian and Natalie Kabra have olive skin. Obvious conclusion - the first Kabra was Indian. What else do we know about him? Apparently he "improved the Cahill bloodline." What else, though? Besides the fact that he wasn't a Cahill, we don't know much. As the head of the illustrious Kabras, he must have been something special, though. This story will be about this first Kabra. We don't know much about him, but I will be taking cultural and historical elements into account and attempting to create a realistic picture of what could have happened.