The tall man smiled as he looked into the sky. "Looks like it's going to be good day" he says as he stares into the sun filled sky. "It seems that a southeastern wind is coming in." the man says as he studies the wispy clouds moving in unison. The man adjusted his sun glasses as he walked toward his gyrocopter that was red, blue and as American as he was. "I don t think the wind will bother me." He smirked as he climbed into the vehicle and strapped on his Evel Knevil inspired helmet. "Besides they don't call me Goose for nothing." He said as he switched on the gyro.

Goose is a trained pilot and stuntman. He has done stunts ranging from hang gliding and sky diving, to even cannon flying and flying jetpacks! Each of these sports are not just done for fun he does this for pilot wings as well. Pilot wings are the medals that you get if you finish a series of challenges with a high score. There are three types of pilot wings that you can get bronze, silver and gold. The tests are run by official spectators but it natural for a person who is flying under bridges in a gyrocopter to draw a crowd.

Today Goose is about to fly though a channel, over and under bridges and back on the run way under three minutes. He was making good time and he was coming up to the channel fast. Goose noticed a cruise ship at the opening and he decided to wow the people by shooting missiles that he was equipped with around the ship as he flew by and turned into the channel. As he was in notice that a hill was speeding toward him! Goose lightened his tight grip on the gas and pulled up. He looked as he glided over the hill. He couldn't stare for too long because his next obstacle of flying under the bridge coming up. He lined his Gyrocopter with the bridges and descended into a dive. Goose could hear the wind moving past his vehicle as he zigzagged between the bridges pillars. Along with the wind Goose could hear cheering from spectators. He was hoping that the records showed their own praise as Goose directed his Gyro back to the runway.

When the Gyrocopter came to a stop Goose literally leapt out of the cockpit. It is fun to be in the Gyrocopter but didn't leave much room to stretch his long legs. Goose walked to the control tower to meet with his moderator to cheek with the results. When he walked in Goose saw that the moderator was making the final calculations.

"So how did I do? Gary" Goose asks

"Well your time is always impressive to me. You finished 2 minutes and 10 seconds." Gary replies with Goose nodding with agreement

"According to the flag sensors that was hung you went for all white ones this time. That and the alright landing boosted your score." Gary continued "so that got you enough points for a Silver Pilot wing"

Goose smiled at the good news and received a certificate for his medal and exits the building. As he got outside his cell phone rang. He sees it's a flying teammate Ibis.

"Hello." he answered.

"Hey Goose, how was your flight? " She replied

"It was cool." He said confidently

"That's great! So do you think it's possible to get back to HQ?"

"Sure, does Hawk have challenge for me again?"

"No we have a new recruit."

"Really that hasn't happened before. I'll be over there soon." Goose said before he hung up and got into his Gyrocopter and took off.