I'm Jack "sparrow" (cheesy i know)

The bright red Gyrocopter flew down and landed on the landing strip. Across the landing strip are garages. Between them were a watch tower and a rectangular two story building which was the headquarters. Just outside the building there is a black haired woman and a backwards capped guy with a full beard. The woman who was sporting her yellow headband was Goose's friend that went by the name Ibis. He had no idea who the bearded man was. That was soon to change. Ibis waved him over as he was heading toward the headquarter doors. "Glad you're back. I want to introduce you to Jack" she says as Jack shook hands with the stunt pilot. "He is interested in joining our group" she continues.

"Really," Goose says intrigued, "Is he skilled?"

"We are going to about to find out." She replies

After Goose towed his gyrocopter out of the way he tows a red and blue striped stunt biplane that doesn't look as new and shiny as the gyro. The plane had an open cockpit. Under the seat was a parachute and beside it was a fire extinguisher that looks at half empty. Jack started to wonder the safety of the machine.

"Yep, this baby has been here since day one." Goose exclaims walking next to him.

Jack turns to Goose "So, I guess this plane has seen better days."

Goose laughs, "I guess she has. It has been awhile since Betty flew. "

"I think it's time to give her the best flight she will have! From now on my pilot name will be Sparrow" Jack smiles as he gives thumbs up

"I don't know about that, but it seems like you're ready," Goose laughs, "Let's prepare."

The roadway is clear. The biplane and its pilot are in position. The watchtower is being occupied by Ibis and Goose. Jack puts on his headset along with his shades. Jack gets the OK and he starts the engine. A clinking noise is heard as the propeller spins. After the plane was warmed up Jack pushes the throttles causing the plane to go forward at a fast pace. Jack pulls up on the airbus and puts the plane into flight.

"Alright now that you're ready, let's start the test." Ibis' voice crackles in the headset. "Do you see those red balloons to the right of you?" She asks

"Yeah," he confirms, "what about them."

"Fly through them."

"I see"

"It will test your mobility. Try to get all of them"

"I'll do my best" Jack curves the plane to the left and lines himself up with the balloons.

When he heard go he pushed on the throttle and cut through the first four balloons.

The next five balloons where floating along a hilly mountain. Each balloon ascended higher than the last one like steps. He quickly pulled up only flying under the first and barely popping the other four. When he reached the top he saw that four more balloons were on the left side of the plane. On his right side were five balloons. Jack saw he would have to do a U- turn to get all of them. After flying straight for half a minute he immediately banked left and made a wide counter-clockwise turn into the balloons. He only missed three balloons after the U- turn. Jack saw the last four balloons were straight ahead of him. He lined the plane up and zoomed through it.

"All right for part 2 of the test fly through those rings below "Goose cracked through the headset.

Nodding Jack got to the task by making a nose dive. He tried to put himself level without losing momentum. He pushed down the throttle and speed though the rings ending in an upward arch touching the last ring. To the left of the plane he saw another ring inside a tunnel of the mountain. He quickly banked right going sideways for a second. He zooms in through it fast enough for his hair to stick up if it already wasn't up already. After the plane exited the now grinning pilot glided back around the mountain. Ahead of Jack was an arrangement of grey balloons.

"Your last task is to shoot those metal balloons. The trigger is under cap on the airbus." Ibis confirmed this time.

Jack quickly flipped off the cap on top of the controller. He aimed the plane at the balloons and fired. The bullets shattered the balloons. He looked around saw there were no more obstacles Jack banked right and prepared to land. The plane came down at a higher speed that it was supposed to and it bounced before it was fully on the ground. The tires screeched as it slowed down to a stop. Jack let go the breath he was holding.

The knock on the side of the plane caused the napping body of Jack pop up from his relaxed position. He saw was being greeted by the very tall Goose.

"You look comfortable. Good because I have the results." He greets.