I was watching Bad News bears (the original) and then when it was over I started flipping thru the channels and Amityville Horror was on. So I watched that. Then an idea popped in my head.

This is just something I put together. This is before BREAKING TRAINING. This story is not like my other story; they don't know Carmon or Kelly's dad. Buttermaker and Amanda are still with them.

The only thing that is the same is Tanner and Timmy.

Kelly leaned up against the wall of the dugout. He watched the team as they waited for their coach Buttermaker and his new fiancé. It didn't surprise the team when it was Amanda's mom. Amanda was actually excited. Buttermaker finally confessed his love for Vicky (I just picked a name for her?) Amanda Is finally getting a dad and Buttermaker is finally getting the girl. Everyone's happy.

He was as Tanner and Engleburg was having a fight about Engleburg's weight. It was pretty funny. Timmy just sat there in the middle of it. Amanda was talking to Rudi and Olgivie. Kelly and Amanda had just started dating. They were happy, but they fought A LOT. Kelly didn't know why she had to be so difficult and Amanda didn't know how Kelly could be so careless. She hated when he or Tanner got into fights. She was just worried. Kelly hated it when she mouthed off to other guys or hung out with other guys. He wasn't possessive, but he loved her and didn't want to lose her. She caught him staring at her. He quickly looked at the others that were just sitting there looking bored out of their minds.

Apparently they were supposed to play this "unstoppable" team in San Antonio, Texas. Sure they didn't win against the Yankees, but Buttermaker has a rival down there where he "bragged" about The Bears playing the best game in the world….Stupid Buttermaker and his big mouth!. The only reason the team wanted to go was that they were going to be staying at a rental huge house for a month with a boat house and a lake.

At that moment, Buttermaker and Vicky pulled up. Before they got out of the car, a little girl around 6 years old, jumped out with a double scoop ice cream cone. It was Amanda's little cousin, Lucy. Her parents died in a car accident a few months ago so Vicky adopted her. She was quite popular around the bears. She was cute and sweet so everyone liked her and spoiled her. Even Tanner who, like Kelly, had a stone heart.

"It's about time you got here, Buttermaker" Said Amanda. "It's so hot!" Whined Engleburg "It's hot for you, Engleburg" snapped Tanner, but he was clearly sweating too. "Shut up, Tanner!" Engleburg snapped back.

"Stop it you two." Buttermaker said. "Ok, were going to leave in two days. Hopefully, all of you have already packed. I've already talked to your parents and only Toby's dad, Timmy's dad, Tanner's mom and Vicky and I are going?." said Buttermaker.

"Check" said Tanner, Toby, and Timmy said.

"Oh, and the care- taker will also be there, It's his house, so don't ruin it." Vicky said.

There were for cars of people leaving. Everyone and their luggage was waiting in Butter maker's yard. Timmy's mom, Faith, was sitting on her luggage talking to her best friend, Avery (Tanner's mom). Faith looked like Timmy except Timmy got his deep chocolate brown eyes from his dad. She was also very sweet, quiet, and caring like Timmy. Timmy dad died in a car accident when he was six. Tanner's mom did look like Tanner, but she was the one that he got his fiery attitude from. Tanner's dad left them when he found out that Avery was pregnant. Tanner only saw his dad three times.

"Ok everyone, get in the car!" said Buttermaker. Everyone piled in the cars. Amanda, Kelly, and Lucy piled in Buttermaker and Vicky's car. Tanner, Timmy, Faith, piled in Avery's car. Tanner and Timmy doubled buckled their seat belts because Avery was driving. Everyone else piled into Bob Whitewood's car to his misery.
Soon they were to on the road to San Antonio.
An hour later "I got to go" said Engleburg.
This was going to be a long drive.

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