Chapter 1: The Young Snow Priestess

Sis, she thought. She had been searching for a clue for hours. No clues so far. She was wearing an Oxygen Mask, luckily, so she didn't have to worry about losing oxygen. Can we really do it? Can the 14 year old twins Sapphire and Scarlet really find out how to lift a dire curse...? She was worried. She wasn't sure if she can still hold off those monsters. There were no more monsters around the area she was in. And then she fainted

Their Village had been cursed, and she, Sapphire, and her twin sister, Scarlet, decided to investigate on how to lift the curse. They Split up, Sapphire went to Partusay's Sea & Scarlet went to the Temple of Fire.

Serdin Castle
Grand Chase Command Room
2:14 PM

"What is the meeting all about Knight Master?" said Seighart, yawning Sleepily.

"Do we have a new mission?" said Elesis excitedly

"Yes you do, I need you guys to save a little girl trapped in Partusay's Sea," said the Knight Master "She has the potential to join the Grand Chase."

Arme picked up the girl's biography on the table "Let's see...Sapphire huh, nice name...Snow Priestess, a mage who specializes in Water/Ice Magic, very interesting...But wait, 14 years old! Isn't she a bit you? She's even younger than me!" cried the Violet Mage.

"She may be young, but she has great potential," said the Knight Master "I am sending Arme and Ronan to do the job. Meeting adjourned."

Ellia Continent
Partusay's Sea
2:35 PM

"Hey, Let's take it easy~! The Holy Light will lead us!"

"For the Glory of Kanavan! Holy Bless!"

"Deep Impact!"

Around 15 minutes of searching, they found a girl lying down.

"Look Arme! She must be the Girl!" Cried the Magic Knight.

They went near the girl with a hood. She awoke and prepared to attack, but she stopped when she saw that they aren't monsters, she let stopped.

"Who are you?" Said the girl dizzily.

"We're the Grand Chase. I'm Arme and He's Ronan," said the cheerful Mage. "What is your name?" She asked.

Arme Looked at the Girl. She had Sea Blue hair and Sea Blue eyes. She was wearing a Blue Robe with a hood. She wore a Sapphire brooch. In her right hand, she was clutching a scepter, only an arm length long, with a Spherical Blue Gem on one end, and a Sharp Knife edge on the other.

"I'm Sapphire Saffron...I'm a Snow Priestess..." She said, still a bit dizzy. They started walking and kept walking until they were past a bunch of tridents stabbed to the ground that they had to destroy.

"Who dares enter the depth of Partusay's Sea!" said a voice familiar to Ronan and Arme.

"King Partusay!" Said Ronan.

"We'll have to fight!" said the battle mage. "Sapphire, stay here, we'll take care of Partusay."

"I...I can help...! I can fight too!" But Arme insisted that they will do it, so she just rested.

"Deep Impact!"

Arme and Ronan were hit by a whirlpool and were knocked flying into the air. Sapphire decided to help.

Sapphire's brooch started to glow blue fiercely, releasing her power, she used her Special attack.

"Glacier Blast!" She cried, a glacier as big as 3 firestorms stacked together fell from the sky and exploded into many ice shards upon impact to the ground. She knelt down, for she used all of her powers. Gladly, Partusay was defeated.

Arme and Ronan went to her side. Arme asked why was she there, she told her about the village, when suddenly, her worry of her sister came back to her.

"S...S...S-Scarlet! My Sister! Scarlet! She must be in danger!" She said.

"Tell us about Scarlet later, we need to get you to the Serdin Castle First." Ronan helped Sapphire stand.

"Thank you..."

Serdin Castle
Grand Chase Command Room
3:45 PM

Sapphire told them about Scarlet, her sister "Scarlet Saffron, is my twin sister, but I always looked up to her as my older sister," Sapphire said, tears started to for to her eyes. "She went to the Temple of Fire. have to rescue sister...hates guys," She said, all the guys couldn't do anything more than sweatdrop.

"Then," The Knight Master began, "I will be sending Lire, Amy, and Mari,"

Sapphire smiled, she thought After this, me and my sister shall join the Grand Chase.