Chapter 16: The Lady in Red

Author's Note: Okay, I guess for this chapter, there won't be much of the twins. More like Arme and Mari investigating and stuff. Boring chapter, if you'd ask me.


Serdin Castle
Castle Garden
9:41 AM

"A laughing voice?" Arme echoed what Kyle has just said. This was in response to Kyle mentioning something about hearing a laughing voice back in Vehiron Village.

"Yes, a laughing voice. I don't know. It sounds similar to the voice that was in my head," Kyle explained.

"Do you think they're connected? This person, is she behind your little possession and the attacks in the village?" Arme asked further.

"I believe so. What I cannot fathom is to why she would have attacked the Village and possed Kyle," Mari pointed out.

"I think we should investigate about this…"


Ellia Continent
Camelot Street, Moonlight Ark
1:14 PM

"It was around here right? Back in Moonlight Ark, in Camelot Street, where Kyle said he first heard of the mysterious voice," Arme said, and Mari nodded.

"I daresay, let's examine the place before we got teleported to Satin's Manor," Mari said.

"Around here…wait, let me check the area…" Arme placed her hands in front of her, closed her eyes, chanted a few magic words, then spread her arms apart.

"Arcane Dust…I can still sense some magic around here. I think we can still reach Satin's Manor from here," Arme said, then chanted a few magic words, as naturally as if the words were her native language, and within only a few seconds, they were engulfed by a flash of light.


Satin's Manor
Shamrock Gateway
1:23 PM

"Well, at least we didn't magically get teleported into random places this time!" Arme laughed. "We even got teleported to a proper entrance this time!"

Mari, being the silent creature she is, just nodded and motioned for them to enter.

"We're not alone here," Mari whispered, and Arme just nodded.

"We should be careful. Give me a second. Detect!" Using her mastery of the ways of magic, Arme tried to detect at which point in the Manor is the density of magical energies greatest.

"Sangria Dahlia Garden. Let's go!"


Satin's Manor
Sangria Dahlia Garden
1:43 PM

"Bravo! You found me!" A laughing voice that seemingly came from nowhere emanated around the garden walls. A swirl of red suddenly formed from where the voice seemed to come from, revealing a young lady wearing a blood red gown, bearing a minor resemblance to Satin and the twins, impossibly any older than 17, yet she gives a vibe that makes you feel like she's been alive for so long.

"Who are you?" Arme demanded her question be immediately answered, readying to fight.

"Me? I don't know. Nobody knew who I was. Nobody knew I was here. In fact, I've been here for so long, I don't even know how old I am anymore."

"Name please. That's all we're asking," Mari looked at her with an unamused expression in her face. The lady in red just laughed. Her laugh was neither disgusting nor maniacal. One could even say it was pretty cute.

"Oh, my name! Why didn't you say so? I'm Sangria Saffron! Pleased to make your acquaintance!"

"…'Saffron' huh? You're a Saffron too? Sheesh, those twins have a pretty weird family…"

"Ahh! No no no! There's an explanation for that! But not now, I'll tell you when I meet the twins in the next chapter!"

"…Wow. Breaking the Fourth Wall is my reserved right. You have no right to…" Mari's eyes focused on the woman in front of them. "Arme, to arms!"

Sangria just laughed.

"Ohh? Heated up so soon? Ahh, but don't fight me now. I want to fight the twins. Bring them to me here next time!" With that, she just laughed and she seemingly sublimated into red mist before completely disappearing.

"Ohh, and before I forget, even though you can't just simply teleport going here from anywhere, you can freely teleport out! And have fun with these!" And with that, she laughed another one of her little oujo-sama laughs.

The red wolves spawned, and Arme and Mari prepared for battle.

The first red wolf attacked Arme.

"Lemme take care of this! This seems fun!" Arme laughed.

"Electric Spark!" With that, Arme cast one her most powerful spells. Coming from the skies, as if a blessing granted by the thunder god, numerous lightning bolts with insane levels of voltage come raining from the sky. The creature unfortunate enough to come in Arme's way was zapped, but it still seemingly still have the endurance to fight.

"Well, that's what I like, if that doesn't kill you, then, I'm sorry but…The End!" And upon saying that, Arme disappears into the air, followed by a giant meteor falling to destroy the wolf, crushing and burning it, defeating it completely.

"Mari! Your turn!" The cheerful Arme laughed. The second wolf decided to attack Mari.

"Absolute Power." With a few movements, Mari summons Kormet. The said robot sucks the wolf toward it then releases high voltage.

The wolf was seemed to be weakened but not quite fried by Mari's attack, so Mari decided to try cold treatment.

"Core Break!" Mari summons her Soul Takers to circle around her, creating a vortex of icy energy that freezes it surroundings, dropping the temperature around her to a level so low that a normal creature would not have been able to survive. The second wolf was defeated without putting up too much of a fight. Both defeated wolves then disappeared into a puff of suspicious maroon smoke.

Before the two Chasers could even say anything, a flash of white light transported them back to Moonlight Ark. The two hurried back to the castle.


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"Okay I will kill this first wolf. The End!" Arme shouted. She disappeared and a giant meteorite appeared, falling at a rate of 215850570 m/s or 0.720c. With respect to the meteorite, which can measure its own time properly, it travelled for 3 seconds before hitting and eradicating the wolf. With respect to the wolf, the dilated time it took before the said wolf met its demise is 4.32 seconds.

"Hey Maribabby, you can go take care of barbecue-ing that other wolf~" Arme said, giving the second wolf for Mari to handle.

"Absolute Power!" With that, Mari summons Kormet. Kormet then releases 10.00 MV of electricity. The wolf, having a resistance of 4.600 kOhms, Ceteris Paribus, was then fried by the resulting 2.173 kA of current that passed through its body.

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