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:::Chapter 10:::


Xaldin and a few of the other guards slid the large metal cover off of the hole.

"Alright Flurry, you're time's up." His deep voice said. "Come on out."

The guards stepped back and waited. Absolute silence. They all exchange confused glances.

"Flurry!" Xaldin snapped.

More silence.

The two guards stepped back nervously. The black haired man took notice of this and turned to face them.

"Oh come now! Are you honestly afraid of him? I know you're rookies, but come now, honestly!"

The two screamed and ran out the double doors. Xaldin shook his head and turned back around.

And there stood Axel, green eyes glowing with furry. He growled at the man as his fists clenched. He walked past the man, glaring at him the entire time. He then continued down the hall back to the cell with only one thing on his mind: Roxas.


Roxas lay in his bed, staring up at the empty bunk. He hadn't slept at all; his eyes were sore from crying. The blonde wished to stop sobbing, but he couldn't; his heart was aching too much. He missed Axel and desperately wanted him back. He didn't even go to dinner last night—but a growling stomach was the least of his worries. The bars screeched as they opened, but the boy paid no attention to it. He turned on his side to face the wall. He didn't want anyone seeing him like this. Feeling a hand stroking his thigh, he flinched. He sprang up and glared at the person touching him. The blonde gasped. His expression softened. "A-Axel…?"

The redhead smiled warmly as the boy threw his arms around him. Tears began to form in the corners of his shimmering blue eyes and he trembled.

"Where have you been? I-I…I missed you."

"Jeg savnet deg også min skjønhet."


"Jeg savnet deg også min skjønhet."

"Axel, I don't…I can't…"

"Hva mener du? Kan ikke du forstår meg?"

"I don't know enough Norwegian to know what you're saying."

"Jeg vet ikke hvorfor jeg ikke kan snake engelsk."

"My poor Axel…what did they do to you to make you like this?"

The man looked sadly at the blonde before clutching him tightly to him as a single tear rolled down his cheek. "Jeg elsker deg, min vakre rose blood."

"I love you too Axel,"

The two sat on the bed in each others' arms. Roxas trembled as he took a shaky breath, trying not to cry again. Axel pulled away, wiped away a tear from his boyfriend's eye and kissed his forehead sweetly. The boy smiled bitterly.

"Well, I guess you'll speak English when you're ready," Roxas said. "Where were you this whole time?"


"The hole?" He gasped. "For how long?"

The redhead counted on his fingers and held it up to him.

"Four days!" The blonde yelped. "Did you have food?"

Axel shook his head. As if on cue, his stomach growled savagely and he moaned quietly.

"Good thing it's almost lunchtime, you're starving." The blonde frowned. "Axel, if I had known…"

The man sighed and shook his head before pressing his lips to Roxas's. He ran his hand through his boyfriend's beautiful hair and smiled.

"Takk," The redhead said.

"Anytime Axel."

Their lips met again before Roxas climbed off the bed.

"It's almost time for lunch, so we can go and be first in line."


"Hvordan er armen? Er det nesten helbredet?"

Roxas translated it the best he could. "My arm? It's doing well; in another week I'll be able to use it and not have to wear a brace."

"Det er bra. Jeg er glad du føler deg bedre."

"Takk, Axel,"

The two sat down at a table, each with a tray pilled with food. Axel picked up a spoon and shoveled it into his mouth greedily. Roxas grinned to himself.

"Take it easy Axel, the food isn't going anywhere. You're gonna get sick."

The redhead shook his head and continued to eat. Zexion sat next to the blonde.

"Hey Roxas, how's the arm?"

"Hey Zex, it's getting better." The blonde grinned. "Any luck with Lexaus?"

Zexion frowned. "No, not yet. I'm gonna try again today." He turned to Axel. "So, Axel, where've you been?"

"He's been in the hole." Roxas answered for him.

"Wow, and you lived?" The man gasped. "What was it like?"

"Mørke, kulde og elendige," He replied.

Zexion blinked before turning to Roxas. "Uh…what was that?"

"He said it was 'cold, dark, and miserable'."

"Oh…what language is that? I don't think I'm familiar with it."

"Norwegian," The blonde told him. "He can't—or won't, I don't know which—speak English."

Axel stood up with his empty tray and nodded towards the line.

"Alright, alright," The blonde sighed. "I'll go with you."

"I'll go too." Zexion said standing. "Maybe I'll run into Lexaus,"

"You get in line, I'll take up the dirty trays up."

The blonde parted ways with them and put the trays up. He started to head back to the line.

"Well, well…if it isn't Axel's little boyfriend!" Larxene sneered.

He stopped and turned around. "Yeah, I'm Axel's boyfriend, what's wrong with that?"

"Psh! You're not worthy to be Axel Flurry's bitch." She hissed.

"Hey! You take that back!" The blonde growled.

"Make me!" She laughed, crossing her arms. "Faggot!"

That word pierced the boy's soul. His lips trembled, "Call me anything you want, anything…anything except that word!"

"What? Faggot?" She grinned as he cringed. "Fag!"

"S-Stop!" Tears rolled down his cheeks.

The whole cafeteria was watching by now.

"Hey everyone!" Larxene shouted. "Roxas is Axel Flurry's bitch! Axel Flurry's a fag, and so is Roxas!"

"S-Stop!" Roxas sobbed.

"Fag! You're a fag!" She laughed.

"Seriously cut it out!"

"Seriously cut it out!" Larxene mocked. "Psh, what a baby!"


The crowd gasped and parted as Zexion pushed through.

"Aw, Zexy, it's so adorable that you're sticking up for this faggot!"

"Larxene, enough already!"

"Aw, what're you gonna do? Trip me? I'm soooooooooo scared."

"Larxene, you bitch, leave my Roxas alone!"

The blonde spun around to see the infuriated Axel standing in between the two sides of the crowd.

"Axel…you spoke English!"

"Damn right I did." Axel said. He looked Larxene dead in the eye. "Keep Roxas out of this."

Zexion spoke. "You're only doing this to Roxas because someone did this to you,"

"Zexion, what are you talking about?"

"And Samantha, your girlfriend."

Her face turned bright red. "I-I…uh…you're lying!"

"Remember, in 10th grade, you dated her and people would spit on you in the hallways calling you a pussy licker?"

"N-No! I-I…I…." Larxene began to tremble.

"They ridiculed you for it, called you every horrible name possible, and yet you stood by your decision?

"This isn't the first time you've done this to Roxas. He was dating Axel when you first called him out, and he still is. Why? Because he doesn't give a shit what you or anyone else says—only what makes him happy."

Larxene began to cry. "You're right, you're right!"

"You only did this to Roxas because no one else was; and you felt that he needed to go through the same pain you did."

She wiped away the tears and turned to the blonde. "Roxas, I-I'm….sorry. I didn't mean to rip your feelings into little tiny shreds…I just…"

"It's okay," Roxas said. He smiled thinly. "I forgive you."


He nodded. "Yeah."

"It doesn't matter who you like—it's why you like them." Zexion said. He looked right at Lexaus, who was sitting at the guard table. "You might have never met them or really know them at all—but you know why you like them. Because: If you take away the sex organs, all that's left is the person's soul—that's what really matters."

Zexion smiled at Lexaus before turning back to Axel and Roxas. The whole cafeteria 'Aww'ed. One by one, an inmate would turn to someone and hug them; then, two more, and two more, and then five. Roxas nudged Zexion towards Lexaus, who seemed to be the only one who hadn't said anything to anyone. He walked over to the guard.


The man stood. He looked at the inmate for a moment before smiling thinly. "Zexion…D-block, correct?"


"I've seen you around…"

"Well…I….I love you, Lexaus."

The guard held the man to him and kissed him gently. Zexion's right leg formed an exact 90 degree angle as it lifted into the air.

"I love you too Zexion." Lexaus grinned. "Will…will you go out with me?"

"Yes, yes! I will!"

The two kissed again and the cafeteria erupted with cheers and applause.

Axel turned to Roxas. "Whadaya say beautiful?"

The blonde giggled and shrugged. "Alright, what the hell…"

The redhead scooped up the boy and kissed him eagerly. Roxas wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's neck and he slipped his tongue into the man's mouth to deepen it. He carried the blonde out of the cafeteria and back to their cell to celebrate Axel's return.