Season 3 Episode 3

"Friends Close, Enemies Closer"

Dre walks over to Wade while he's planting flowers. "Hey what is up Wade?" Dre Says, "nothing much…..neighbor" Wade says with a slight smile on his face.

"Look" Dre says, "I want to say sorry for being an asshole, Im not obsessed with you, it's just I felt a part of me was gone after the accident you love Noah" Dre looks around as if hes speaking in secret code and asks "you really LOVE Noah right?"

"thanks," Wade says, "that's enough"

"so we cool dog?" Dre says

Wade shrugs and says "yeah we cool" Wade gets up to hug Dre, then all of a sudden "So Happy Together" plays as if theyre in a fantasy land for a couple seconds, and now its back to reality. "Wow" Dre and Wade say to each other. "Did you feel that?" Wade says. "oh heck yeah" Dre says, "youre still feeling this". "Hell no!" Wade responds, "this was an accident". "Or was it fate?" Dre asks.

(Noahs A.R.C. theme plays)

Noah, Chance, Ricky, and Alex have a get together at Rickys house where Brandon is walking around half-naked getting some Orange Juice. "Hey Brandon" everybody says. Brandon replies back with a smile and simple "hey guys, whazzupp?". As soon as he heads back to his room, Brandon becomes the talk of the group for about five minutes.

"Oh my G-" Ricky says before Alex cuts him off and says "Don't say the Lord's name in vain grrrrl." "Sorry", Ricky says, "but Brandon is driving me crazy! He eats me out of house and home and screws Junito in my bed, well…my other bed". "Whats the deal?" Noah says," its called living in a house Ricky, you should try it instead of staying in your house for five to ten minutes for a quick fling". Alex and Chance laugh making Ricky feel uncomfortable. "This isn't funny guys! Junito and Brandon sit there making noise all day and doesn't he know Junito is HIV-Poz? Why would you sleep with THAT?" Chance replies "well you did, less we forget? And youre a ho and a ho is just as bad as an HIV-poz, I mean youre prone to getting it if you put yourself out there". Alex butts in and says "BUT it takes one time to catch the virus, I will test Brandon if I have to because a young, cute, FINE boy does not need to be walking around with a disease like that". "Oh well I don't think Junito is that careless." Noah says, "is he?". The whole group looks at each other with mystery, and now we cut to a scene of them grabbing 6 boxes of condoms from the drugstore. They storm back into Brandon's room and says "here, take these bye" and they leave back out. Noah's phone rings and it's a call from Tiffany, Dres girlfriend. "Hey girl" Noah says, "Ney Noah" Tiffany says" "you up for tonight?". "yeah" Noah replies, "see you at 7!". "Gotta go guys bye!". The group disbands and do their own thing.