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Ichigo wanted to murder Szayel, give him the most painful and slowest death he could. Szayel had turned him into a friggin kitten, that's right a cute little kitten.

Now he was sliding down a sand dune, in an attempt to put distance in-between himself and Los Noches. It had been five minutes and he was only seven feet away from the castle. Sand, he found was difficult to walk on, especially when your head weighed more than your body.

"What on earth is a kitten doing in Hueco Mundo?" Grimmjow mused as he watched Ichigo tumble down another sand dune head first. He closed the distance between himself and the kitten.

"Don't touch me", Ichigo hissed as Grimmjow's hand came near him.

Grimmjow froze, was that Ichigo's voice he just heard? Being part cat he could understand other cats. He looked at the kitten and realized the kitten's fur coat was the same brilliant orange as Ichigo's hair. He burst into laughter when he realized the kitten was indeed Ichigo.

"Looks like curiosity turned Ichigo into a kitten", Grimmjow said with a smile when he finally calmed down.

"Bite me", Ichigo hissed.

"Don't tempt me kitty-kat", Grimmjow said as picked him up by the scruff. The moment he was lifted up all the fight went out of him and he relaxed. "Seems like you act like a kitten too", Grimmjow said amused.

Well he defiantly couldn't say that nothing ever happened in Hueco Mundo again.

"Now what am I going to do with you?", He mused to himself . That was a good question. He obviously couldn't stay in Los Noches.

"Mr. Hat and Clogs", Ichigo said sleepily.

Who?, Grimmjow thought . "The one with the green hat?", he asked.

"Yeah", the kitten replied.

Well that would work and fortunately he knew where Urahara's shop was to. He wasn't too worried about Aizen. Aizen had ordered them not to harm Ichigo anyway and he was pretty sure that changing ones DNA was harming. So Szayel would be to blame for this one.

Grimmjow sighed before opening a garganta. Now he just had to hope that Urahara wouldn't try to kill him before he could hand Ichigo over. He was helping Ichigo because he had a soft spot for cats and because he couldn't fight a kitten.

He walked out of the garganta next to Urahara's shop, mere seconds later Urahara's sword was at his throat.

"Woah I come in peace", Grimmjow said as held out the kitten in his hands.

"Why would an arrancar come to my shop with a kitten?", Urahara asked.

"It's me", Ichigo tried to say but all that came out were little meows.

"He can't understand you", grimmjow said as he looked down at Ichigo.

"This is Ichigo and I have a soft spot for cats", he said holding out Ichigo.

"Ichigo", Urahara said in shock before gleefully picking up the kitten.

"I'll see you later kitty-kat", Grimmjow said before walking through a garanta.

Urahara brought Ichigo inside before setting him on the floor. To his horror both Rukia and Renji were there.

"Shouldn't strawberry boy be back by now?" Renji said concern in his voice.

"I am NOT a strawberry" Ichigo hissed. It didn't matter if they could understand him or not, he wasn't a fucking strawberry.

"He is back" Urahara said before pointing his fan at the kitten. "He's right there"

"Have you lost your mind old man? That's a kitten", Renji said as Rukia knelt next to Ichigo and stroked him gently. He couldn't help but purr at the feeling.

"He's adorable ", she said.

"That really is Ichigo, Grimmjow just dropped him off. Ichigo please nod your head", Urahara said while he racked his brain for a way to fix Ichigo.

Ichigo attempted to nod but when his head went down, his body followed causing him to do a summersault. Urahara laughed behind his fan.

"So that's really ichigo?", Renji said as he picked Ichigo put a bit roughly.

"Watch what you're doing dumbass", Ichigo hissed.

It had taken him two days to figure it out but Urahara finally discovered away to revert ichigo back to his formerself, at least that's what he hoped it would do. He put the concoction into a syringe and then injected Ichigo with it.

"Hat-N-Clogs I AM GOING TO MURDER YOU AFTER I GET DRESSED", Ichigo voice boom throughout the store.

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