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The day Ichigo had been dreading had come. Today Yamamoto would decide the fate of his unborn children, his mate, and himself.

It had been two weeks since Grimmjow had arrived and Ichigo was very, very pregnant.

"Easy", Grimmjow said as Ichigo tried to get up to fast.

Once Ichigo was up Grimmjow took his arm to steady him. His balance wasn't that great.

"Ready?", Grimmjow asked.

"No", Ichigo said truthfully.

In soul society

Ichigo took his time getting to the meeting, not that he had much of a choice.

Once inside the meeting hall Ichigo stood infront of grimmjow and leaned against him.

Ichigo ignored the stares.

"You're a traitor", Soi-fon accused after she saw Grimmjow . "Why are we even discussing this?"

"Soi-fon we will listen to their story", Yamamoto said firmly.

Soi-fon frowned but did not protest further.

"Six and a half weeks ago Szayel managed to inject me with two of his latest experiments", Ichigo said.

"You mean you let him do it", Soi-fon muttered under her breath.

"Yes I let him do it, because I wanted to be a tiny kitten", Ichigo said sarcastically. "I wasn't expecting Szayel to play sniper with a dart gun"

"Sniper?" Hisagi asked.

Ichigo gave a frustrated sigh. "It's a killer that shoots their target from a place where the target cannot see them", he explained.

"So that's how he got you", Grimmjow mused before groaning as Ichigo elbowed him.

"Shut up, you're not supposed to be talking remember", Ichigo snapped.

Grimmjow wasn't going to argue with his mate.

"Anyway Grimmjow found me and brought to Urahara's", Ichigo said.

"Why would you help your enemy?" , Hitsugaya asked

"He was kitten and I like cats", Grimmjow said with a shrug.

"That's not a very convincing answer", Hitsugaya replied.

"He kept tumbling down the sand dunes because his head was too heavy", Grimmjow said as he wrapped his arms around Ichigo's chest.

Rangiku couldn't help but laugh at the image that popped into her head.

"Matsumoto", Hitsugaya scolded.

"Urahara messed up the antidote and I ended up as a hybrid", Ichigo said his ears twitching in an annoyed manner.

"Ichigo please tell us how you and Grimmjow came to be", Ukitake said.

"I went into heat and grimmjow happened to stop by", Ichigo said avoiding eye contant as he blushed.

"You could of fought it", Soi-fon said.

"Image yourself being burned alive, that's how it felt", He said annoyed. "I am not proud of what I did but at that moment of time I could only think about making the pain go away", Ichigo said looking at the ground.

"Ichigo everybody has a limit of pain they can take, there is no reason that you should feel ashamed because you had reached yours", Unohana said kindly.

Ichigo nodded to her in thanks.

"Two weeks ago Grimmjom came to see if I was actually pregnant", Ichigo said tiredly

"Your acting like he has a heart", Soi-fon said.

"Arrancars are not hollow they have emotions and feelings like everyone else", Grimmjow growled.

Ichigo threaded his fingers with Grimmjow's but remained silent.

"You know nothing about me or any of my kind", Grimmjow hissed. "You have no idea what happens there"

"You could let me study you" , Mayuri said hopefully .

Grimmjow let out a warning growl.

Ichigo's turned golden. "If you come anywhere near my mate or children, I will kill you", Ichigo said in a low growl.

"Relax ichigo", Grimmjow whispered in his ear.

"If you tell me to relax one time I am going to strangle you", Ichigo mumbled

"We will need information", Yamamoto said speaking for the second time since the meeting had started.

"Urahara only, I do not want nor will I allow any part of my family to become guinea pigs for Mayuri's experiments", Ichigo said glaring at Mayuri.

"That is a fair request general commander ", Shunsui said.

"It is", Yamamoto agreed.

"You can't seriously be thinking of letting those monsters live", Soi-fon cried out.

"Soi-fon "Yamamoto said in warn but the damage had already been done.


Grimmjow was using all his self-control not to charge the woman.

Suddenly Ichigo cried out in pain as held his stomach.

Grimmjow helped to lower him to the ground as Unohana and Isane rushed over.

The captains and lieutenant's looked concerned except for Soi-fon .

Mayuri was worried because he wanted living specimens.

After Ichigo had been stabilized, Unohana gave him a sleeping draught she had with her before looking at Yamamoto.

"This meeting needs to end now, it is putting him into much stress" She said as Ichigo fought to keep awake.

Yamamoto nodded. "Once he is released from the fourth divison , I want you and him to stay with the captain of the 6th division", Yamamoto said.

"Kuchiki-tachio will keep an eye on you", Yamamoto said to a worried Grimmjow who nodded from his position next to ichigo.

Normally he would of protested but Ichigo had told him Byakuya could be trusted.

"Thank you", grimmjow said and it was the first time he had ever uttered those words.

He then picked up his sleeping mate with ease; Grimmjow was a lot stronger than he looked.

After that Unohana led him to the fourth divison.