The beginning of my new life started with me running for my life. Why? Because I had run away from home to save my single and alcoholic mother from getting kidnapped or killed for having a mutant daughter. I was constantly being tracked down by other mutants. Some tried to be persuasive to get me to come with them, while others took a more aggressive approach, like the three that were chasing me. I don't understand why they want me to come with them, but I don't want to find out.

"Lance, I'll block this side of the fence," a deep voice said.

"Fine. Quicksilver, you go around the other side; I'll keep on her tail."

The three would have caught up to me long before now if I hadn't taken in their powers. Quicksilver's power came in handy the most. I was speeding through the alleyways at over 100 miles per hour thanks to him. Leaping over the metal fence dividing the alley, I crashed into something on the other side.

"You didn't think you could outrun me with my own power, did you?" a boy with ivory colored hair laughed.

I wound up and punched him. He went flying through the air and landed in a batch of trash cans on the left side of the wall quite a few feet from where we had been standing. The guy went silent as a guy with shoulder length brown hair reached the fence on the other side.

"She got your power, Blob!" he called back as a huge overweight guy appeared on the scene.

I took off running down the alleyway. I was almost out when I crashed into someone else. Not my day, at all. Looking down, I found that I had run over someone who was blue and fuzzy, so I did what any normal person would do.


I leapt to my feet as the person….thing….animal….rubbed their head.

"Ow! Didn't see that coming…"

The voice was male with a German accent. The "boy" looked up and stared at her for a minute.

"Oh, hey! You're her! I've been looking for you."


I moved to run, but the "boy" grabbed my wrist.

"Wait, wait, wait. I'm good! I swear. Let me help you get out of here. We don't want them to get you."

Looking behind me, I saw the three boys I'd been trying to avoid where coming up pretty fast, and the fastest boy looked ready for payback. The guy, Lance, seemed to notice that I wasn't alone.

"It's Kurt! Get her before he does."

Kurt got up off the ground and grabbed my other hand. Before I knew it I was in a well kept green yard that was huge. To my right was a huge building that I recalled as the Xavior Institute. There were kids everywhere around the yard. Suddenly, a sharp pain went through my head and everything went black.

-Ava. Wake up, Ava.-

"Mmnn, go awaaay," I responded tiredly to the voice in my head.

-Ava, you must wake up.-

I opened my eyes, only to be blinded by the light flowing through a huge window. I turned away and rubbed my eyes. Opening them again, I saw a bald guy in a wheelchair watching me patiently. Behind him were two girls, one with red hair, and the other with dark skin and white hair. Off behind them was the blue guy from before, Kurt. He was staring at me in awe, which confused me. I sat up really fast and jumped out of the bed.

"Where am I? Who are you? How'd I get here?"

"Relax, Miss Donovan, you are at the Xavier Institute. I am Professor Xavier. This is Storm, Jean, and Kurt. We want to help you."

His was the voice that had been in my head. I looked around at all of them, unsure if they were telling the truth or not. I looked at Kurt, who was still staring at me.

"You! You're the one- oh my GOD!"

I had pointed at him when I had spoken, but when I raised my hand, I saw that it was blue and fuzzy and I had only three fingers. I ran over to the mirror in the middle of the left wall and screamed at my appearance. I grabbed at my dark brown hair in frustration. I was completely blue and fuzzy, no wonder Kurt was staring. I tugged the strands of the highlighted light brown hair and pulled it to the front of my hair. At least my hair hadn't changed colors at all. It suddenly clicked in my mind that I had taken in his power. The moment I acknowledged that my body became normal again and I sighed with relief. I didn't look very good at that moment. I was covered in dirt, my hair was a complete mess, and my clothes were torn up from running and being on the streets for about two days.

"Yes, Miss Donovan, just relax. The moment you stepped onto the yard here, you took on all the powers of the kids outside. You're mind and body could not handle it all at once, so you fainted. Nightcrawler teleported you up to your room."

I turned and looked at him in confusion.


"That would be me," Kurt waved, finally out of his stupor.

"Uh…huh…wait…my room?"

"That is if you decide to stay here at the Institute with us. Your power is highly developed and very dangerous if you don't know how to use all the powers you take in. I'm sure by being in the same room with all of us; you could use mine, Jean's, or Storm's powers at will. It is safer for you here than out on the streets. You can learn how to completely harness your powers if you stay. I've contacted your mother and she believes this place will be good for you."

"You talked to my mom?"

"It is all up to you.

I felt like I had just been put on the spot. I didn't even know these people, but they were asking me to stay. I was tired and I'd had a long and confusing day and I was being forced to make a choice. But, it had to be better than being out on the streets and get chased by Lance and his friends again…or even worse people…

"How can I if everyone here has a power? I'd just blackout again."

"I will have each of them, one at a time, come into your presence so that you take on their power and have no trouble."

I stood and silently looked around at everyone. They waited patiently for me to say something.

"I guess I can stay…"

The others in the room seemed to be oddly relieved. The Professor smiled at her.

"As soon as you're cleaned up, Storm and I will have you meet everyone. Kurt will help you get settled in."

I watched them leave before I turned to the corner Kurt occupied. I was struck dumb as he was no longer blue, but had the image of a normal teenage boy, only with blue hair. He smiled at my surprised expression.

"But you were blue!"

"It's just a holographic imaging device. I'm still blue and fuzzy, but no one can actually see that."

I hesitantly made my way over to him. He didn't stop me from poking his cheek. It felt fuzzy, even if it didn't look it.

"Wow," I muttered to myself.

Kurt laughed and extended a hand to me.

"So, to officially introduce myself, I'm Kurt Wagner."

He said the "w" in his last name with the typically pronunciation of a "v" that was normal in Germany. I smiled and took his hand.

"Avangeline Donovan. Ava is fine, though."


"My parents were strange. They found Evangeline to normal so they put an "A" at the beginning."

Kurt walked over to the door and peeked out before turning back to me.

"Coast is clear. You can make it to the bathrooms, which are to the right and at the end of the hall. I guess the Professor got your clothes sent here because he said they're in your drawers, so you don't need to worry about that. My rooms across the hall from yours so just get me when you're done, yea?"

All I could do was nod as he left. He seemed nice. I only hoped that everyone else would be as nice as him.